Flooring for a Newly Built Home

Couple and dog sat on the bare floor of their new home

Buying a property off-plan can be a fabulous way of having a huge input into the fixtures and fittings of your newly built home. Developers and contractors could well let you have a say in the style and make of your kitchen and bathrooms, as well as your paint and wall paper, and, of course, your flooring.

Equally, you might be buying a new build home, which is either sold ready for you to finish yourself with flooring or you might have cut a deal with a developer and bought your newly built home with the whole interior still to complete.

Whichever position you find yourself in with your new build home, do consider your flooring carefully and make the most of any opportunities afforded to you. Think about what you would like now style-wise but also consider the future. Consider practical options as well as aesthetics – and save yourself cost, effort and worry in years to come.

Living Spaces

First of all, give some thought to your living spaces. Do you want your reception rooms to be soft, warm and welcoming in their style? If so, going for a Fitted Carpet is probably the best option.

Think carefully about colour if you already have children – or are planning to start a family in the near future. Choosing a stylish cream or off-white, might look good in your gleaming new build but will have the shine taken off it as soon as muddy feet and food spillages start to do their worst.

Clean Reception Rooms

If a hard floor seems more sensible or you want a minimal, clean style to go with your new modern property, then explore the options of wood floor and natural stone. If your developer won’t run to this, then look at the next best flooring solutions.

Laminate flooring can create that wood look and is ideal for a family with young children. Try linoleum or other man-made tiles too. There are some fabulous styles out there that will give your sitting room, dining room or kitchen a fantastic finish.

Bedroom Flooring

Next you’ll want to consider flooring for your bedrooms and bathrooms. Fitted are carpets are likely to be the best option for bedrooms, keeping them cosy and warm and making it pleasant to step out of bed on a winter’s morning.

Think about whether you want to give each room an individual identity with a different colour of carpet – or whether you want the new look of your home to flow easily from room to room, in one simple shade.

Bathroom Style

To bring together the whole interior design of your new build home, you may wish to create a connection between your bathrooms and kitchen. Consider either using the same flooring, or at least working along a similar theme.

If your kitchen features slate or another dark tile, for example, echo it in your bathrooms or at least replicate the style by choosing something non-slip and water-proof that gives a similar look and creates a sense of unity within your new property.

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