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Whether you're moving into your new home, up-sizing or down-sizing, or just giving your home a make-over, we have plenty of helpful advice to set you on the right path to domestic bliss.


Sumptuous Bathroom in a Small Space

People often worry about refitting small bathrooms but there are plenty of solutions out there. If you want a sumptuous style it’s often simply a case of being creative.

Designer interior

Hiring and Using an Interior Designer

Do you want to decorate and furnish your home and don’t know where to start? If you want to make your home both comfortable and stylish then an interior designer is just the person you need.

Styled home with plant centrepiece

Styling Your Home to Maximise Sale Potential

When planning to sell your home it is important to make it appealing to potential purchasers. This could mean redecorating or even staging the home in order to get the best possible price and a quick sale.

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Period Style on a Budget

Going for an antique look on a modern day budget? Then get rummaging around car boots and charity shops or even hop across the channel for some real bargain buys!

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Which Part of the House Should I Spend My Money On?

Deciding where in your home to spend money is never easy but after assessing your lifestyle, and with the right advice, you could make the most of however much you have to ensure it really makes a difference.

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How to Choose an Eye Catching Accessory

Choosing just the right accessory can really set off the look you have created within a space but it is important to get it right otherwise it will be lost against its background or look out of place.

Kitchen refreshed with a few decorative accessories and a jug of tulips

Give Your Kitchen an Overnight Makeover

Changing the look of your kitchen can be refreshing and need not be expensive – and for those who worry about the process taking time, it can often be achieved overnight.

A cramped bedroom space

Storage for Small Spaces

Most people live in a home with limited storage space. We take a look at storage for small spaces and offer tips on making small spaces seem bigger.

Cushions, books and a throw

Home Accessorising-Choosing Soft Furnishings

Your home reflects both your personality and your life style. Soft furnishings add a personal touch to any room. Soft furnishings for curtains, draperies, cushions and bed linen are available these days in a variety of fabrics ranging from crochets to plaids to cotton voiles and rich tapestry.

An organised kitchen

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Keeping clutter under control in the kitchen is important. Knowing how to store things adequately will help.

working from home

Creating a Home Office

When you are setting up a home office don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a small corner of a room is all you need. Take time to create a working space that will work for you.

Watering a herb garden

Creating a Herb Garden

Herbs do best in a hot, sunny spot. In these conditions they’ll make the highest level of the aromatic oils that give them their smell and taste. They also prefer well-drained soil, and are perfect for growing in pots near the kitchen door.

Large ornate bedroom mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Using mirrors is a great way to decorate your home, they not only add colour and light to your rooms, mirrors also make great focal points and can help make small rooms look larger.

Folded and organised piles of clothing

Organising Your Wardrobe

Are you are a victim of closet clutter. Here are some self help hints for beating the battle against disorder.


Creating a Space to Sleep

There are several directions you can take when planning your ideal bedroom. Do you want a room that’s your personal getaway or one where the whole family can chill out?


Choosing a Greenhouse

If you have never bought a greenhouse before, you may find the process of looking for the right one a little bewildering. This is one item that is worth taking the time and spending money on.

Small sets of flowers used to decorate a table

Accessorising with Flowers

Accessorising with flowers is a great idea because greenery and other plants throughout your home add texture and soften the room. Make sure the container suits the room’s style whether formal or informal.