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Whether you're moving into your new home, up-sizing or down-sizing, or just giving your home a make-over, we have plenty of helpful advice to set you on the right path to domestic bliss.


Creating a Space to Sleep

There are several directions you can take when planning your ideal bedroom. Do you want a room that’s your personal getaway or one where the whole family can chill out?


Choosing a Greenhouse

If you have never bought a greenhouse before, you may find the process of looking for the right one a little bewildering. This is one item that is worth taking the time and spending money on.

Small sets of flowers used to decorate a table

Accessorising with Flowers

Accessorising with flowers is a great idea because greenery and other plants throughout your home add texture and soften the room. Make sure the container suits the room’s style whether formal or informal.

Carboard ready for recycling

Recycling Made Simple and Tidy

There are approximately 4,000 licensed landfill sites in the UK, each licensed to accept only certain types of waste. Approximately 85% of UK household waste is landfilled. Much of this waste can be recycled and should be disposed of separately to general household waste.

Nursery decor

How to Design a Nursery

When you’re designing a nursery, plan ahead before you go all out on your baby’s room furnishings. It is important to develop a budget and determine how much you are willing to spend.

leafy pot plants

Decorating a Conservatory

A conservatory is not like every other room in your house. There are some special decorating rules that you should keep in mind so play it safe, and read on.

decorative bathroom accessories

Accessorising Your Bathroom

Accessorising your bathroom can make the difference between a stark, monochrome room and a warm, colourful one. A few simple change can jazz up your bathroom and make it more welcoming.

Kid's cabin bed

Bedrooms for Older Children and Teens

When it comes to decorating a bedroom for older children and teens there is much to consider. It’s important to remember that teens love privacy, and they will spend large amounts of time alone their room. So, it’s important to make sure that they have a room that will provide comfort.

Thatched cottage with large green lawn

Lawn Care

Keeping a fresh, healthy looking lawn that you can enjoy year round doesn’t have to be back breaking. Here are some tips to keep your grass in shape.

Wooden floor

Freeing up Space With Under Floor Heating

Thinking about under floor heating but not sure if it is worth it? Read on and find out why you should make the investment and find out how it can help both you and your family.

two chairs and plant creating a focal point by the window

Ten Ways to Create a Focal Point for Your Room

When you walk into any room you will immediately feel more comfortable if your eyes have a focal point to rest on. It may be a large fire place or a window overlooking a manicured garden, but some rooms don’t have – so how do you create one?

A wall of art

Collecting Fine Art

Collecting fine art can be both an exciting and rewarding hobby as well as adding beauty and value to your home. There are some important things you need to know before you begin collecting, that will help you as you go along.

Bed with nay patterened throw and grey headboard

How to Choose the Best Bed

We spend around one-third of our life lying on mattresses, and it is estimated that about half of all British people experience at least occasional sleep difficulties. So it is easy to see why choosing the right mattress is important.

Pile of stones

Creating a Zen Garden

The type of garden known today as a Zen Garden is called in Japanese kare san-sui, or dry landscape. They are found in temple and palace gardens in Japan. These minimalist arrangements of gravel, sand and stones were used as the focus of meditation.

Fixing a door catch

Budgeting for Home Improvements

You have a list as long as your arm with all your remodeling plans but a budget of just three figures. Find out how you can avoid home improvement pitfalls and get ideas on how to make major improvements with just a minimal use of cash!

Accessorised kitchen

Accessorising Your Kitchen

Whether your kitchen is large or small it can be easily enhanced by adding accessories as accents. If you really want to make accessories work for you then you need to be able to judge and use your space and develop a theme.

collectible pottery

Types of Pottery to Collect

When it comes to collecting pottery there are many different styles and makes that are highly sought after and also different themes that are designed to suit all individual tastes. If you are just starting out and are not quite sure where to begin, here’s a run down on some of the more popular and most attractive styles of pottery.

striped bed linen

Choosing Your Bedding

When choosing your bedding it is important not only to choose the right style for comfort, but also bedding that will last. You may also need to consider the type of filling your bedding has because of allergic reactions.

Maintaining window boxes

Window Boxes

Growing a window garden not only brightens up the outside of your home but can also help cheer up the inside, particularly if your window box is positioned correctly. Not only can window gardens be colourful and smell nice, they can also attract pretty and beneficial insects and birds to your garden.

A leafy plant and pair of wicker baskets providing a focal point

Styling Your Home on a Budget

You have plenty of style but no cash. Transforming your home into a picture perfect haven of comfort and taste might seem like a tall order but there are shortcuts. Here are some tips that might just help you on your way.

decorative lamp

Choosing the Right Lamp for Your Home

The right lighting can change a room from stark and stressful to subtle and comforting in an instant. So choosing the right lighting is important and worth spending some time over.

Cramped living space

When a Bedroom is Not Just for Sleeping

The primary purpose for a bedroom is, of course, sleeping. But sometimes that is not the only use a bedroom has if you live in a studio apartment, if it a children’s room or if your bedroom has to double up as an office.

Green fabric sofa

How to Choose a New Sofa

You know it’s time for a new sofa when the pattern is made up of old stains; you have to keep heaving yourself out of the cushions when you get up and your guests would sooner sit on the floor. Finding a new one that suits you and your family, one that you want to last, may seem a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t have to be.