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Whether you're moving into your new home, up-sizing or down-sizing, or just giving your home a make-over, we have plenty of helpful advice to set you on the right path to domestic bliss.

Woman sat in a spacious hallway with a stone tiled floor

Types of Flooring for the Home

The choice of flooring for your home is largely dependent on the functional needs of the individual rooms and personal taste. We take a look at some of the most common flooring for homes…

Vinyl floor tiles with a self-adhesive backing

Vinyl Tiles or Vinyl Sheet?

With its durability, comfort underfoot, stain resistance and easy maintenance, it’s not surprising that vinyl is a popular choice for flooring, particularly in the home. We take a look at the differences between vinyl tiles and sheet….

Couple and dog sat on the bare floor of their new home

Flooring for a Newly Built Home

Those lucky enough to buy a newly built home can find themselves with a clean slate when it comes to flooring. What are the best options and what should they consider before they make their choices?

Green painted summerhouse

Flooring for a Summerhouse

When decorating your summerhouse you can really go in any direction you choose and when it comes to flooring there are all sorts of options.

Victorian Hallway Floor Tiles

Flooring: Victorian Style

If you live in a traditional Victorian building then getting the details right is very important. And never more so than where flooring is concerned…

Edwardian Floor Tiles

Flooring: Edwardian Style

Although King Edward VII only reigned for nine years, the style from the period named after him has influenced interior decorating for many decades afterwards and still inspires modern homes today….

Pink velvet fabric sofa with gold coloured frame

Classic Style Velvet Sofa Beds

Discover some of our favourite velvet sofa beds for luxurious homes and find out why they’d be a great fit for your needs

Arched window-style mirror

How to Make a Room Look Bigger

Read our top tips on how to make a small room look bigger and discover how you can easily create an illusion of space in your own home.