2 and 3 seater fabric sofas

Living Room Furniture

Everything you need to make your house your home. From sofas and occasional tables to storage solutions and home office furniture.

Leather sofa bed

Heal’s 40 Winks Sofa Bed

A timeless sofa bed which combines button detailing with a multi-functional design, flattening the backrest of the sofa to become a bed mattress with ease. Read more

Blue fabric sofa bed laid flat

Multy Premier Sofa Bed

A sofa bed, which is stylish and easy to use, boasting velvet touch fabric and a colourful finish – folding into the layered sofa shape or out into a flat mattress. Read more

Bamboo tables

Habitat Eave Bamboo Range

A versatile selection of furnishings which combine a simple elegance with plenty of functional benefits. Made from coveted and durable bamboo wood. Read more

Olive green fabric upholstered 2-seater sofa

Moda Fabric Sofas

A unique collection of sofas which present a boxy and contemporary aesthetic, using two main levels – the seat and the main frame. Read more

Acacia wood tv unit with fluted glass doors

Langham Living Room Furniture

A collection of living room furnishings which spotlight the natural beauty of acacia wood, with ribbed glass detailing across the front of cabinet doors for extra texture. Read more

Folding velvet sofa bed

ANYDAY Chair Bed

A versatile chair which transitions into a spare bed in just two moves. Fold the chair out and watch as it quickly becomes your family and friends’ favourite place to sleep. Read more

Leaf print fabric upholstered armchair

Suffolk Armchair

A refined and oversized armchair which bridges traditional structure with modern design influences and textures. A timeless addition to a living space or home office. Read more

Curved leather chair with metal base

Halo Fold Leather Chair & Sofa

A unique collection of leather sofas and armchairs which uses a stretch of padded material to create a seamless furnishing – bolstered at each end by a simple folding technique. Read more

Grey fabric retro-style armchair

Habitat Iris Armchair & Sofa

A stylish collection of armchairs and sofas, combining a luxurious velvet with a standout and oversized design, perfect for elevating a hallway or living space. Read more

Green velvet accent armchair

Habitat Dorian Accent Chair

A range of accent chairs which offer just that – a standout and unique accent to the design of your home. Available in a range of fabrics and colours. Read more

Black 3-door sideboard with gold-coloured legs

Nervata Storage Furniture

A selection of storage furnishings for your living spaces, blending a matte black structure with gold metal detailing – spanning large and small items. Read more

3-seater leather sofa

Halo Strata Leather Sofa

A selection of leather sofas which combine a classic structure and angular frame with upholstered leather details, perfect for a modern or more traditional home. Read more

Green fabric upholstered sofa bed

ANYDAY Quilted Sofa Bed

A comfortable and convenient sofa bed with a flexible mechanism which grants you control over the two ends of the backrest with ease. Read more

Grey fabric sofa bed opened out

Jay-Be Retro Sofa Bed

A comfortable sofa bed which converts from sofa to full-scale bed in minutes. Available in a multitude of sizes and colours, ticking the boxes of modern aesthetic design. Read more

Navy fabric chaise-end sofa

Milton Sofa

A soft touch sofa which boasts a structured frame, complimented by matching seat and backrest cushions in the same fabric. Read more

Blue fabric 3-seater sofa

Ambleside Armchair & Sofa

A selection of oversized sofas and armchairs which boast an angled frame, perfect for balancing against the straight edges of a modern home. Read more

Linen fabric 2-seater sofa

Swyft Model 09 Sofas

A collection of sofas and armchairs which blend modern style with traditional shapes and details – featuring a diverse array of fabrics and colours for all occasions. Read more