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Before submitting comments about ‘Out of Stock’ items please read below…

Furniture featured on this site is not mass-produced and is often only available from one retailer. Popular items do sell out often and there will be delays in re-stocking. ‘Out of Stock’ means exactly this and these items will not be available anywhere else.

Please also note that almost all furniture ranges will come to end at some point and this does leave some people disappointed. Alas, this can happen at short notice and is something out of our control. Again, ‘discontinued’ means exactly this and such items will also not be available to buy elsewhere.

Recent Comments

Stuart – I am interested to know if the Mira ceramic 8-10 seater table is available with a white top. I have asked at John Lewis and they only offer a version with a blue/grey finish. Read more…

The Ebbe Gehl for John Lewis Mira Ceramic Top Dining Table is currently only available with the grey finish Stuart.

Thank you for your speedy response. Is there a version of the Mira ceramic 8-10 seater table with a white top. If so can you tell me who stocks it please? Read more…

There isn’t a version available with a white top. Sorry.

Natalie – Hello, I recently bought the Bryant walnut large tv bench and the matching coffee table form Dunelm. I went back online to order the matching small sideboard to find it out of stock. I’ve been checking for weeks now and still no stock. Any idea when they will be available again please? Happy to wait but an idea of time would help… or can we buy direct from you? Read more…

Hi Natalie, it is a common issue with Dunelm, I’m afraid. Sometimes they re-stock and sometimes they don’t. Sorry I am not able to give a definitive answer.

Kind regards

Garry – When could you deliver Holt products – nest of tables, sideboard, tv unit, dining table? Read more…

See below Gary, we answered your question already.

Jenny – I have tried to buy the L-shaped garden furniture from M&S and apparently it won’t be available to buy till June. Why is it on display at the moment? We want to use it now, is there any chance we can buy one directly from you. Otherwise we’ll have to go elsewhere, we need it for the summer. Read more…

Hi Jenny, the answer to both parts of your question are answered above but, to reiterate, popular furniture items do sell out from time to time, especially garden furniture. The Lois corner bench has been available all year until very recently. The item is still on display because some people may still want it in June.

Retailers tend to err on the side of caution when ordering seasonal stock and, sadly, this does sometimes result in complaints such as yours. Traditionally, most popular lines have sold out long before this time, this year’s long wet winter has discouraged retailers from holding stock in reserve.

I hope you are able to find a suitable alternative and are able to enjoy your Summer.

Kind regards

Susan – Where can I view and sit in the Lois Garden Armchair or rocking chair please? Read more…

Hi Susan, the Lois range is available to order online only I’m afraid and is not on display in any stores.

Garry – Looking to but Holt nest of tables, Holt tv unit, Holt sideboard, Holt table and Holt bookcase. We live in *******. How long would it take you to deliver these items to us. Read more…

Hi Garry, the Holt range is sold by Marks and Spencer and they are currently advising dispatch times of 1 week except for the nest of tables which is 10 weeks. They will contact you prior to delivery and will arrange for all items to arrive on the same day.

Kind regards

David – Hi, we bought the Monroe pendant light from Marks & Spencer. We have been waiting for our extension to be finished and have just opened one of two and the glass is shattered (One Only). Read more…

Hi David, you will need to contact M&S and they should be able to organise a refund/replacement for you. It happens a lot with fragile items and they will likely just require a photo as proof.

Hope that helps?

Michael – We have 8 pieces of the Dante range purchased almost 10 years ago but now showing signs of age (aren’t we all) i.e. wicker disintegrating. Is it possible to arrange for the furniture to be re-wickered on the existing frames or would you advise buying new? Read more…

Hi Michael, although the aluminium frames should still be in good order it wouldn’t be economically viable to re-wicker them. There is likely an opportunity here for someone to offer such a service at sufficient scale to make it worthwhile but we are not aware of any at present.

Kind regards

David – Is it possible to buy the Platform Rattan Modular 6 seater settee on its own without buying the whole set? Read more…

Alas not David, with storage and distribution being a major input cost, there would be little or no pricing advantage. Where some outdoor furniture sets are available individually you will find the extra cost is already priced in.

Julia – I want to order Marlow wardrobes but my ceiling is 237cm. Will it be possible to build these 220 cm robes and stand them up. Also, do they need the room cleared or can they assemble upright or on the bed. Read more…

Since you have height clearance of 17cm, yes the wardrobe will fit. For assembly you should allow enough space for the wardrobe to be laid flat on the floor plus some working space of around 20%. You may need to remove furniture from the room to facilitate this.

Kay – Hi can the Marlow wardrobes be fixed to the wall? Read more…


Val – I have just purchased the Marlow 4 door wardrobes which I love. Alas we are moving ……is it possible to dismantle these and take with us? Read more…

Yes, of course you can.

Sarah – Regarding the Marlow wardrobes, how do these work with skirting boards, do they have the shape cut out? Read more…

Hi Sarah, the wardrobes are supplied in standard form. Any modification to ensure a flush fit to the wall will need to be carried out during installation.

The assembly service only covers putting the wardrobe and fittings together, any further custom works will need to be arranged yourself.

Karen – Hi. I am about to order some Marlow wardrobes from John Lewis – 250cm Marlow Mirrored Hinged Wardrobe, off white. However, the space they are to fit into has a sloping ceiling (back wall), which will require the back and side panels of the wardrobe to be cut to fit. With John Lewis assembly is included in the cost, but in order for them to be assembled, they would need to be adjusted. Is this something that the fitters would be able to do at an additional cost on site? Read more…

Hi Karen, the assembly service is based upon a standard fit, not a custom one. You are assuming the panels can be cut to accommodate without knowing where critical fixings are, you also assume the fitters are qualified carpenters which they are not.

Bear in mind that any such works will invalidate your guarantee and consumer rights.

Wojtek – Follow up question regarding Osmo oil……what finish, satin or matt, do you use on the display pieces in John Lewis stores? Read more…

The Calia Tables are usually finished with a satin finish oil but I can’t guarantee the tables you see on display will be. Best ask staff in store.

Wojtek – What Osmo oil would you recommend for the Calia Oak table – clear matt or clear satin? Read more…

Either option is suitable, using matt oil will result in a natural bare wood finish whilst satin will give a slight sheen which becomes fuller with each subsequent application. Otherwise, both offer the same levels of protection.

Sandra – I am very interested in the Halo Boss Leather Swivel Chair and would be looking to purchase 2 of them. However, I need to actually sit in one and try it out before committing to that much money! Please can you advise of somewhere that would have one of these chairs in stock that is within a maximum of 40 miles from where I live in Hertfordshire? Read more…

Hi Sandra

The Halo Boss Swivel Chair is currently on display in John Lewis stores in Cheadle, Nottingham and Solihull, which, I appreciate, are all beyond your ideal travel distance.

Regrettably, it isn’t possible to showroom every chair and sofa variation at all times in all locations.

Kind regards

Barbara – Hi, Could you please advise where I can purchase the Salsa chairs, sofa & table in natural. I have checked the John Lewis site & the colour option does not appear to be available to order. READ MORE…

Hi Barbara, the Salsa Outdoor Furniture Range is not fully stocked all year round. The full selection of colour options is likely to be available around March/April.

Kind regards

John – Can you see the Eleanor sofa bed anywhere in London? READ MORE…

Hi John, the Eleanor Sofa Bed is stocked by Bensons for Beds, you can find a list of London stores here… although it would be advisable to contact the store local to you first to save a wasted journey.

Kind regards

Sandra – I bought a 6 seater table & 4 Rye ratten garden lounging chairs from John Lewis. W70 D73 H94. I’m having troubling finding the right size, grey weather proof covers for them. I’ve sent two lots back, wrong size. I’m very frustrated. I easily found Kingsbridge table cover. Can you please advise which covers fit these chairs. READ MORE…

Hi Sandra, alas there are no custom covers available for the Rye furniture range and generic covers tend never to be a perfect option. It may be worth having bespoke covers made although the cost can be quite high.

Kind regards

Phil – Good afternoon Furniture Co, We have an older version of the Abacus 5 Shelf Bookcase with Doors and would like a second one as it is a close match to the one we have. John Lewis are out of stock and not expecting further stock. Do you have one left in stock please and if so could we purchase directly from you? What would the delivery charge be if this was possible. READ MORE…

Hi Phil, the Abacus Range is exclusive to John Lewis and isn’t available anywhere else. The 5-shelf unit has been out of stock for some time and we have had many similar inquiries. Alas, we do not know if John Lewis will be re-stocking this item any time soon.

Best wishes.

Vanessa – Hello We would like to buy the Ethan Petrol Affect table lamp , however John Lewis do not have any stock . Are you able to help please? READ MORE…

Hi Vanessa, the Ethan Lighting Range is a John Lewis exclusive and isn’t available anywhere else. The lamp has been out of stock for some time and I don’t know if it will be re-stocked. I have the same lamp on my personal wish list, as it happens, so compliments on your good taste.

Sorry I couldn’t be of any help, best wishes.

Derrick – I purchased a repose power chair 12 jan 24 the plug underneath which controls the front feet section has come out twice which makes it inoperative does this need looking at for repair? READ MORE…

Hi Derrick – you should contact the retailer as soon as possible in order to arrange a replacement or repair.

Dorothy – About nine years ago we bought from John Lewis, Edinburgh, two Essence oak large wardrobes, and a chest of drawers, then some time later two tall boys, then a king size bed. John Lewis were and still are the only stockist we can find of this beautiful furniture. From very early on, the hinges on the wardrobes failed. John Lewis took a hinges off a display to replace one broken ones. Last year they arranged for / and sourced four hinges. Since then two more have broken. The wardrobes are still in new condition apart from the hinges.The oak wood is brilliant! They have never been moved since delivery. John Lewis is now refusing to replace hinges unless we can provide proof of purchase. After nine years, and the ending of their Partnership card, we no longer have a record of the many thousands of pounds we spent with them to get these beautiful bedroom items. We are at a loss as to where to source replacement hinges. We are not looking for free hinges and are happy to pay for them. I found your company on the internet, which leads me back to John Lewis: a circle of no replacement hinges. Please can you help? READ MORE…

Hi Dorothy, the short answer, unfortunately, is no we are not able to source replacement parts for you. However, the Essence range is exclusive to John Lewis so I am not sure why proof of purchase would be necessary?

At the risk of appearing flippant, may I suggest you try and source replacement hinges from a third-party such as Ironmongery Direct –

Since the hinges have received previously have not lasted so long it may be possible to obtain a more durable alternative?

Ruth – Hi there We have the radius dining table, bench and older chairs. We would love to purchase 4 of the newer grey or black chairs to go with it. Is this an option? READ MORE…

Hi Ruth, yes the chairs are available to buy separately in pairs from argos.

Kind regards

Sian – Good morning I am emailing from Gallery Direct. We have noted that you feature Gallery Direct a number of times across your site. Unfortunately, you do not have an agreement to do this with us and by promoting our brand name directly you are breaching our terms. We would like to give you the opportunity to rectify this. Please remove all instances of Gallery Direct mentions as a matter of priority. You do not have an agreement with us so these instances must be removed. If you have any further questions we can be reached at [email protected] Many thanks and kind regards The online team. READ MORE…

Hi Sian, we are an affiliate of John Lewis and will continue to promote any product listed at as we see fit.

We assume this is your first week in a new job and will make allowance but would advise you learn about how your products are actually sold before making further contact.

Kind regards

Fiona – We are interested to buy the Chatsworth button back sofa by Laura Ashley and 2 snuggle seats. We dont seem to be able to find a stockist who has an actual sofa in stock to sit on ?? Do you know where we can go to actually sit on this sofa? Surely we cannot be expected to spend in excess of £4000 and not have sat on the sofa? READ MORE…

Hi Fiona, the Chatsworth range at John Lewis is available online only. It is available from DFS also, they may have some on display. You can call them on 0333 9999 777 for more details.

Best wishes

Lindsey – Please can you confirm the height of the Foxmoor drinks cabitnet? The John Lewis website says height = 60cm, width = 40cm and depth = 58cm surely something is incorrect there when looking at the picture? Also are the shelves fixed or can you adjust the height? READ MORE…

Hi Lindsey, thanks for getting in touch. The dimensions given were indeed wrong, the correct measurements are W80 × D38 × H106 cm

The two shelves are fixed in position and are not adjustable.

Hope this helps and best wishes.

Tony – We want to order the Marlow mirrored wardrobe with drawers (h220 x w 200 cms d58cms). We have just had a dressing room & en suite built . The dressing room measures 210cms wide on the wall that the 200cms marlow is going on, the length of the dressing room is 2 metres. There is 1 door way into the dressing room from the shower room and 1 opening into the dressing room, from the main bedroom. The width of the opening into the dressing room is 160 cms and the height is 2 metres. The height of the dressing room is 250cms. Just enquiring if I have enough space for fitters to erect the wardrobe. READ MORE…

Hi Tony, it sounds like it’s going to be a tight fit? Normally, as a guide, we would suggest you have enough free floor space for the wardrobe to lay down flat and, of course, enough space around this for two people to work. You may have sufficient space in the adjoining bedroom but transferring the carcass of the wardrobe into the dressing room may present a problem depending on the angle of access and available headroom.

A custom solution that integrates with the build of the dressing room may be the best way forward?

Sarah – Hi there, I am interesting in purchasing the Ornate Garden Grande Deluxe Chic Garden Summerhouse Pod, or something similar. Is there anywhere these can be viewed in real life before deciding which model? READ MORE…

Hi Sarah, you can view the pods at Ornate Garden, Castle Lane, Maxstoke, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 2RA
Or give them a call and they will be able to advise of a more convenient location.
Telephone: 01675 464 705

Jackie – Hi – I was wondering if there was any where I could view see a sample of a reclining chair, John Lewis don’t have one in any of their stores. I am making the purchase for an elderly parent and want to make sure it is suitable for I purchase it. READ MORE…

Hi Jackie, if John Lewis don’t have the chair on display then it won’t be possible I am afraid. Often the items are delivered direct from suppliers who will not have facilities for the public to visit.

Sorry I was not able to help on this occasion. There are, however, some reclining chairs which are sold via multiple retailers and you may well find it easier to arrange a viewing.

See here for some examples…

Kind regards

Lindsey – For the Foxmoor nest of 3 tables please can you tell me the dimensions of the smaller two tables? Thank you. READ MORE…

The approximate dimensions are:

W36 × D47.5 × H59.5cm

W24 × D29.5 × H55.5cm

Lindsey – Please can you confirm that the measurements are correct for the Foxmoor nest of 3 tables. It states 65.5 cm high x 46 cm width x 64 cm deep? If this is the size of the largest table then it seems very large and extremely high for a side table? Please can you check and confirm. READ MORE…

Hi Lindsey, the correct dimensions for the largest table are H64.5 x W46 x D64cm. Bear in mind the other two tables need to be a practical height and the frames at the top are quite deep.

Nancy – You better make sure all showrooms that carry rubber wood post a latex allergy sigh. There are millions of people with latex allergies that will suffer just breathing the air in the room containing rubber wood. You have some beautiful furniture on your website and it is a good way to recycle these trees, but you should post a warning sign just like they do for peanut allergies or you will be facing lawsuits. READ MORE…

Thanks for your concern Nancy

Anthony – We are about to take delivery of a Padstow Round 4-6 Seater Extending Dining Table which we have bought from M&S. We bought it for a variety of reasons – not least of which was because it extends. M&S don’t seem to know whether or not the extension to the table is part of the structure of the item or whether it is a separate piece which does not form an integral part of the table and needs to be stored elsewhere until the table needs to be extended as and when required. Can you let me know what the reality of the situation is. If you do not know can you put me in touch with the manufacturer – assuming they are UK based ? Thanks in anticipation of your kind help in this matter. READ MORE…

Hi Anthony, the folding extending section can be stored within the frame of the table when not in use. It is a separate piece though and not fixed, as such.

Hope this helps?

Leanne – Hi looking at purchasing Elstra 200cm & 150cm can these be attached so it looks like one fitment? READ MORE…

Hi Leanne, the Elstra Wardrobes can be joined together although individual units are designed to sit beside each other rather than being fixed. The fitting team should be able to do this for you though.

Angela – Hi, is the Habitat Clarice Velvet Office Chair suitable for long sitting while wfh? My daughter sits down working for 7.5 hrs each day. Would this chair be comfortable and supportive enough for this length of time? READ MORE…

Hi Angela, the Clarice chair is a nice looking option but I wouldn’t recommend it for prolonged daily use. The only practical option in such circumstances is a traditional office chair with an adjustable height and back rest. There are lots of options available but non so good looking, I am afraid.

Kind regards

Anna – Hi, I placed order no. #000017678 however no payment has been taken. Now I received an email that the item is still in the basket. Can somebody confirm the order is already placed or it need to be done again? If so is it possible to place order via the phone as I find the payment options a bit confusing (no full payment by card available)? READ MORE…

Hi Anna, there is no way you are able to place an order directly through us. If you let me know which retailer this order is for I may be able to help further?

Sheila – The indi dressing table measurement state the item is 133 cm in height. This is very high for a dresser. Can you confirm the product dimensions for me please? READ MORE…

Hi Sheila, the height given includes the mirror. The height without the mirror is 80 cm.

Kind regards

Sheila – Is there anyone that has in stock so I can see this John Lewis Duplet Daybed please? READ MORE…

Hi Sheila, the Duplet Daybed is only available online and not on display in John Lewis stores. The Soft Weave Light Grey fabric option is in stock and available for 7-day delivery. The made to order version with a choice of fabric finishes is available for delivery with 11 weeks.

Kind regards

Kevin – Hi, Hope you are well, I ordered from John Lewis on 11th July a Lozenge Grand 5 Seater LHF Chaise End Sofa, i waited 3 months for this to be built and was pleased to be informed last week that my sofa had been completed and was ready for delivery, 2 hours after verifying the delivery details they called back to advise they could not find a courier to delivery the sofa to my Northern Ireland address. I have 2 questions you may be able to help me with 1) do you sell this sofa via any other reseller other than John Lewis? 2) do any of these other resellers delivery to Northern Ireland? READ MORE…

Hi Kevin, the Lozenge Sofa is a John Lewis product I’m afraid. Two man deliveries are problematic to Northern Ireland since the costs are prohibitive. It sounds like you have been somewhat inconvenienced and I am sorry to hear this but if John Lewis are unable to find a courier there is not a way around this.

There are third-party services that will arrange collection and forwarding but they tend to be quite expensive.

Sorry I wasn’t able to help and hope you are able to find a suitable alternative.

Gillian – In your photograph of the Hemingway dining furniture you show in the background a glass China cabinet – is this also available from Hemingway? READ MORE…

Hi Gillian, the cabinet was indeed originally part of the Hemingway dining range but was discontinued some time ago. Not enough people like yourself with great taste to maintain demand, alas!

Sorry I wasn’t able to help but thanks for getting in touch and kind regards.

Damian – John Lewis is showing that their Anyday Mixit grey ash/matt smoke, chest of drawers is constantly out of stock. I have tried to contact them and they keep saying they don’t know whether it is coming back in stock. No one seems to know, so I thought I would go to the people who supply them. Do you know if they will be having this range back in? READ MORE…

Hi Damian, the Mix It Range is made in Italy and, as with a lot of furniture made overseas there have been constant distribution problems since the outbreak of Covid and it is taking a very long time for things to return to normal. The general response you receive will be non-committal but it is likely the range will be continued eventually. We’ve seen the same issues with other items which do get resolved, although the delays can be considerable.

Sorry I could not be of more help.

Vanina – Hi, I would like to buy Terence Conran’s Balance Alcove Shelving Unit. I live in Luxembourg City and cannot find this shelving elsewhere: do you deliver in Luxembourg? I hope so! Thank you for your answer. Kind regards READ MORE…

Hi Vanina, thanks for getting in touch. The Balance Shelving Units are sold by John Lewis & Partners and they do not deliver outside of the UK. This item would require a 2-man delivery team and the cost of shipping would be prohibitive.

Sorry I was not able to help, I hope you are able to find a suitable alternative. Best wishes

Lina – I just wanted to see what the delivery times are for some patio furniture? READ MORE…

Hi Lina, it would depend on the brand and whether the items are actually in stock. If you let me know which furniture you’re thinking of I will be able to give you more information?


Christine – I am looking at the Simara range two three draw chest of draws and a triple wardrobe as this range is in the sale. Is it possible to get all three, at the same time? READ MORE…

The drawers are out of stock I’m afraid. I would also advise against buying the wardrobe with a view to buying the drawer chests at a later date since we can’t guarantee Dunelm will continue the range or the same colour options.

It would be safer to wait although, obviously, you would miss the discount.

Kind reagrds

Anita – I’ve been looking at the Giselle range and it’s out of stock in Dunelm ,do you know when it will next be available please to order please? READ MORE…

Hi Anita, it looks like the range is fully stock atm….

Damian – In the John lewis Mix It Bedroom Furniture range, has the colour of house smoke drawer fronts changed slightly since 2015? We bought a chest of drawers in 2015 and are now looking to match up another set next to them, and the swatches in store look a slightly different colour to ours.

As a secondary question, is this range continuing as it always has where you can add handles, or are they changing to the handleless drawers?

Thirdly, we have handles on ours that do not seem to be available via John Lewis anymore, would you have a list of the handles used previously in 2015 so I may be able to match them up elsewhere? READ MORE…

Hi Damian, it is not uncommon for the finish of furniture to change slightly from batch to batch. The differences will be almost impossible to distinguish at first but after 8 years all of these slight changes will compound and be quite noticeable. As a consequence, we wouldn’t recommend trying to match units when there has been such a time gap.

At the moment, you can’t but additional handles although this may change at some point in the future.

We don’t make the Mix It Drawers and Wardrobes, they are sourced from a supplier in Italy exclusively for John Lewis so, unfortunately, don’t have this information.

Sorry I wasn’t able to help further, best wishes.

Jacki – I’ve recently purchased the Lynton range of bedroom furniture in sage from Dunelm Telford store, the only item that I required to complete the set is the small 5 drawer unit in sage, I was told by Dunelm staff it was out of stock but should be back in stock within weeks!!!!! Thats not the case, I have been checking stock on a daily basis to no avail, I’m getting nowhere and feel really let down that this item is not in stock, wheres customer service, please reply, thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Jacki, the Lynton range is very popular and items do sell out often. It isn’t unusual for some pieces to be out of stock for extended periods. This problem is common where there are individual items in a collection that sell in far higher numbers than others.

There are still ongoing supply problems with products sourced from overseas I am afraid and Dunelm are not the only victim of this.

I should say that, in all honesty, there is no guarantee the 5-drawer unit will be re-stocked at all. I appreciate this isn’t the response you wanted but it’s a situation we’ve seen before and I would be doing you a disservice by not mentioning this.

I do hope this doesn’t prove to be the case though.

Kind regards and sorry I wasn’t able to help.

Angela – Hello Can you please tell me the dimensions of the 3 seater lozenge sofa with chaise long Thank you? READ MORE…

Reply removed because of inaccurate information.

Angela – Thank you for the quick reply. if the dimensions of the Lozenge Grand 5 seater and the Lozenge large 3 seater are the same please could you let me know what is the difference between the two sofas? READ MORE…

Hi Angela, the published dimensions appear to have been wrong, and you seem to be the only person to have noticed this?

Sorry for the inconvenience, the 3-seater is no longer available.

Best wishes

Yvonne – Hi, I take your point re only selling to online furniture retailers. I have spent HOURS yesterday and today looking for a larger 2-chair bistro set and have just found your Lois Bistro Set which is perfect. Are you able to tell me which online retailers sell it? I think M&S have discontinued something similar. Would much appreciate your help, and thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Yvonne, the Lois range is exclusive to Marks and Spencer and hasn’t been discontinued, they have simply sold out. You will find this is common with most popular ranges, multi-channel retailers, such as M&S, do not want to be left with excess stock at the end of the summer and they are generally over cautious.

The nearest match to the Lois range is the Salsa range at John Lewis (and they actually have some stock!).

Hope that helps!

Jayne – I was looking, at the Melrose range but sadly John Lewis have just stopped selling this. Are there any other retailers I can approach please? READ MORE…

Hi Jayne, the Melrose sofa range was exclusive to John Lewis I’m afraid.

Anne – Camber Sofa (Aquaclean Wilton Soft Green) I have noted the description underneath a picture on your website. However, I don’t seem able to find this colour fabric on the John Lewis web site. Is it still available? READ MORE…

Hi Anne, the majority of John Lewis’ sofas are made to order with a wide selection of finishes available. They do, sometimes, though offer a selection of chairs and sofas for 7 Day Delivery with a limited choice of colours because these items are held in stock and it would be impractical to have more than a couple of options.

These chairs and sofas are usually offered at a promotional price and will have finishes that are not part of the normal made to order selection. These examples do sell out fairly quickly and are not usually offered repeatedly. There are some items in the Camber Range that fit this description but, as you may have seen, in Duck Egg, Pink & Natural and not the Soft Green fabric that you are interested in.

So, to answer your question directly, it is unlikely that the Soft Green option will be available again, I am sorry to say.

Kind regards and sorry I was not able to help you.

Emma – We were hoping to purchase the Moritz II dining chairs from John Lewis but the colours we were hoping to purchase have been discontinued and the current colours are not our preference. Do you know if there will be any new colours introduced shortly? READ MORE…

Hi Emma, the original colours were changed to the current selection of marine, pepper & cognac fairly recently so it’s unlikely these options are going to change in the foreseeable future.

We have had several similar inquiries btw.

Sorry I wasn’t able to help. Best wishes.

Mary – Hendricks Leather Accent Chair, Light Wood Frame, Soft Touch Blue Do you have the above armchair in stock as I wish to purchase two and John Lewis do not appear to have access to any. Can you please tell me the purchase price. Many thanks. READ MORE…

Hi Mary, although many of the John Lewis sofas and armchairs are made to order, they do sometimes offer a from stock option where a number items are ready-made. The upholstery options are limited and are usually a colour that isn’t available in the regular made to order range.

This is the case here where there is a Hendricks Chair with light wood frame and soft touch blue or soft touch grey leather finish only.

These options tend to very popular and , as you have found, they go out of stock fairly quickly. Unfortunately, stock can not be instantly replenished because there is not a continuous production run.

Your best option here is to use the ‘Email me when available‘ link on the product page at and they will let you know when the chair is back in stock.

Hope that helps? Kind regards.

Mary – I do understand what you are explaining regarding availability in response to my e-mail below, but is it not possible to simply place an order through John Lewis and wait for the items to be made? Relying simply on the ‘let me know when it is next in stock’ guarantees almost nothing. READ MORE…

Hi Mary, thanks for your reply. I understand what you are saying but the reason John Lewis do this is because they are intentionally not guaranteeing anything. They may or may not order another run of the Hendricks chairs but this is a decision process they do not share with us, unfortunately. They have the data on which they base these decisions, we do not.

This may be frustrating but there are lots of retailers taking orders for furniture these days that they do not have in stock and do not have any hope of securing stock. Sometimes these same retailers go out of business with very little notice and you don’t get your money back and you don’t get the furniture you ordered either.

John Lewis get a lot of criticism, sometimes deservedly so, but they do not do not do stuff like this.

I hope the upholstery option you want does become available again soon but I can’t guarantee it. Please use the email option mentioned since it can sometimes be the case that new stock comes in and sells out again the same day because there are so many people already on the list. This does happen a lot with popular items, I can assure you.

I hope I have managed to answer your concerns and hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend? I am here if you have any further queries.

Chris – Is there a showroom where I can sit on the Salisbury 3 seater sofa please you need too feel how comfortable it is? READ MORE…

Afraid not Chris, the Salisbury Sofas are online only. If it’s any help, I have one at home and the seating is quite firm. This said, I do think they are one of the best value leather sofas on the market atm.

Lorraine – I have recently purchased from Marks and Spencer the 6-seater Marlow rattan set. I wondered whether we are able to order another 2 chairs and cushions? READ MORE…

Hi Lorraine, the Marlow garden chairs are available to buy online from Marks and Spencer and are currently in stock.

Kind regards

Sab – I have the is halo groucho leather sofa in Riders Nut and was wondering if i could buy leather care, stain remover or colour restorer and if so where can I buy it and in what colour I should buy it? READ MORE…

There are a range of generic leather care products you buy. For example, Furniture Clinic Cleaner & Protector and Furniture Clinic Recolouring Balm (Tan) available form amazon.

Unless there is damage or fading we’d recommend only using the neutral cleaning and protection products rather than a colour restorer.

Always with leather products and coloured treatments, you should use first on a small test area that won’t be visible to ensure compatibility and colour match.

Salih – We’re looking to purchase two Melrose sofas from John Lewis but would like to try before we buy. John Lewis do not have any models available in their stores and because they are custom ordered will not accept a return. Would you be able to advise if there is any way we can try out the sofas before we commit to such a significant expenditure? READ MORE…

Hi Salih, the Melrose Sofas are made to order and are currently not on display in any stores so, alas, it isn’t possible for you to try before you buy on this occasion.

John Lewis have over 170 different styles of armchairs and sofas to choose from and it is simply not possible to have them all on display. This is, unfortunately, an aspect of online retailing that doesn’t suit everyone.

Sorry I was not able to help you on this occasion and hope you manage to find a suitable alternative.

Diane – We have bought several items of Abacus office furniture through John Lewis over the years, most recently three items in the last few weeks after moving house and not having sufficient storage in our new home. One of the items was a long bookcase with cabinet which we are very pleased with – so much so that we would like to order another one . However when we looked on the John Lewis website we couldn’t find it so we rang their Customer Services and were told that it is no longer available and is ‘awaiting deletion’. This is extremely disappointing and wonder if you can explain – also if you could give us advice on sourcing one from elsewhere? READ MORE…

Hi Diane, items in the Abacus range do sell-out frequently and can take a while to come back into stock. This is particularly true with large items where shipping costs are significant.

We don’t know if the large bookcase with cabinet will be re-stocked but don’t foresee any reason why it wouldn’t be. John Lewis often mark products as no longer available and it’s likely the person you spoke to was just repeating what they have seen on the website. In many cases this information turns out to be incorrect.

Since the Abacus range is a John Lewis own brand you will not be able to buy elsewhere – so the honest answer, unfortunately, is to wait and see.

Sorry I couldn’t have been more helpful. Kind regards.

Terry – I purchased two Cromwell sellvagio parchment leather settees some 2/3 years ago, and have a large stain on the arm, grease from my hair. I have tried some products which have not removed it. Several companies have said cannot do anything as it’s aniline leather. Is there anything you can suggest, or do I need to get a complete new arm sleeve. READ MORE…

Hi Terry, if the stain has absorbed beneath the surface of the leather than it is going to be difficult to remove without causing further damage. The general advice is to use a mild soapy solution, picking up the foam only onto a sponge and dabbing gently (to avoid wetting the area) but this may have little effect on a heavy stain.

It may be worth trying a specialist cleaner such as Furniture Clinic Liquid Leather Degreaser (available from amazon).

Try a small trial area first, somewhere where it won’t be obvious and, of course, accept the risk that you may make matters worse. However, since the alternative would be to re-upholster the arms, it may be worth a shot?

John – I would like an update regarding my order. READ MORE…

You will need to contact the retailer John

Elizabeth – Hi! I’m interested in some of the Lois furniture. I can get it cheaper at M&S but they don’t have everything I need. Do you deliver and at what cost? Thanks very much for your help. READ MORE…

Hi Elizabeth, the Lois Garden Furniture is exclusive to M&S. The range is currently on offer and it’s likely the most popular pieces are currently sold out. This isn’t uncommon, I’m afraid

Sian – I’m interested in the swoon Franklin garden furniture. John Lewis never seem to have any in stock. Is it possible to purchase it anywhere else or directly from the manufacturer? READ MORE…

HI Sian, the Swoon Franklin garden range is exclusive to John Lewis which means it will not be available elsewhere. Such ranges are not manufactured on an industrial scale and, consequently, there are times when there is no stock available.

I appreciate the frustration and I would urge you to make sure you have registered your interest with John Lewis so they can notify you when new stock arrives.

Best wishes

Vernon – I wonder if you can help I need to know few things before buying the Alora table and four chair garden furniture. What size umbrella is suitable for alora table and four chairs? What weight of base is needed for the umbrella? What size cover would I need to protect the alora table and four chair garden furniture? READ MORE…

Hi Vernon – the Alora table will take any standard parasol with a diameter of 32 – 38 mm and the weight of the base will depend on the size of the parasol you opt for. For example, the John Lewis
Metal Pole Garden Parasol, 2.2m is recommended for use with a 25Kg base, any other option should specify the weight of the base required. As a general rule, the bigger the parasol the heavier the base although 25Kg is usually heavy enough.

For the Alora Table and 4 chairs we would recommend a cover of 150 cm diameter, ideally with a draw-string fastening at the base to ensure a close fit. The John Lewis 150 cm cover is a good option although it’s a fairly standard size you’ll be able to find anywhere else.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any further information by submitting another comment.

Kind regards

Anne – I am wanting 4 x Miami garden chairs in grey please. How do I buy them? READ MORE…

Hi Anne, the Miami Garden Range is available from John Lewis here…

Unfortunately, the grey reclining chairs are currently out of stock and are not available to buy at this time. If you add your email where it says ‘Email me when back in stock‘ on the product page they will let you know as soon as they are available.

Hope this helps.

Fiona – Could you please inform me of another Retailer for me to purchase the Array Storage Cabinet in Dark Brown W74 x D40 x H92cm I have registered with John Lewis to notify me by email as to when it is back in stock they have emailed to purchase it & every time I do it shows it is out of stock. Please can you help me with this as definitely want to purchase it & have been very patient with this! READ MORE….

Hi Fiona, the Array range is not mass-produced and, unfortunately, some items are not always readily available. I appreciate the frustration and we get many such comments.

Jeff – We have recently returned the 4th Mira sideboard received from John Lewis due to faulty/ damaged unit, you should be aware of the poor quality goods you advertise. READ MORE…

Hi Jeff, sorry to hear about your issues with the Mira Sideboard. The Mira range has been very popular with mostly good reviews. It does seem that you have been very unfortunate and I hope John Lewis will be able to resolve this problem for you.

I note that there are currently 12 reviews for the Mira sideboard on the John Lewis site, again mostly positive, but 3 negative which are, obviously, from the same person. You may reply to this post but we will not be publishing any further reviews from you on this matter.

Jamie – Franco furniture – bedroom wardrobe – the smaller one – when is they available please – asked dunelm they couldn’t give me a date – hoping you can help me? READ MORE…

Hi Jamie, there have been new products added to the Franco range recently but, alas, stock issues persist and the wardrobes are always the first item to sell out.

I’m sorry that I can’t say when the piece you want will be available and there is no notification system with Dunelm either, so it is a case of wait and see – I am afraid.

Best wishes

Susan – What quality of leather is the Repose Zero Gravity Recliner covered in? Do you use the same quality of leather on the sides and back as used on seating ? Could the leather chair be placed in a room which gets a lot of sunshine? READ MORE…

Hi Susan, we don’t make the Zero Gravity Recliner so can’t answer with the level of detail you require. However, we would not recommend a leather upholstered chair be situated where it is likely to suffer damage from direct sunlight. In this instance, the fabric upholstered option may be more suitable.

For information on John Lewis products you can phone 03456 100 336 or contact them via the web form here..

Sorry I was not able to provide the information you requested.

Jackie – Hello I am interested in the Soren office chair in the Henna colour, John Lewis don’t seem to have this colour. Are there any other stockists? READ MORE…

Hi Jackie, the original colour options for the Soren Office Chair have recently been updated to Grey, Sage or Ivory. The Henna option is no longer available, I am sorry to say.

Vicki – I desperately would like to purchase the anya desk to go with the rest of the anya range i have at home but it seems to have disappeared from Dunelm and they say they no longer stock. Please can you advise where I could purchase? READ MORE…

The Anya range is exclusive to Dunelm, I am afraid, and they do not usually indicate whether out of stock items will be replenished. This is because their supply channels are currently not 100% reliable; there is also a disconnect between customer service and merchandising teams which means you never get an accurate or committed response to these kinds of queries.

Your options are to find a suitable alternative or to wait and see if the desk reappears at a later date.

Elizabeth – I visited John Lewis and fell in love with the Bobbin Grey bed. However they no longer stock this bed in double size. Where else can I purchase this bed? When will the new Bobbin style arrive? READ MORE…

The Bobbin bedroom furniture range is currently being updated and we do not know when the double bed will be in stock, it shouldn’t be too long though.

Tony – I’m interested in the Repose Zero Gravity Power Recliner chairs and have enquired with John Lewis about visiting a store to try out. But the agent said they do not currently have one in any of their stores. Is there any where else we can visit to try out before committing? Also what length is the chair fully reclined without the leg rest extended? READ MORE…

Hi Tony, we don’t have the dimension details you need since this is a John Lewis product. The Fabric Zero Gravity Power Recliner, however, is currently on display at John Lewis stores in Bluewater, Cheadle, Edinburgh, High Wycombe, Kingston, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford Street, and Stratford City.

You can confirm this before travelling by phoning John Lewis on 03452 661805

I should add that only the leather upholstered option is currently available to order, the fabric chair is currently out of stock.

Jane – Looking for a John Lewis Essence hall console table – seem discontinued by JL and they can’t help me find one. Can you help me find one from the manufacturer or distributor please? READ MORE…

The Essence Console Table has been discontinued.

Justin – Hi we are looking to purchase the Estate 6 table can you advise where we can purchase this from please? READ MORE…

Hi Justin, the Estate range is available exclusively from John Lewis. Alas, the furniture is not mass-produced and there will be times when some items are out of stock.

Kind regards

Helen – we are trying to purchase some of the Hemingway furniture but unfortunately a few bits we require are no longer available at John Lewis where else can we buy these items? We would like the table lamp. Two console tables the large side board coffee table nest of tables and the round tall table and also sideboard for our hall way. Please can you help, as we would be disappointed to buy just a couple of bits and not get all what we require. READ MORE…

Hi Helen, the Hemingway Range is not mass-produced and individual pieces do sell out often. You can add your email on the product page and John Lewis will let you know when the items you require are back in stock.

Because the furniture is produced in limited production runs I would advise that you wait until all the items are available before ordering since there can be slight colour differences from batch to batch.

Helen – Good morning, I have been in contact with John Lewis and have discovered this range is being discontinued!!!! Very sad to hear as we were just about to order ! Can you please tell me where else I can buy this furniture? READ MORE…

Good morning Helen, you don’t say what this range is but if it is being discontinued then you will not be able to buy it elsewhere.

However, John Lewis do often mark out of stock ranges as being discontinued because they do not know if or when new stock will be available. So, it may come back into stock at a future date.

If you let me know what the range is I may be able to give you better information?

Christine – are the Habitat Salisbury sofas fire proof with a certificate? READ MORE…

Hi Christine, all upholstered sofas sold in the UK must comply with regulations relating to fire-resistance and will have a label attached to this effect.

Marjorie – Any suggestions for someone who cannot assemble Habitat extendable shelving unit? READ MORE…

Jayne – Hello I am interested in the Clemence dining table and bench which I see is available to purchase at JL. Please could you tell me if the wood is solid oak or the oak contains wood veneers? READ MORE…

Hi Jayne, thanks for getting in touch. The frames are solid oak and the table top is a matching oak veneer.

Kind regards

David – Can you please tell me if there is a dressing room table available in the Marlow range? If not could you supply a table top to put on two Marlow bedside table cabinets so that I could make one. READ MORE…

Hi David, interesting question.

Alas, there isn’t a dressing table in the Marlow wardrobe range and there isn’t a table top that could be adapted in the way you suggest.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Heather – We have just been to John Lewis Cheadle to purchase the Burford Acacia 6 seater table, with bench and 4 chairs but it is out of stock. We are on their email list but wondered if you had a better idea of when there will be availability please? READ MORE…

Hi Heather, afraid not. The only certainty with the Burford Range is that it is almost always out of stock.

Being on the email list is essential since many popular garden furniture lines can sell out again as soon as they are restocked.

Best wishes

Charlotte– Hi I am looking at the reflex six seater dining table and would like the measurement between the legs please as i have a chair that needs to be able to be tucked in at the end of the table. READ MORE…

Hi Charlotte, the space between the legs is 57.5cm

Best wishes

Elaine – John Lewis only do king size bobbin bed, is a double bed available else where? READ MORE…

Hi Elaine, the original Bobbin range is being replaced with a new collection, imaginatively named New Bobbin, which will eventually include a standard sized double bed.

Grahame – We absolutely love the look of these lounging chairs (Burford Garden Woven Lounging Chairs, Set of 2, FSC-Certified (Acacia Wood), Natural.including cushions), but only have space to accommodate one in our conservatory. We approached John Lewis asking if they’d allow us just to buy one….but I was disappointed by their intransigent reply that they won’t! Would you be prepared to sell us one directly, and if so, at what price? Additionally, we’d also want to buy the similar ‘Set of two Burford Garden Woven Dining Chairs, FSC-Certified (Acacia Wood), Natural (with cushions)’, but owing to Lewis’s illogical attitude, I’d rather not have to engage with them again over this. Would you be prepared to sell us the two dining chairs, in addition to the one lounging chair above and again, at what cost? READ MORE…

Hi Grahame, the lounging chairs do come in pairs so John Lewis would be left with an odd chair, at cost to them – it therefore makes sense that they would be unwilling to do this. The Burford range is incredibly popular and always sells out leaving many people disappointed.

To emphasise the point, a week before Easter, the lounging chairs are now out of stock and the dining chairs are currently only available to pre-order.

I should warn you that John Lewis never commit to holding large amounts of any garden range so you may find these chairs difficult to get hold of at any price in the very near future. And, no, there is no other way to buy them because it’s a John Lewis product.

Best wishes

Louise – Hello, I am trying to get a manual for St Ives Garden Furniture I bought last year from John Lewis , I have lost my copy. Are u able to help at all? READ MORE…

Your best bet is the customer services team on Twitter @johnlewishelp but it’s unlikely they’ll have it. If they can give you a product number then it may be found here:

Terry – I’m keen to establish if the Estate 6 Seater Dining Table, exclusive to John Lewis, will become available again? The only one listed on their website is the Estate 6-10 Seater Extending Dining Table, and this is currently out of stock. READ MORE…

Hi Terry, much of the Estate range has been out of stock for a considerable time and the only thing you can do is add your details to the ‘Email me when back in stock’ link.

We are currently not receiving any communications from John Lewis so can’t speculate any further, I’m afraid.

Kind regards

Chris – I am looking for a cover for a Marlow Garden Corner Sofa and Coffee Table can you help please? READ MORE…

Hi, the sofa is 220 x 142 x 65

This looks close:–nbsph-73-x-w-221-x-d-221-cm/1600225715.prd

Maybe not the colour you were looking for but it’s an idea of the size you need, it’s unlikely you’ll get an exact fit unless you go custom. See list above.

This is on the large side but has tie-cords for a better fit…

Carol – I am trying to purchase garden furniture from the Rye range can I purchase direct from you? READ MORE…

The answer is at the top of this page.

Jason – Hi – I was looking to purchase items from the St.Ives range – but John Lewis don’t seem to stock them. Please can you tell me where else can I purchase these items. READ MORE…

Hi Jason – the St Ives Garden Furniture Range is a John Lewis product and isn’t available elsewhere. It is rarely in stock, I am sorry to say.

Kind regards

Steve – We recently moved in to a new Pye home in Marcham, Oxfordshire. The kitchen had been installed by Manor Kitchens and interiors who I understand are no longer trading. We are looking to replace two of the cabinet doors with smaller ones to accommodate a larger in built oven. I believe the unit is a white-grey Newark. Can you please advise if you can supply or suggest a retailer who we could buy from. READ MORE…

Hi Steve, the Newark kitchen units are sold by Very Group at Regrettably, we have recently terminated our relationship with this company so you will need to contact them directly.


Sally – Hi I’m looking to source two toulouse single wardrobes to complete my bedroom furniture but they’ve been put of stock at Dunelm for months and months Hoping you can help? READ MORE…

Hi Sally, it is incredibly frustrating when popular furniture items remain out of stock for such long periods, especially when there is no indication when these issues will be resolved.

I am not even certain whether the Toulouse Single Wardrobe will be restocked or not and I doubt anyone at Dunelm will be able to give you an answer since it is their policy not give specific dates in these circumstances…

This is what they say:

Unfortunately, we cannot give back in stock dates on specific items at this time. We often continue to show out of stock products online so that you have access to the product details, for when they are back in stock.

The reason that retailers are so non-committal on re-stocking is that they depend on supply chains that are not 100% reliable.

Sorry I was not able to help you on this occasion but please get back in touch if there is anything else I can do for you.

Jackie – Hi do they do a dressing table in the Louis range? READ MORE…

Hi Jackie, no – not currently. The Louis Range is a reincarnation of a similar collection that went by the name of Etienne and there was a dressing table in this range, see below…

French-style oak dressing table
Etienne Dressing Table – Discontinued

As I understand it, there have been supply issues which will dictate whether the Louis range is expanded upon or not. So, to answer your question, it isn’t entirely out of the question.

Thanks for getting in touch and I hope you enjoy what’s left of the weekend!

Gary – What wood is the Crawford set made from? READ MORE…

Good morning Gary, the Crawford units are made from particle board with a wood effect laminate finish.

Hope that helps?

Helen – Please could you tell me the internal measurements of the drawers on the Sidmouth oak sideboard? (not the baskets, just the drawers please)? READ MORE…

Hi Helen, the drawers are 40 cm wide

Helen – Thank you very much for the above. Please could I have the INTERNAL depth and height too please? READ MORE…

Hi Helen, we don’t have that level of detail available I’m afraid, it is a Dunelm product although their own customer service team would be unlikely to have this information to hand.

Kind regards

Margaret – Dante De Luxe Garden Chairs in Natural Your site quotes £475 for two, can you please tell me where these can be obtained at this price, they were advertised on John Lewis site but seem to have have disappeared. I really do like them. READ MORE…

Hi Margaret, the Dante De Luxe Garden Chairs are now £579 a pair I’m afraid. Regrettably, it’s the one recent change in price throughout the range.


Margaret – Dante de luxe garden chairs – Natural – Price : £475 for two chairs Sent you an email a few days ago, but no reply from you. The above chairs on John Lewis website are £579 for two chairs Where can I obtain these chairs at your price of £475. Look forward to hearing from you. READ MORE…

Your query was answered above within an hour of your original comment.

Kind regards

Sue – I saw Kinross dining chair in John Lewis Reading, but now seems to be “out of stock” Could you tell me where I can purchase the NATURAL chair on-line? READ MORE…

Hi Sue, the chairs with fabric covered seat pads are currently sold out, there are 3 options available with leather seat pads instead… See link below…

Thanks for getting in touch and kind regards.

FT – Hi, I’m looking for this product which John Lewis no longer stock (Wilton Headboard, double white). Do you sell it? Thanks. READ MORE…

The Wilton Range is exclusive to John Lewis. The headboard may come back into stock a some time but we don’t know when that may be.

Kind regards

Karin – I have an Alora bistro rattan set and want to buy a six seater table and six chairs. Do the manufacturers make a six seater dining Alora set (I can only see a four seater set). Also would it be possible to let me have the name of the manufacturer and I can contact them direct? READ MORE…

There is a six-seater option but the Alora range is currently not fully stocked. Expect more options from the the end of March/early April.

Alora Garden Furniture is a John Lewis product, you can contact them directly:

03456 100 336

John Lewis plc, 171 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5NN

Kind regards

Mo – Help…. I live in jersey Channel Islands and am trying to get 2 x 5 drawer Alderley chest of drawers in white. I can find them on Very, but they will not deliver here. Do I have any other options that you are aware of please to get these items delivered? I really love these drawers, they are perfect for what I want. I so look forward to any advice you may be able to give. READ MORE…

Hi Mo, the Alderley drawers are ready-assembled which means they require a two-man delivery team. As a consequence there is no practical economic way these can be delivered outside of the UK mainland, I am afraid.

Sorry I couldn’t help you but best wishes anyway

Mo – Thank you for replying so quickly regarding the Alderley delivery question. If I was able to arrange that they are delivered to a mainland address that provides us here in jersey with a drop off service, where they then ship the products to us (ie we have ship2me and also MySpace) do you think that would work? READ MORE…

You could do that but you also have to consider the possibility of having to return the goods. Say they were damaged in transit, then Very would only cover the cost of return from the UK Mainland delivery address.

I’m not trying to discourage you, just making sure you’re aware of the risks entailed.

Linas – Hi, I wonder if you could tell me which retailer has in display the Swift Cube bedroom furniture in London, so I could view? READ MORE…

Hi Linas, the Swift Furniture Range is only available on-line and there are no showrooms, I am afraid.

Best wishes and thanks for getting in touch

ReplyHi, Where can I find internal layout/drawing with internal chamber dimensions for: and READ MORE…

Layout drawings and detailed dimensions are not available. Sorry

Gemma – Hello.. I bought 1 of your wardrobes last year (Taylor Part Assembled 3 door Mirrored wardrobe in grey.) It will be nearly 1 year now. I Bought it through very and cost myself 499.99 Approximately 2 weeks ago the front 2 wheels went into the wardrobe and now it’s tilted. It’s a lovely wardrobe and in perfect condition just the issue with the wheels. Not sure what happened but they’re not visible now. Very told me they email you last week and I’ve still not heard anything as of yet. They offered me compensation but I just want the wardrobe repaired or exchanged. READ MORE…

Hi Gemma, sorry to hear this. Regrettably, we don’t make the wardrobe and the only party with direct contact to the manufacturer are Very themselves. Since they have already offered you compensation I would suggest you ask them to replace the wardrobe at no cost to yourself or arrange for a repair.

Hope you get it sorted out and best wishes.

Alison – Please could you let us know whether the Sansa sofa bed is available with a left facing chaise or not – John Lewis were unable to tell me. READ MORE…

Good morning Alison and apologies that you had to contact us for a very simple answer which is that each end of the Sansa Sofa Bed is interchangeable – so the chaise-end can be left or right facing.

Not sure why John Lewis couldn’t answer that for you as it clearly says here… under the heading of ‘Product Information

‘The stylish Sansa sofabed offers functionality and flexibility. The two sections detach, allowing you to move the chaise section (with its hidden storage) from one side to the other…’

As you may be aware, The Sansa Sofa Bed was recommended in a Best Buy article on the Telegraph website, which is one of the top Google search results for ‘Best Sofa Bed‘ – so I would expect they have been asked this many times before?

Kind regards

Martin – We like the Rye range but cannot find a price for the stools others as part of package with sofas,etc. Please can you advise availability and price. We wish to order: 1 Two seater settee 4 lounge chairs 2 stools Please advise how this can be done. READ MORE…

Hi Martin, the Rye Outdoor Range is only available to buy from John Lewis. The items currently in stock, which include the lounging chairs and sofa, are listed here…

The stools are not normally sold separately though, only as part as a dining set, I am afraid.

Kind regards

Jessica – Hi, I am in love with your Samira range on Dunelm. The Sideboard, slim and large are now out of stock and have been for a while. Please tell me this is an item you are going to be making more of? Any idea when I will be able to purchase the slim line sideboard? READ MORE…

Hi Jessica, thanks for getting in touch. We don’t make the Samira Range so can’t say for sure when the sideboards will be restocked. It’s been a popular collection and does sell out often. Some key items in the bedroom range were out of stock for quite some time last year although they did reappear eventually.

There have been ongoing supply problems within the furniture industry generally that originated at the beginning of the Covid epidemic and we’re still awaiting a return to ‘normal’ conditions which are a way off being resolved, sorry to say.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help Jessica. Best wishes.

Katie – Hi, I was wondering if you were able to provide fabric samples for the button back beds? Velvet heather and velvet granite are the fabrics I’m interested in. I live too far from a John Lewis store to visit. READ MORE…

Good morning Katie, you don’t say which bed it is but on the John Lewis site you should see an option to order a free fabric sample. Admittedly, it’s not immediately obvious – see highlighted image below. Just go to the product page and look near the price, colour options and order now section:

Tick the box to order a free fabric sample

Hope this helps. Best wishes.

Gary – I am looking to purchase a number of Marlow wardrobes in Graphite, but I want to be able to see them first. JL’s website is showing that they are not in any store in the country, so how do I get to see the colour and the build quality before spending £000’s online? READ MORE…

Hi Gary and thanks for getting in touch. The Marlow Wardrobes are only available online I am afraid. They are supplied direct from the manufacturer, based in Germany, and assembled in-situ by their own team.

It is unfortunate that John Lewis do not display the wardrobes in store but, alas, they only have so much space available and currently give priority to other products.

As you will have seen on the John Lewis site, the range has very good reviews and John Lewis have been selling them for quite some time with no issues that we are aware of.

However, I do understand that you may not want to place an order without seeing what you are buying first – and you are certainly not the only person expressing this concern. It’s an issue with online retail generally that some people are comfortable with and some people are not.

I am sorry I can’t be of any help on this occasion and I sincerely hope you manage to find a suitable alternative.

Best wishes

Lisa – Hi there, I have just bought the tv stand in brown and wanting the 4 drawer set to go in the same room. However it states on the website that it is light brown. As I want them to match the tv cabinet is there a marked difference in colour. READ MORE…

Hi Lisa, without knowing which TV stand you’re referring to, I couldn’t say for sure. However, it’s rarely a good idea to mix and match different shades of wood finish.

Alan – Is the spindle desk anyday collection in stock and if so what colours? READ MORE…

Good morning Alan and thank you for getting in touch. I can confirm the ANYDAY Spindle Desk is currently not in stock.

Kind regards

Cyndy – We would like to purchase one of your extending dining table to seat 10 people in light oak. We are having a nightmare with John Lewis in getting one of your tables Lorn can we purchase from yourselves please. READ MORE…

Good afternoon Cyndy, the Lorn range is only available via John Lewis but, as you are aware, the table has been out of stock now for a considerable time. I would urge you to use the ‘email me when back in stock‘ option on the product page at

Kind regards

Lynette – Apologies, for the misspelling. Samira range. For bedroom, dining room and hallways. Soft white (and black I think). Has a Moroccan feel to the distressed carving detail. READ MORE…

Hi Lynette, thanks for the clarification. The Samira range has been very popular and does sell out often.

The good news is that this is a collection that does get re-stocked from time to time, all be it not as quickly as one would like. This isn’t a guarantee that the pieces you’re after will become available again but it is quite likely. The Samira bed frame, for instance, was out of stock for a long time last year but did reappear eventually.

Lynette – I have read your description of your services so this is not an expectation of action on your part! I am trying to find out who actually manufactures the Sumera range. I have waited three weeks for certain items to come back into stock at Dunhelm with no show. They even advertised chosen pieces in this range at a drop price all this time with no stock to take advantage of the saving. I have already purchased three things because I didn’t want to lose out on some cash saving but now the sale has finished and nobody there knows anything about when they will have stock. So half a bedroom suite and another four items I can’t even reserve, is stressful! Maybe you would know who else stocks this range? It is so unusual and attractive. READ MORE…

Hi Lynette, I’m not familiar with this range, maybe it’s a mis-spelling? However, you will find that Dunelm do this a lot and there isn’t much we can do to help. On the off chance we knew who made the furniture there would be zero chance of you dealing directly with them.

There are two possible outcomes here, either the range will be restocked or it was part of a limited production run and will be discontinued. If you want to clarify the product name for me I’ll be more than happy to reach out to Dunelm for you?

Sheila – Hi. I very much want to buy the Show-Wood Double bedframe from John Lewis but I’m struggling to see how it could be delivered round a tight corner in my flat. The description says assembled on delivery but just how disassembled can it be? READ MORE…

Hi Sheila, the bed comes in 3 packages and access dimensions are quoted as 283 cm diagonally. I appreciate this may be hard to visualize though.

The latest review on the John Lewis site states the Show Wood Bed was delivered and assembled in the customer’s loft conversion with no problems, which suggests access wasn’t an issue.

Furthermore, the worst case scenario is that the delivery fails due to access problems and you receive a full refund. We are not aware of any such incident ever occurring, btw.

Hope this helps?

Alan – Hi. We’d like to try both the Halo and the Cromwell. Size is not important for this, but eventually we are looking for a 3-seater. READ MORE…

Hi Alan,

Based on information currently available (Please contact John Lewis Customer Services to confirm before making a long journey – 03456 100 336)

The Cromwell Leather Chesterfield is currently on display at John Lewis stores in:
Brent Cross
Cribbs Causeway (Bristol)
High Wycombe
Milton Keynes

The Halo Earle Chesterfield is on display at:

Kind regards

Alan – We are looking to buy a Chesterfield but John Lewis do not have any on display for us to try. Is there anywhere we can go to try the product. READ MORE…

Hi Alan, if you care to be more specific I’ll be happy to help. For example, the ‘Halo Chesterfield’ is on display in a number of John Lewis stores but not every size. Or did you mean something else?

I’ll be here all day tomorrow.

See comment above ^^^

Marion – I would like to buy a Sidmouth small sideboard and dunelm’s out of stock.Is there anywhere else I could buy one as we already have some Sidmouth furniture and need to match it. READ MORE…

Hi Marion, regrettably, Dunelm tend not to maintain a core furniture line, preferring instead to keep introducing new ranges which often sell out, never to be seen again. The result, as you have found, is a lot of disappointed customers.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help but I do indeed sympathise.

Best wishes

Brian – Sofi sofa no longer available at John Lewis – where can I buy one???? READ MORE…

Hi Brian, the Sofi range is currently pretty much sold out atm, we don’t know when it will be restocked. Sorry!

Alison – Can you tell me if the 3 drawer Cary’s bedside cabinet in grey will be back in stock soon? READ MORE…

Hi Alison, based purely on past experience, probably not.

Phoebe – Hello I purchased the estate dining table and bench in august from John Lewis. Unfortunately the table is faulty and since then it hasn’t come back in stock to get a replacement. John Lewis have been extremely unhelpful and not able to provide accurate data regarding when the item is in stock or coming into stock. Please can you help me get a replacement table. I spent a lot of money to get this table and I would really like this to be resolved now after spending hours on the phone to customer service. READ MORE…

Hi Phoebe, sorry to hear about this issue. Unfortunately, the Estate range is manufactured in India and is only available via John Lewis. If John Lewis are unable to give you a date when the range will be restocked then the only course of action open to you is to request a refund which I’m sure they will be able to arrange for you.

Best wishes.

Cathie – I have a Frome armchair in Riley plain fabric teal, bought from John Lewis in August 2021. It is so comfortable, I want another to match but JL do not offer this fabric any more. Is it still available, maybe from another company or even by special request from JL. READ MORE…

Hi Cathie, John Lewis do sometimes offer the option of 7 day delivery on some chairs and furniture. These are pieces which have been ready made and are not the same as the made to order option where you have a wider choice of finishes. They will usually be covered with an alternative fabric colour to the rest of the range.

Alas, these options do sell out and are not always restocked. It is a shame because it does leave some people disappointed.

Sorry I couldn’t have been more help.

Neville – We have contacted JL, to see if they have a show room for Hemingway Dining Room furniture. They do not. Do you have a show room where we can view this range? READ MORE…

Hi Neville, the Hemingway Dining Range is available on-line only, I am afraid.

Best wishes

Pauline – Have been trying to get the bedroom Albany chest of drawers and bedside cabinet for ages from John Lewis. Been out of stock for ages. Had the range been discontinued? READ MORE…

Hi Pauline, alas products sourced from overseas continue to experience very long and unpredictable delays. We have seen some lines being discontinued and then suddenly re-stocked with no notice so it would be unwise to make any guess one way or the other, I regret to say.

Sorry I can’t be of more help, and I really do mean this.

Best wishes

Anthony – Afternoon looking at your clarkson sofa bed A 2-seater sofa with a pull-out double bed frame inside. W175 × D82× H65 cm £619 plus delivery. I know it says D82 cm but could you tell us what total depth will be when bed folded out Or a diagram to show please. READ MORE…

Hi Anthony, the bed section will extend to the length of a standard single/double which is 190cm, or 6′ 3″ in old money.

Best wishes

Charlotte – Hello, I would like to see the John Lewis Lozenge Grand 5 Seater RHF Chaise End Sofa, Metal Leg in a showroom. John Lewis advised this comes from a supplier so it’s not in any stores. Please could you advise where the supplier show room is? READ MORE…

Hi Charlotte, the Lozenge Sofas are manufactured in Poland and will be supplied direct to the end customer. It’s unlikely there will be a showroom as such.

John Lewis are a multi-channel retailers and, regrettably, have limited space to display all of the furniture ranges available within their stores.

Kind regards

Hannah – Hi the little professor armchairs are no longer available at John Lewis , we live in Hampshire and can visit your showroom – do you hold stock of the armchairs? READ MORE…

Hi Hannah, the ‘Email me when available‘ link on the product page at is the most efficient way of getting hold of this popular line which does, regrettably, sell out from time to time.

Kind regards

Pat – Can you please advise us as to the weight of Ready Assembled Cream Corner TV Unit & Alderley Large Ready Assembled Sideboard? READ MORE…

Hi Pat, for information about the Alderley range please contact the Supplier Helpline – 0208 517 4756

Kind regards

Loretta – I have ordered 3 of your wardrobes via amazon and 2 have arrived with all parts fine but 1 has arroved with an incorrect part we are happy with the item but need number 8 part resent out as the one we have is too small and with the holes drilled in the incorrect place. READ MORE…

Hi Loretta, we don’t sell a wardrobe on amazon so can’t really help. It is likley you bought via a thrid-party seller on the amazon platform and you should contact them directly if you are able. If not, amazon help centre is your next best option.

Kind regards and hope you get this resolved.

Gemma – Can you please advise where stock the full livingstone collection please? READ MORE…

Hi Gemma, only argos I’m afraid. Sorry!

Best wishes for the new year 🙂

Bernadette – I would like to see a 4-seater sofa and sit on it but cannot find it anywhere in the UK in a John Lewis branch. Is there another supplier who may have this item in stock to view? READ MORE…

Hi Bernadette, you don’t say which 4-seater sofa it is but if the name begins with John Lewis then the answer will very likely be no, I’m afraid.

Best wishes

David – Can you advice if the following item is available to buy anywhere. Tropez Console Table A slimline table ideal for a living room or hallway W110 × D53 × H75 cm £199 READ MORE…

Hi David, the Tropez range is currently all but sold out with only the nest of tables still available. It could be a while before the console tables are restocked and I can’t guarantee they will be, I am afraid.

Best wishes

Christopher – Please can I come and buy a dining table from you today??? Valemont – black Desperate for this for Christmas? READ MORE…

Hi Christopher, the Valemont Dining Table is only available to order online from Dunelm I am afraid. They do have the black table in stock for delivery on the 29th, if you order today.

Assuming you need a table more urgently than this, I can only suggest you try argos where you should be able to buy something suitable in store either today or tomorrow.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help and I hope you manage to get sorted. Best wishes.

Al – I’ve been looking on the very site for months now for the 6 drawer bedroom Vankaa chest of drawers and it is not showing on their website at all. They do have the 3 drawer chest, bedside cabinets and tall boy but no sign f the 6 drawer. Do you know if it will be available again or do you know if it’s available under a different name elsewhere. READ MORE…

Hi Al and thanks for getting in touch. I’m not aware of the Vanka range being sold elsewhere but can’t rule it out. I have checked the usual suspects (argos, dunelm, next, etc) to no avail.

However, in such cases you’ll find the product is supplied directly from the manufacturer and not held in stock by the retailer, so the availability of individual items is uniform throughout.

Although, in this case, the main product image does show a 6-drawer chest I don’t think this was ever available and it’s a situation that isn’t so unusual as you might think. Sometimes a range is conceived with an array of options that never make it into full production for one reason or another and I think this is maybe the case with the Vanka collection?

It is possible that the range could be extended in future but we don’t have any insight into such decisions and is not something that we can predict. Based on previous instances though, I would expect not.

Sorry I could not have been of more help and hope you find a suitable alternative. And, best wishes for the New Year!

Matt – I’m interested in getting the Haegan Storage Cabinet in Oak as we already have the matching sideboard. JL seems to be sold out, I did request to be emailed when back in stock, although it now seems they won’t be back in stock. Does this mean this item is now discontinued? Is this range the same as other retails sell under the names Milano or Finn? READ MORE…

Hi Matt, if there are ongoing supply problems then JL will often mark products as no longer available because they don’t have reliable information to advise otherwise. It isn’t unusual for these items to reappear at a later date without notice though.

My instinct with the Haegan range is that it will not be restocked since much of the collection has been depleted for a considerable time. It is worth checking the site now and again however, just in case.

With regards to the similar products you mention, I am not aware of these but it is highly unlikely they are the same product for the simple reason that if there was stock available John Lewis would have it.

I would also be careful trying to match existing furniture with what appears to be a near enough alternative since products with a natural woodgrain finish can look altogether different when placed next to each other. Even items from the same range can have significant differences in shade if there has been a long time gap between manufacture.

Sorry I can’t be of further help, this an issue with a lot of furniture range at the moment and we can only hope it gets better in the new year.

Shaun – Can the Carina 120 cm Round Dining Table be purchased WITHOUT the chairs? READ MORE…

Afraid not Shaun

Maggie – Hi, I am interested in buying the Grayson coffee table in light oak. I understand it is out of stock in John Lewis. Can you please tell me if and when it will be available. If it is not going to be available I can look for something else. If you have one in your premises I can come and pick it up as I live in Poole. READ MORE…

Hi Maggie, the Grayson range does sell out quite often and the best option is to use the ‘Email me when back in stock‘ option on the John Lewis site. When items are restocked they can sometimes sell out again just from these lists alone.

Hope this helps and best wishes.

Gill – Hello, I am looking to view the Charlotte sofa range but there are none available in John Lewis stores. Are you able to offer any suggestions…thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Gill, unfortunately John Lewis don’t have the space to display every item in stores and, as is the case with the Charlotte range, they are available online only.

There are a few sofas from the Charlotte range available for 7 day delivery – see here… The made to order sofas are currently on a 3 month timeline I am afraid.

Sorry I’m not able to be more help. Best wishes

John – I am considering buying a Halo leather sofa and two professor chairs. Have you a show room? READ MORE…

Hi John, the Halo sofas and chairs are on display in John Lewis stores.

Barbara – Who sells dining table and two chairs in Bromley Oak. I have the large side board and tv corner unit. If not in Bromley Oak what is is the nearest to it? Hope you can help, thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Barbara, the Bromley range is exclusive to Dunelm and the Oak variation has been very popular, hence the lack of stock.

We will reach out to Dunelm to see if they know when the table and chairs will be back in stock.

UPDATE [22/11/22]: Dunelm say the oak table and chair set is now discontinued.

Barbara – Thank for your answer. What is the nearest wood to the colour of bromley oak? Thank you

Hi Barbara, that’s a difficult one to answer since there are so many options available which are all described as oak but will vary quite a lot in shade. Even items from the same ranges don’t always match parfectly.

What I would suggest is taking your time to look for alternatives you can see up close rather than images on the internet to ensure you get something with a finish you’ll be happy with.

Best wishes

Nigel – I am interested in the Montreal 2 door wardrobe oak, but would like to know if it assembled by the delivery team. I have asked John Lewis customer services who say it is self assembly, but on your website you state it will be professionally assembled in the room of your choice. Can I ask which is correct. READ MORE…

Hi Nigel and thanks for getting in touch. Originally, the Montreal Range was fully-assembled with the exception of the wardrobes which were delivered partly-assembled with final assembly carried out by the delivery team.

It now looks like John Lewis have changed this to self-assembly with a link for assembly instructions added. The range has been out of stock for sometime and has only recently come back into stock, hence the oversight on our part for which I apologise.

You can see on the product page at that there are 3 old reviews which confirm the wardrobe was indeed assembled by the delivery company. Admittedly, these are from 2015/18 though.

Sorry for the confusion and best wishes

Sue – Can you please provide details of what is required to assemble Harvard TV stand. Also, are doors already assembled to the unit when delivered?. I will appreciate detailed information. READ MORE…

Hi Sue, the Harvard Units come part-assembled, with doors already in place, so you just need to attach the legs and door handles, which are packed separately to avoid the risk of damage in transit. The 3 internal shelves will also need fixing in place, which is very simple to do as they rest upon small brackets supplied which simply push into the sides .

That’s it. 🙂 The delivery guys will also take away the packaging, if required.

Graham – How should you clean the ceramic top of a Mira Dining table, the information sheet that came with the table has excellent instructions on the care of the wood but no mention of the ceramic surface. READ MORE…

Hi Graham, the ceramic surface is very durable and requires no special treatment, you can clean as you would with any other hard surface – with a damp cloth and a little detergent, for example.

Kind regards

Marie-Anne – I am interested in purchasing the Marlow wardrobes off white from John Lewis . I have contacted customer services and they do not seem to have any examples to look at. Would you know where I can look at them before I buy . I am in Winchester but can go to London if necessary. READ MORE…

Hi Marie-Anne, the Marlow Wardrobes are on display is selected stores. You can check which store by checking the link on the product page at below the Add to Your Basket button as highlighted below:

Check in store

If you let me know exactly which wardrobe you are interested in I will see if I can find a store with it on display for you?

Salvinder – Gallery Direct Denton Sideboard – W120 × D40 × H79 cm – The photos do not show the inside of the cabinet. How many shelves does it have? READ MORE…

Good morning Salvinder – the Denton Sideboard has a pair of internal shelves (one each side) which are height adjustable (3 positions).

Thank you for getting in touch.

Carol – I would very much like to re-cover my existing Parker Knoll three piece suite with the Angus Kashmar Chenille Red material that is on the Dunelm Snuggle sofa. Do you sell this material or could you let me know the manufacturer or where I can buy it please? READ MORE…

Hi Carol, you can buy the fabric from, (link)
Kashmar SKU: E1860-vintage
Thanks for getting in touch and best wishes.

Dee – Hi could you please tell me if I can buy matching bedside drawers for the Padma 5 Drawer Tallboy Chest? I see a different one but I want the same look and handles as the tall boy and 6 drawer set. I do hope you can help as I have been looking everywhere for a set like this? READ MORE…

Hi Dee, there isn’t at present a matching bedside option and there are currently supply problems with the Padma range because it is made in India, so it is unlikely the range will be expanded in the near future. If there is sufficient demand I’m sure John Lewis will be looking to add this option but it would likely be well into the new year if or when they do this.

Sorry I can’t offer a more specific response. Best wishes anyway.

Salvinder – Re: HOLBROOK 2 DOOR CABINET MINT 1200X400X790MM – The photos do not show the inside of the cabinet. How many shelves does it have? READ MORE…

Sorry Salvinder, we don’t have anything by that name, can you check and clarify?


Deirdre – Hi I live in Northern Ireland. I want to purchase a Rabat 2door sideboard. I cannot find anyone to deliver to NI. Do you have any stockists in either NI or RoI? READ MORE…

Hi Deirdre, please contact: [email protected] who will be able to arrange delivery from UK mainland. There will be a cost involved though.

Best wishes

Sara – Hi, I would really like the deco TV unit and sideboard. Could you tell me please if you think it will come back into stock or be discontinued? READ MORE…

I’m afraid it looks like this range has been dropped by Dunelm, Sara.

Geraldine – Hi, I am trying to find out the width of the cushion you sit on in the Groucho armchair. I have contacted John Lewis but all they can tell me is the overall width. It would be wonderful if someone could answer what I thought was a simple question? READ MORE…

Hi Geraldine, the cushion width is 65 cm at its widest point (front) and 55 cm in the middle.

The Groucho range is currently on display at John Lewis stores in Cambridge and Cardiff

Best wishes.

Shirley – Hi, I contacted you previously about the Padma Tallboy which I purchased from John Lewis in July but which was then out of stock and never delivered although I have four other items in the range. You informed me that it was still being made and would come eventually. It still hasn’t and JL are now cancelling my order and making a refund. Will I be able to get one elsewhere? I need this as it’s the only size that will fit the room and complete the set. Thanks very much. READ MORE…

Hi Shirley, we explained before that global distribution problems were the cause of many delays with a lot of furniture ranges, not just Padma – which is made in India. I suspect that John Lewis have cancelled the order because they still have no certainty as to when the new stock will arrive. You will not be able to buy the units elsewhere because the range is exclusive to John Lewis.

I appreciate the frustration but there isn’t anything we can do to expedite this for you. Best wishes.

Steve – Hi I wondered if you could help me. On the John Lewis site in the Portsman bathroom Furniture range I believe they sold a light grey floor standing open shelf unit with wicker type pull out baskets, I can no longer find it but think it was in the Portsman range as we have the wall vanity cupboard and wanted to match it up. I would be grateful if you could advise if we could still obtain the item and look forward to hearing back from you. READ MORE…

Hi Steve and thanks for getting in touch. The units as you describe have not been part of the Portsman Range but there are so many similar styles of bathroom furniture available these days that it is understandable you may have thought otherwise.

Next, for example, have a range by the name of Malvern which is the same style and does have some options with baskets. There will be other better examples, of course, but this is the one that first sprang to mind.

Sorry I couldn’t have been more help and best wishes.

Sue – Can you please confirm overall height for the Dante sofa & lounge chairs – as 90 cm seems very low. Thank you. READ MORE…

The height of the Dante sofa is 80 cm and the armchairs are indeed 90cm. The Dante range is currently out of stock though, save the Dining Armchairs.

Kind regards

Wendy – Hi Could you tell me if the seat cushions on the Paulo sofa are foam or fibre? READ MORE…

Hi Wendy, thanks for getting in touch. The cushions are foam filled.

Kind regards

Paul – is it possible to purchase the Lola glass dining table on its own and if so how much would it be? READ MORE…

Hi Paul, the Lola range is fairly new with stock expected in early December. At present only the dining sets and coffee table are available to pre-order but the table may well be available on its own at this time, depending on stock availability.

Please check the site around the 2nd week in December.

Loraine – Hi I have ordered the lorn table and bench and understand it is a good idea to oil it when it arrives? Can you please recommend a particular oil? READ MORE…

Hi Loraine, a quality clear Danish Oil is recommended for use on interior oak furniture. It will help prevent against stains and protect the wood from drying out, as well as enhancing the finish. A light application at monthly to 6 weeks intervals is ideal.

The best brands are Barrettine, Colron & Rustins

Natalia – Hi I have had an email stating I have a cancelled order but I have not ordered anything from yourselves. READ MORE…

Hi Natalia and thanks for getting in touch. We don’t send out such emails so you can safely disregard this. Sorry you have been inconvenienced in this manner.

Roma – Interested in purchasing ceramic topped table from john Lewis. Can you clarify colours of table top. Is it cream cream/beige or grey tones? Is it possible to get a swatch sample of the ceramic top? READ MORE…

Hi Roma, I assume you are referring to the Ebbe Gehl Mira Range? The colour is predominantly grey. The tables are currently on display at John Lewis stores in Cardiff, High Wycombe, Newcastle & The Trafford Centre, Manchester.

Jo – Where can I view the Swoon Rubik sofa? READ MORE…

Hi Jo, the Rubik sofa range is only available online and isn’t available to view in stores. Thanks for getting in touch and best wishes.

Angelo – Good afternoon Please can you tell me if you offer the Hairpin Tall Bookcase in light oak as I would like to match my office desk from the same range I just bought in the same colour (Light Oak) Thanks. READ MORE…

Hi Angelo, afraid not. The Hairpin range was originally available in light and dark but John Lewis are currently only stocking the desk in both options. The bookcase is currently only available with the dark oak finish.

I appreciate the frustration but due to supply issues JL are now prioritizing stock levels in at least one colour rather than having some of one finish and some of the other. This has been a major issue over the past couple of years and is unlikely to be fully resolved until next year.

Best wishes

Halo – Hello there, we have the reflex dining set via John Lewis and are hoping that there is a matching sideboard available? READ MORE…

Hi! There isn’t a matching sideboard Halo but it’s a nice idea.

Thanks for getting in touch 🙂

Peter – John Lewis are out of stock for the Walnut Carved Bedside & Drawer Chest – can I source this from you, or others directly? READ MORE…

Afraid not Peter, the Carved range is exclusive to John Lewis and is, frustratingly, often sold out. The Email me when available option on the John Lewis product page is your best hope since you’ll get to know as soon as the pieces you want are back in stock.

Best wishes