A guide to food waste disposal units

Keeping smelly food waste in the house without disposing of it quickly can lead to lingering odours and even attract flies and other unwelcome visitors. A food waste disposal unit can eliminate this problem once and for all, as this handy home appliance will grind up food waste in an instant, so that you can simply flush it away with ease.

Under sink waste disposal unit
Franke Turbo Elite TE-125B Batch Waste Disposal Unit
A popular brand of waste disposal units. This model features a high-speed motor with more torque per kilo than any other similar priced option

What types of food waste disposal units are there?

When shopping for a food waste disposal unit there are a couple of types to consider. Continuous feed units are a budget-friendly option and will run continuously until they’re switched off, whereas batch feed units will only run when a protective cover is fixed to them.

This makes batch feed units the better option for homes with children, or if you’d just prefer a super safe option for your own peace of mind. However, continuous feed units are a better choice for those hoping to grind up large amounts of food waste, as it can take a while to grind up lots of leftovers using a batch feed disposal unit.

Continuous feed waste disposal unit
Insinkerator Evolution 200
Leads the way as one of the top models on the market for pure quality with a very reasonable price tag
(Available from amazon.co.uk)

Food waste disposal unit features to look out for

For a long lasting food waste disposal unit, you should aim to purchase an option with stainless steel blades. Although these are more expensive than cheaper alternatives, they are efficient and reliable, making them cost-effective in the long run.

Higher power units will also last longer than low power options, and are more efficient at grinding down tougher foods (including bones), which means that they’re worth paying more for.

You’ll also be thankful for a food waste disposal unit with an anti-jam or anti-reverse feature should it encounter any blockages. Having this feature means that the unit will be able clear blockages itself, meaning less effort is needed from you.

Are food waste disposal units noisy?

Over time, engineers have been able to create food waste disposal units that run more quietly than they did in the past, however, the fact that this appliance vibrates while in use means that you’ll never find an option that is completely silent.

If noise is a concern for you, keep an eye out for units that list how quiet they are as a selling point, as some manufacturers have worked on eliminating this particular problem to design quieter units.

You may find that quieter units are larger to enable them to run more smoothly, but as they sit discreetly under the sink so this shouldn’t cause an issue.

Now that you understand all there is to know about food waste disposal units, it’s time to find the option that’s right for your own home.

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