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Whether you're moving into your new home, up-sizing or down-sizing, or just giving your home a make-over, we have plenty of helpful advice to set you on the right path to domestic bliss.

Gutter and downpipe

Facias And Guttering

Fascias, soffits and guttering are an important element of protecting your property from the weather in the British Isles and there are a variety of materials and finishes to choose from Read more

Open plan kitchen

Heating Your Kitchen

If you want to completely re-jig your kitchen layout as part of your renovation and get rid of those bulky, awkward radiators, then we have the heating solutions for you. Read more

Lockable fridge storage box

Making the most of storage in a shared house

Being a generation renter means you have to economise if you want a decent pad but there’s no need to ditch your belongings too. If you’re struggling for room to house all your kit try these 3 ways to increase your space. Read more

Bedside dehumidifier

Do you need a dehumidifier?

If your rooms are suffering from damp or mould, you might find that a dehumidifier will combat these and create a more ventilated home with a higher level of air quality Read more

Bedside air purifier

A guide to air purifiers

Air purifiers work to filter the air in a room by removing dust and other particles. Although they aren’t efficient in cooling down a room, they will make the air cleaner… Read more