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For any other enquiries we are always happy to help and will endeavour to reply within 24 hours. Your query will be answered below, please do not include your email address or telephone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Out of Stock Items / Where else can I buy this?

Furniture featured on this site is often exclusively available from one retailer only who will be listed on the product page. Unfortunately, some popular items do sell out fairly quickly and this means the items will be listed as ‘out of stock’.

The item will not be available to buy anywhere else at this time.

Of late, due to Covid restrictions and global supply delays, many items have been listed as out of stock for long periods. This can be frustrating but it is an industry wide problem and we hope things will return to normal over the coming few months.

Discontinued Items

Almost all furniture ranges will come to end at some point and this does leave some people disappointed. Alas, this does often happen at short notice and is something out of our control. Again, ‘discontinued’ means exactly this and such items will not be available elsewhere.

Where can I buy garden furniture covers?

Protecting your furniture from the elements is a wise precaution but ready-made covers are not always readily available. Here are a few tips on where to look…

Some premium garden furniture ranges have bespoke covers available to purchase separately so, in the first instance, check with the retailer where you bought your furniture to see if they have covers available.

Generic covers to fit a wide range of garden furniture sets are available from the following retailers:
You can also buy custom-made furniture covers from the following businesses:

Why is all the garden furniture sold out?

For the past couple of years there has been unprecedented demand for garden furniture and, consequently, many popular ranges have sold out very quickly. Global supply and distribution problems, due to the COVID pandemic, have made this problem particularly acute and, regrettably, it will be some time before things return to normal.

More details here:

Recent Comments

Maggie – Hi, I am interested in buying the Grayson coffee table in light oak. I understand it is out of stock in John Lewis. Can you please tell me if and when it will be available. If it is not going to be available I can look for something else. If you have one in your premises I can come and pick it up as I live in Poole. READ MORE…

Hi Maggie, the Grayson range does sell out quite often and the best option is to use the ‘Email me when back in stock‘ option on the John Lewis site. When items are restocked they can sometimes sell out again just from these lists alone.

Hope this helps and best wishes.


Gill – Hello, I am looking to view the Charlotte sofa range but there are none available in John Lewis stores. Are you able to offer any suggestions…thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Gill, unfortunately John Lewis don’t have the space to display every item in stores and, as is the case with the Charlotte range, they are available online only.

There are a few sofas from the Charlotte range available for 7 day delivery – see here… The made to order sofas are currently on a 3 month timeline I am afraid.

Sorry I’m not able to be more help. Best wishes


John – I am considering buying a Halo leather sofa and two professor chairs. Have you a show room? READ MORE…

Hi John, the Halo sofas and chairs are on display in John Lewis stores.


Barbara – Who sells dining table and two chairs in Bromley Oak. I have the large side board and tv corner unit. If not in Bromley Oak what is is the nearest to it? Hope you can help, thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Barbara, the Bromley range is exclusive to Dunelm and the Oak variation has been very popular, hence the lack of stock.

We will reach out to Dunelm to see if they know when the table and chairs will be back in stock.

UPDATE [22/11/22]: Dunelm say the oak table and chair set is now discontinued.


Barbara – Thank for your answer. What is the nearest wood to the colour of bromley oak? Thank you

Hi Barbara, that’s a difficult one to answer since there are so many options available which are all described as oak but will vary quite a lot in shade. Even items from the same ranges don’t always match parfectly.

What I would suggest is taking your time to look for alternatives you can see up close rather than images on the internet to ensure you get something with a finish you’ll be happy with.

Best wishes


Nigel – I am interested in the Montreal 2 door wardrobe oak, but would like to know if it assembled by the delivery team. I have asked John Lewis customer services who say it is self assembly, but on your website you state it will be professionally assembled in the room of your choice. Can I ask which is correct. READ MORE…

Hi Nigel and thanks for getting in touch. Originally, the Montreal Range was fully-assembled with the exception of the wardrobes which were delivered partly-assembled with final assembly carried out by the delivery team.

It now looks like John Lewis have changed this to self-assembly with a link for assembly instructions added. The range has been out of stock for sometime and has only recently come back into stock, hence the oversight on our part for which I apologise.

You can see on the product page at that there are 3 old reviews which confirm the wardrobe was indeed assembled by the delivery company. Admittedly, these are from 2015/18 though.

Sorry for the confusion and best wishes


Sue – Can you please provide details of what is required to assemble Harvard TV stand. Also, are doors already assembled to the unit when delivered?. I will appreciate detailed information. READ MORE…

Hi Sue, the Harvard Units come part-assembled, with doors already in place, so you just need to attach the legs and door handles, which are packed separately to avoid the risk of damage in transit. The 3 internal shelves will also need fixing in place, which is very simple to do as they rest upon small brackets supplied which simply push into the sides .

That’s it. 🙂 The delivery guys will also take away the packaging, if required.


Graham – How should you clean the ceramic top of a Mira Dining table, the information sheet that came with the table has excellent instructions on the care of the wood but no mention of the ceramic surface. READ MORE…

Hi Graham, the ceramic surface is very durable and requires no special treatment, you can clean as you would with any other hard surface – with a damp cloth and a little detergent, for example.

Kind regards


Marie-Anne – I am interested in purchasing the Marlow wardrobes off white from John Lewis . I have contacted customer services and they do not seem to have any examples to look at. Would you know where I can look at them before I buy . I am in Winchester but can go to London if necessary. READ MORE…

Hi Marie-Anne, the Marlow Wardrobes are on display is selected stores. You can check which store by checking the link on the product page at below the Add to Your Basket button as highlighted below:

Check in store

If you let me know exactly which wardrobe you are interested in I will see if I can find a store with it on display for you?


Salvinder – Gallery Direct Denton Sideboard – W120 × D40 × H79 cm – The photos do not show the inside of the cabinet. How many shelves does it have? READ MORE…

Good morning Salvinder – the Denton Sideboard has a pair of internal shelves (one each side) which are height adjustable (3 positions).

Thank you for getting in touch.


Carol – I would very much like to re-cover my existing Parker Knoll three piece suite with the Angus Kashmar Chenille Red material that is on the Dunelm Snuggle sofa. Do you sell this material or could you let me know the manufacturer or where I can buy it please? READ MORE…

Hi Carol, you can buy the fabric from, (link)
Kashmar SKU: E1860-vintage
Thanks for getting in touch and best wishes.


Dee – Hi could you please tell me if I can buy matching bedside drawers for the Padma 5 Drawer Tallboy Chest? I see a different one but I want the same look and handles as the tall boy and 6 drawer set. I do hope you can help as I have been looking everywhere for a set like this? READ MORE…

Hi Dee, there isn’t at present a matching bedside option and there are currently supply problems with the Padma range because it is made in India, so it is unlikely the range will be expanded in the near future. If there is sufficient demand I’m sure John Lewis will be looking to add this option but it would likely be well into the new year if or when they do this.

Sorry I can’t offer a more specific response. Best wishes anyway.

Salvinder – Re: HOLBROOK 2 DOOR CABINET MINT 1200X400X790MM – The photos do not show the inside of the cabinet. How many shelves does it have? READ MORE…

Sorry Salvinder, we don’t have anything by that name, can you check and clarify?



Deirdre – Hi I live in Northern Ireland. I want to purchase a Rabat 2door sideboard. I cannot find anyone to deliver to NI. Do you have any stockists in either NI or RoI? READ MORE…

Hi Deirdre, please contact: [email protected] who will be able to arrange delivery from UK mainland. There will be a cost involved though.

Best wishes


Sara – Hi, I would really like the deco TV unit and sideboard. Could you tell me please if you think it will come back into stock or be discontinued? READ MORE…

I’m afraid it looks like this range has been dropped by Dunelm, Sara.


Geraldine – Hi, I am trying to find out the width of the cushion you sit on in the Groucho armchair. I have contacted John Lewis but all they can tell me is the overall width. It would be wonderful if someone could answer what I thought was a simple question? READ MORE…

Hi Geraldine, the cushion width is 65 cm at its widest point (front) and 55 cm in the middle.

The Groucho range is currently on display at John Lewis stores in Cambridge and Cardiff

Best wishes.


Shirley – Hi, I contacted you previously about the Padma Tallboy which I purchased from John Lewis in July but which was then out of stock and never delivered although I have four other items in the range. You informed me that it was still being made and would come eventually. It still hasn’t and JL are now cancelling my order and making a refund. Will I be able to get one elsewhere? I need this as it’s the only size that will fit the room and complete the set. Thanks very much. READ MORE…

Hi Shirley, we explained before that global distribution problems were the cause of many delays with a lot of furniture ranges, not just Padma – which is made in India. I suspect that John Lewis have cancelled the order because they still have no certainty as to when the new stock will arrive. You will not be able to buy the units elsewhere because the range is exclusive to John Lewis.

I appreciate the frustration but there isn’t anything we can do to expedite this for you. Best wishes.

Steve – Hi I wondered if you could help me. On the John Lewis site in the Portsman bathroom Furniture range I believe they sold a light grey floor standing open shelf unit with wicker type pull out baskets, I can no longer find it but think it was in the Portsman range as we have the wall vanity cupboard and wanted to match it up. I would be grateful if you could advise if we could still obtain the item and look forward to hearing back from you. READ MORE…

Hi Steve and thanks for getting in touch. The units as you describe have not been part of the Portsman Range but there are so many similar styles of bathroom furniture available these days that it is understandable you may have thought otherwise.

Next, for example, have a range by the name of Malvern which is the same style and does have some options with baskets. There will be other better examples, of course, but this is the one that first sprang to mind.

Sorry I couldn’t have been more help and best wishes.


Sue – Can you please confirm overall height for the Dante sofa & lounge chairs – as 90 cm seems very low. Thank you. READ MORE…

The height of the Dante sofa is 80 cm and the armchairs are indeed 90cm. The Dante range is currently out of stock though, save the Dining Armchairs.

Kind regards


Wendy – Hi Could you tell me if the seat cushions on the Paulo sofa are foam or fibre? READ MORE…

Hi Wendy, thanks for getting in touch. The cushions are foam filled.

Kind regards


Paul – is it possible to purchase the Lola glass dining table on its own and if so how much would it be? READ MORE…

Hi Paul, the Lola range is fairly new with stock expected in early December. At present only the dining sets and coffee table are available to pre-order but the table may well be available on its own at this time, depending on stock availability.

Please check the site around the 2nd week in December.


Loraine – Hi I have ordered the lorn table and bench and understand it is a good idea to oil it when it arrives? Can you please recommend a particular oil? READ MORE…

Hi Loraine, a quality clear Danish Oil is recommended for use on interior oak furniture. It will help prevent against stains and protect the wood from drying out, as well as enhancing the finish. A light application at monthly to 6 weeks intervals is ideal.

The best brands are Barrettine, Colron & Rustins

Natalia – Hi I have had an email stating I have a cancelled order but I have not ordered anything from yourselves. READ MORE…

Hi Natalia and thanks for getting in touch. We don’t send out such emails so you can safely disregard this. Sorry you have been inconvenienced in this manner.

Roma – Interested in purchasing ceramic topped table from john Lewis. Can you clarify colours of table top. Is it cream cream/beige or grey tones? Is it possible to get a swatch sample of the ceramic top? READ MORE…

Hi Roma, I assume you are referring to the Ebbe Gehl Mira Range? The colour is predominantly grey. The tables are currently on display at John Lewis stores in Cardiff, High Wycombe, Newcastle & The Trafford Centre, Manchester.

Jo – Where can I view the Swoon Rubik sofa? READ MORE…

Hi Jo, the Rubik sofa range is only available online and isn’t available to view in stores. Thanks for getting in touch and best wishes.

Angelo – Good afternoon Please can you tell me if you offer the Hairpin Tall Bookcase in light oak as I would like to match my office desk from the same range I just bought in the same colour (Light Oak) Thanks. READ MORE…

Hi Angelo, afraid not. The Hairpin range was originally available in light and dark but John Lewis are currently only stocking the desk in both options. The bookcase is currently only available with the dark oak finish.

I appreciate the frustration but due to supply issues JL are now prioritizing stock levels in at least one colour rather than having some of one finish and some of the other. This has been a major issue over the past couple of years and is unlikely to be fully resolved until next year.

Best wishes

Kerry – I am just about ready to order my marlow wardrobes from John lewis. 300cm wide x 220cm high 6 doors. No mirrors or drawers. My builder is taking space from am adjoining bedroom. He is taking 310 x 230. Will this be OK for them to be assembled and pushed into place. Or what would you suggest as minimum space? Labour to move the stud wall is very expensive so just want to get it right. Many thanks. READ MORE…

Hi Kerry, you don’t say what the existing room space is so I can’t give you a definitative answer. However, there needs to be sufficient floor space for the units to lie flat during assembly as well as working space for two people. If you explain this to your builder he should be able to advise further.

I would caution against ordering the wardrobes until you are confident the installation team will have sufficient access.

Best wishes.


Halo – Hello there, we have the reflex dining set via John Lewis and are hoping that there is a matching sideboard available? READ MORE…

Hi! There isn’t a matching sideboard Halo but it’s a nice idea.

Thanks for getting in touch 🙂


Peter – John Lewis are out of stock for the Walnut Carved Bedside & Drawer Chest – can I source this from you, or others directly? READ MORE…

Afraid not Peter, the Carved range is exclusive to John Lewis and is, frustratingly, often sold out. The Email me when available option on the John Lewis product page is your best hope since you’ll get to know as soon as the pieces you want are back in stock.

Best wishes


Danielle – Hi, can you please tell me the weight of the Versailles double wardrobe, bedside tables and 5 drawers please? I will have to have it shipped from UK to Isle of Man, so I need to know the weight to pay for Shipping from the mainland? Many thanks. READ MORE…

Hi Danielle, thanks for getting in touch. I’m afraid we only have the information given to us by Very which does not include the package weight.

I would bear in mind though that the Versailles units do come ready-assembled and require a two-man delivery team. For shipping to the IoM, this could prove to be economically nonviable.

Sorry I could not be of more help and hope Very will be able to give you the information you need.

Freephone 0800 11 00 00 – Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm, Saturday 9am – 4pm


Breege – Hi I have been trying to get the 8 seater from John Lewis for over a year now and the table has not come into stock. Please can you advise on where I can obtain the table or if you supply it to any other stores. Thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Breege, we don’t supply any tables to any stores. You don’t say which table it is but if John Lewis do not have it in stock then it will not be available anywhere else. You will find that there is a dire shortage of stock for most popular products at the moment and it could be some time before this is resolved.

Sorry I could not of been more help.


Loraine – Good afternoon We are looking to purchase the Lorn extending table and bench. Can you give me any indication as to when this might be available from John Lewis? Also could I ask do they both come oiled? I look forward to hearing from you. READ MORE…

Hi Loraine, unfortunately, John Lewis do not tell us in advance when products will be back in stock. You can, howewer, go to the product page here and add your email address where it says ‘Email me when back in stock’ and they will let you know as soon as the table becomes available to order.

Regarding the oiled finish, yes the Lorn tables & benches do come pre-oiled but we recommend you treat the surfaces again with a good quality non-coloured furniture oil since the factory-applied finish can dry-out considerably during shipping.

Kind regards


Sandra – Could you tell me if the Leighton sofa is real leather on the recliner foot rest, thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Sandra, short answer, no. The arm, seat and back cushions are upholstered with real leather but you should assume that any other parts will be covered with matching faux leather.

Thanks for getting and touch and best wishes

Sue – I want to donate a new bed for a child with no bed. It actually has a 2nd pull our bed underneath so two children will have a lovely cosy, new bed. I cannot find anyone to speak to and we are moving soon so the opportunity will be missed. Can you help? Please get back to me. Thank you. Sue READ MORE…

Hi Sue. The charity that runs the Every Head Should Have a Bed campaign get their beds at subsidised cost directly from retailers and don’t, as far as we know, accept donations from the public.

There are, however, organisations that will accept furniture donations. For example:

The Furniture Donation Network

Alternatively, you could sell the bed locally and donate the funds directly…

Best wishes and thank you for your kind gesture.

Viv – I am trying to buy the white Lynton double wardrobe with drawer. Where can I buy it from? READ MORE…

Hi Viv, The Lynton Range is available to order online from Dunelm (it isn’t available in stores). The grey and white options are currently out of stock. It is a popular bedroom furniture collection and does sell out quite often.

Steph – Hi, regarding the Florence Habitat soft tan leather sofas… your description on here is exactly the same as Argos apart from there description says 100% FULL aniline leather , but here it says 100% SEMI aniline leather. Which is correct? I only need to know as the leather is cared for differently. I look forward to a reply as I have just purchased these. Many Thanks, Steph READ MORE…

Hi Steph and thanks for getting in touch. We used the description given by Argos for the Florence Sofa Range at the time – which now appears to have been updated? Sorry for the confusion.

Liz – I have two chevron garden chairs on order from John Lewis They said when I placed my order a couple of weeks ago they would be coming in They can’t now help me Can you supply me with the matching low coffee table I’m looking for? READ MORE…

Hi Liz, the Chevron range is unlikely to be restocked now until early Spring next year. The collection is still on display in many John Lewis stores though so they may be able to help if you are unable to wait so long.

Sorry I could not of been more help and best wishes.

Ann – The Salisbury 2 seater sofa is shown on your website at £660, but the link to Argos is £700. READ MORE…

Thanks for letting us know Ann, the page has now been updated.

Kind regards

Gail – can someone tell me what size parasol fits the Alora 4 seater table or is it just a standard size? READ MORE…

Hi Gail, yes the tables take a standard size parasol which are typically 38 – 40 mm in diameter.

Sandra – I have just bought 2 Dante 3 seater conservatory sofas from John Lewis and I am trying to locate a Dante oblong coffee table in grey to match. Would you please be able to help me with this by locating me one or letting me know of any other stockists. Many thanks! READ MORE…

Hi Sandra, I am afraid your options are to wait until the Dante coffee table is back in stock at John Lewis (which is likely to be next year) or to find a suitable alternative that will compliment the sofas.

As you can see from previous comments this is an ongoing issue and all I can do is sympathise.

Best wishes

Jane – Hi Have been trying to get 4 chairs an table garden set for sometime. Can not find Rye furniture anywhere all sold out. Do you know anywhere I can buy the set from please Kind regards. READ MORE…

Hi Jane, I appreciate the frustration but outdoor furniture ranges such as the Rye collection do sell out often and if there was a ready supply elsewhere we would be extremely happy to be promoting it – sadly this is not the case.

Best wishes.

Rahul – Could I have the vida designs furniture contact number please? READ MORE…

0161 495 475

The company is called Vida Living Ltd

Maria – Hi, we have recently purchased a number of items from very – 2 Bookcases, Large TV Unit & Large sideboard. There was a further item we required to complete the set – tall drawer unit. However, it would appear that Very are no longer selling this range. Is there an alternative retailer please? READ MORE…

Hi Maria, you don’t say what the range was but, generally, Very tend to refresh their ranges quite often and they do also discontinue some popular lines much earlier than we would like. They also refresh some ranges with an updated design which is quite a bit different to the original. Much of their furniture is exclusive to very group and is not usually available elsewhere, the only exception being branded items such as Julian Bowen and such.

Sorry I could not of been more help. Best wishes.

Marlene – Want to order some Dante dining and lounging chairs plus a 4 seater round or 6 seater rectangle dante table. however John Lewis state the tables are both out of stock. I do not want to order the chairs if the table can no longer be purchased, can you please advise if these tables will be available in John Lewis or anywhere else in the very near future. Or if they will definitely be sold by J Lewis next year. Thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Marlene, the Dante outdoor collection has been a best seller for the past few years so it would be reasonable to expect the range to be restocked next year. I don’t know for certain though so it would be a risk.

I should also point out that there can be quite noticeable colour differences when furniture of this kind is manufactured at different times so there is also a possibility that you don’t get a perfect match.

I would wait until you are able to buy all the items together or look for an alternative option. This said, at this time of year, you may encounter the same issue again.

Best wishes whatever you decide to do.

Darren – Hello, we are looking to purchase the Duhrer extending table and bench from John Lewis, however the local shop today stated they no longer stock the bench. We were wondering if you could advise who manufactures the range or a stockist who we could contact on the off chance they have one available. Many thanks READ MORE…

Hi Darren, the Duhrer range is made overseas but is based upon an original design by John Weaver Ltd. I guess it may be worth contacting them about this?

John Weaver Ltd
Scott Workshops
N° 4–5 Avis Way, Newhaven
East Sussex BN9 0DH

m: 07909 521193

Yvonne – Hi Does anyone else other than John Lewis stock Basket Rope Garden Lounging Armchair (Natural) W79 × D74 × H69cm £600 for 2? We ordered and paid for the set but only the sofa arrived and the armchairs are out of stock – very disappointed to have a random sofa but they won’t accept it as a return. Any thoughts? Thanks READ MORE…

Hi Yvonne, if your original order was not fulfilled then you are entitled to a refund. Either JL have arranged for the chairs to be delivered at a later date or there has been some kind of misunderstanding? This is an issue for John Lewis I’m afraid.

Danielle – Hello, I was wondering if you are planning on stocking the bobbin double bed in an cream/white colour? READ MORE…

Hi Danielle, the Bobbin bed frame is sold by John Lewis and, currently the range is only available in light or dark grey. It’s unlikely that other colours will become available although, I do concede, a cream/white option would be nice.

Sorry I couldn’t of been more help, and best wishes.

Christine – Hello I have purchased an Alora garden table from John Lewis – but the chairs have now gone out of stock. John Lewis aren’t being very forthcoming about when they will come back in and I wondered if you knew? Sorry for reaching out but without the chairs the table isn’t much use. Thanks in advance for your help. READ MORE…

Hi Christine, as you’ll probably already gather, the alora range has been incredibly popular and does often sell out. Given the time of year and ongoing supply problems it is unlikely the range will be restocked in the next few weeks. I would, however, urge you to use the ‘Email me when available’ option on the John Lewis product page since this is the speediest and most reliable way you’ll get to find out when the chairs are back in stock.

I appreciate the frustration and we would like nothing better than for John Lewis to have an endless supply of every popular item but, alas, this is not always possible.

Sorry I couldn’t of been more help and best wishes.

Shabnam – Hello I have ordered the black xavi dining table, it shows £229 but when I paid for it from Dunelm I paid £329. Can you kindly ask Dunelm to credit the £100 as the price is incorrectly advertised and misleading. READ MORE…

Hi Shabnam, retailers do change their prices from time to time and do not give us advance notice when this is going to happen. Ultimately, you will have been presented with the correct price on the Dunelm site at the time of ordering so were not deceived in any way. You are, however, entitled to cancel your order and request a refund.

I apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for taking the time to get in touch.

Anne – Can you tell me when the Montreal bedside cabinet will be available. Thanks READ MORE….

Hi Anne, afraid not – it’s so frustrating. I would advise you to take advantage of the ’email me when back in stock’ option since this is the quickest way you’ll find out. As the range has been out of stock for so long it could well be that any items that come back in stock sell out again very quickly so I wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Have a nice weekend!

Chris – I was looking to purchase the Salsa multicolour garden chair and table set. Is there anywhere else I can purchase it from besides John Lewis. As it’s out of stock. READ MORE….

No Chris, out of stock items are not available for purchase anywhere else I am afraid. You may be able to find a similar design elsewhere though, the Salsa range has been very popular and has been copied quite extensively.

Sue – I want to buy the Abacus small desk. I want to use it for a sewing machine that weighs 13 Kg. Is this desk strong enough to hold this? READ MORE…

Hi Sue, yes, the abacus range is extremely sturdy and the desk will easily be strong enough. There a couple of reviews on the product page which mention using a sewing machine, as follows:

Needed a work surface for my sewing machine ideally to blend with other oak study furniture and this fitted into space nicely. Appears good quality. Exceptionally well packaged. Easy to assemble. Simple and practical!

‘I bought this desk for my sewing machine along with the three drawer chest and it is a perfect size. It’s the best packed flat pack item I’ve ever had! Each piece was wrapped in tissue and pieces of hardboard were all around the edges of the main packing box, very easy to put together.’

The Abacus range is incredibly popular and regularly sells out with lots of positive reviews.

Hope this helps.

Shirley – I’ve got a Padma Tallboy in brown/brass on order from John Lewis, already paid for. First it said on the website delivery was two weeks, then one week, now it’s 8 weeks. I have bought several other pieces and need this to complete the set. Am I ever going to get it? Please tell me this is delayed not discontinued! READ MORE…

Hi Shirley, the Padma range is not being discontinued. However, because the furniture is made in India, shipments are very unpredictable at the moment due to global distribution issues. I appreciate the frustration but this is an industry wide problem that will take a while to resolve.

Best wishes

Maureen – I wish to purchase Miami garden chairs. Can you have them delivered to n.Ireland? READ MORE….

Hi Maureen, John Lewis are not able to deliver large furniture items to Northern Ireland at the moment. For further details please contact them directly.

H – Looking to purchase some Rye outdoor dining chairs. Where can I get these from? READ MORE…

The Rye Garden Furniture range is available from John Lewis & Partners.

Anne – I have purchased the white and oak Bow desk. Can you please tell me where I can purchase the chair and shelves in the picture you advertise the desk with. Many thanks I contacted John Lewis and they directed me to you. READ MORE…

Hi Anne, the chair and shelves are from the same range but have been discontinued, I’m sorry to say. Hope you are enjoying the desk!

Gillian – I have been saving for the 2 seater black bakerfield chesterfield leather sofa and you have increased the price 899 to over 1300 nearly 500 hundred pounds and yet in google states old price when you click on the price is much more please advise? READ MORE…

Hi Gillian, the prices of the Bakerfield leather sofas have indeed just been increased to reflect the increased costs of storage and distribution. The retailer, very, decide the retail price, not us and do not give advanced warnings.

I appreciate this is quite a shock particularly as you have been waiting to purchase at the lower price but is inevitable since the price has been held for quite some time. I would suggest that, if possible, you wait a while since there are currently no promotions on this range though, at some time in the future, there likely will be.

Best wishes

Cautheen – Good Morning I have the Dante range of garden furniture, purchased through John Lewis. I would like to purchase replacement seat pad and cushions for my two seater sofa. I have been in touch with John Lewis who have been extremely unhelpful. They have advised me to contact you. READ MORE…

Hi Cautheen. The Dante furniture pieces are imported from overseas in complete sets and replacement seat pads and cushions are not available to buy separately I’m afraid. I appreciate this isn’t the answer you were hoping for but I hope, at least, you will appreciate the honesty?

We get a lot of similar requests and, in an ideal world, there would be a ready supply of spare parts and accessories available for every range advertised but, alas, this is beyond our control.

Best wishes.

Gail – Recently purchased the Alora rattan range. Instructions say not to use plastic to cover as it may affect the aluminium. What do you recommend? READ MORE…

Hi Gail, ideally covers should be breathable so you don’t get a build-up of condensation which, in extreme cases, can result in the aluminium frame becoming oxidised and discoloured.

For short periods though, a plastic cover is fine for protecting your furniture from rainfall whilst exposed to the elements. For long term storage though I would suggest a canvas style fabric such as AeroCover (, for example.

Most outdoor furniture cover specialists offer a breathable option in a variety of generic sizes. Failing this, covers with air vents are also readily available.

Wendy – Can you please let me know the cost of the Saigon 2 seater Bistro Set? READ MORE…

Hi Wendy, the Saigon range is currently out of stock I’m afraid. The last RRP was £529. It is unlikely to be restocked this year though.

Ruth – Dante 2 Seater Garden Sofa, Natural. I ordered this prepaid with 2 chairs which have been delivered and in use. Just after getting rid of the predecessor furniture, I was informed by John Lewis of a problem with supply and the suggestion of a refund. Would you be able to supply this item? The chairs are in natural with cream cushions and the settee will need to match as a set. READ MORE…

Hi Ruth, I would suggest you accept the offer of a refund without further delay. Otherwise, it is likely you may have to wait until next year before the Dante range is restocked and you also run the risk that the finish will not be an exact match.

Best wishes

Kelsey – Our 8 piece Hawaii dining table has smashed this morning for no reason whatsoever, who can I speak to regarding this please? READ MORE…

Hi Kelsey, the Hawaii outdoor range is sold by You can contact them by phone: 0800 11 0000

Or write to:
Very Customer Excellence
Sandringham House
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Julie – I purchased a few pieces from Aruba range from Very in June and July. I would like to buy 2 side tables to go with my Aruba furniture. Very is only selling the Aruba wooden top side table at £54.99. I would like to get the old version Aruba side table, glass top which was selling for £69.99 last season at Very. Could you please tell me if you will be selling the glass top side table again. READ MORE…

Hi Julie, some items from the Aruba range have sold out at present and we don’t know if they will be restocked in time for the Summer. The glass topped tables have not been discontinued though so will be back eventually. Sorry I could not of been more help.

Barbara – Could you tell me how high in cm the back of the settee on the corner unit is please? READ MORE…

Hi Barbara – can you let us know which sofa you’re looking at please?

Gary – Where can i buy a chevron outdoor coffee table. It does not appear to a product that john lewis sell Please reply to xxxx READ MORE…

Hi Gary, the Chevron outdoor range is exclusive to John Lewis and the item you are looking for is currently out of stock. Thanks for taking the time to contact us.

Elaine – Hi I wonder if you could tell me who supplies the Swift Cube bedroom furniture in Glasgow So I can view it in person? READ MORE…

Hi Elaine, the Swift furniture range is only available to buy online I am afraid.

Michael – Have seen the Jewel marble top pedestal table in John Lewis, are you able to supply with chrome base instead of gold? Look forward to hearing from you. We live in Lymington so could collect. READ MORE…

Hi Michael, I’m afraid the the Jewel Table is only available with the Gold base and is currently out of stock online. The table is made in India, by the way, so it would be a long journey.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Best wishes

Lynn – I was wanting to order the Taylor range bedroom furniture in graphite from Very but it says my address is not suitable. Why do you not deliver to Northern Ireland? READ MORE…

Hi Lynn, the Taylor furniture is delivered direct from the supplier (which isn’t us) and because the items are ready-assembled this requires a dedicated two-man delivery team. It is, therefore, currently not economically viable to deliver such items to Northern Ireland. Admittedly, this is not particularly well explained at the point of sale and I apologise for the fact you have had to contact us about this.

Gill – I would like to buy a Cove Steamer chair for a 60th birthday present for a friend, who has her birthday on 12th July. It is unfortunately out of stock at John Lewis. As I would like it quite urgently, would it be possible to buy it direct or could you advise where else I can purchase this chair from? READ MORE…

Hi Gill, the Cove range is exclusive to John Lewis & Partners so, regrettably, there isn’t another way of buying the Steamer Chair and it is unlikely to be restocked in time for your friend’s birthday.

Sorry I was not able to help but I do admire your efforts to buy your friend such a thoughtful and original gift. I sincerely hope you are able to find a suitable alternative. Best wishes.

Debbie – We have some Burford garden furniture and have been waiting to purchase a pair of Burford Garden Woven Lounging Chairs, £520 for the pair, what is the availability on this product? READ MORE…

Hi Debbie, the Burford Dining Chairs are currently out of stock and we have no information as to when they will be. If you complete the section that says ‘Email me when back in stock’ John Lewis will let you know as soon as they become available.

Some popular items do sell out again as soon as stock is replenished because there are so many people already on the list. I would, therefore, urge you to do this as soon as as possible so you don’t miss out.

Lauren – Hi there, I am interested in purchasing the rimni corner dining set and can see that you’ve said the dimensions are 150x190cm. However, on the very website it says that the 2 seater is 150 by itself and the 3seater is 190 – I’m just checking that the dimensions of the entire sofa don’t add up to more than that when put together (e.g. the side with the two seater is 216 when you add the overlap with the three seater) not sure if that makes sense! The space on my patio is 200cm x 180cm so need to be sure before I order that it will fit as most other sets I’ve found don’t! READ MORE…

Hi Lauren, the dimensions given are the same as were originally advised as ‘overall’ but Very have since updated as you state. However, the set also includes a corner section, with no dimensions actually given, which will increase the width again by at least half the depth of each sofa. So, regrettably, with no margin of error, it’s not going to be suitable for the space you have available.

Sorry for the confusion. The onsite details will be updated with the correct information.

Clare – Please could you advise where I can buy the Dante outdoor furniture? READ MORE…

Hi Clare, you can buy the Dante furniture range from John Lewis & Partners

Laura – I’m trying to order the Poise 2 Seater Bench from John Lewis to match our recently purchased Poise Dining Table. John Lewis have said the bench has been discontinued and they have no more stock available. We desperately want the bench to match the table. Can you help please? READ MORE…

The Poise range is now discontinued and there are only a few chairs available I am afraid to say Laura. I hope you are able to find a suitable alternative. Best wishes.

Angela – I’ve recently bought two rye wicker garden chairs and I wish to buy the footstools I’m finding it difficult to locate where I can buy one; John Lewis no longer sell them? Thankyou. READ MORE…

Hi Angela, the Rye Garden Furniture range is exclusive to John Lewis & Partners so you can not buy anywhere else I am afraid. I expect the range will be restocked at some point but it is unlikely to be in the very near future. The Rye collection is incredibly popular and items do sell out from time to time.

Corinne – Good afternoon and hope you can help resolve this out-of-stock problem that we are experiencing. We ordered and paid for a grey Miami Effect Ceramic table (6 seater) from John Lewis on 9th April 2022. We have since also ordered the reclining chairs. The delivery date is being continually moved back as they are out of stock. We fell in love with the set when seeing it on show in the branch. Is there any way possible that we can purchase the samples that they have on the shop floor? We have asked them this but they say whilst they are getting updated delivery dates they cant sell us these samples. I would really appreciate it if you have any ideas or solutions as to how we can receive this gorgeous garden furniture. READ MORE…

Hi Corinne and thanks for getting in touch. Firstly, I have edited your comments slightly since you believe we supply the Miami Outdoor Range, we don’t and it does state this at the very top of this page. However, I do understand your frustration.

The tables are actually manufactured in China and you may not be aware that Covid is still very much a problem there, many large cities have been in severe lockdown until very recently, and this has had an adverse effect on supply chains worldwide. In such unprecedented circumstances it has become almost impossible to predict when some products will be restocked and I’m sure John Lewis have done their best to explain this to you.

I sincerely hope that your order is not delayed much further and that you are able to enjoy the summer months with your new furniture but, sadly, I am not able to do anything to expedite the situation for you.

On a positive note, John Lewis do not usually accept orders for products unless they are fairly certain that they will be able to complete within a reasonable time scale, so it is likely that you will not have to wait too long.

Best wishes.

Angelo – Good Morning, Please can you help me with this enquiry. I purchased from John Lewis the Hairpin Light Oak office desk and now want to finish the room with the Hairpin Light Oak Tall Bookcase. I have gone to purchase it from John Lewis and now they’re saying it’s discontinued and only have the Dark Oak which will not go. So I was wondering if you could assist me and tell me where I can purchase one from? Your help with this would be very much appreciated. READ MORE…

Good morning Angelo, since the Hairpin desk and bookcase is exclusive to John Lewis & Partners there is nowhere else you can buy the light oak bookcase. Alas, some popular items do sell out from time to time and in the current climate it is not always possible to have a constant supply. We do not know if John Lewis will be restocking this bookcase but it is possible since other items in the range are still available.

Sorry I could not have been more help and best wishes.

Bela – We bought one of your double chevron garden seat / pod via John Lewis – however, the front leg broke off completely and as we had a bulky council collection the next morning I asked my assistant to add the item to this as it was large and broken. When she spoke to John Lewis before the council pick up the following morning, they didn’t advise for us to keep the item so they could investigate further, so it was collected and even though we have insurance, JL will not replace the item free of charge. John Lewis advised us we would need to buy a brand new one (which is fine) however, the only issue is we have all the cushions so would just like to buy the frame. I know you don’t sell to the public but is there anyway we could try and buy the frame from another retailer or any other solution you might be able to advise please? Many thanks in advance for your help! READ MORE…

Hi Bela, how unfortunate? Sadly, we do not make the Chevron furniture range so are not able to assist. Whilst your request is entirely sensible it would be likely that the cost would actually be greater since the manufacturer would not be geared up to deliver one-off items. Distribution and delivery of large furniture items is a complex and expensive process and is not easily bypassed. I appreciate the frustration though. Best wishes.

Catrina – Hi I have recently bought some Etienne furniture and I am looking to buy more. A couple of wardrobes, another set of drawers. John Lewis no longer sell. Wondered if you could help? READ MORE…

Hi Catrina, the Etienne range has become a victim of global supply chain problems to such an extent that John Lewis have now introduced an alternative range called Louis which is very similar. More details here…

Alas, there are subtle differences in the design and the natural wood finish will not be an exact match to pieces you’ve already purchased.

Neil – Hi, having purchased an Albany three drawer bedside table with oak top from John Lewis I have been trying for some considerable time to purchase another but without success as the item seems to be continually out of stock. Could you please advise if any more of these will be made available again to purchase in the near future? READ MORE..

Hi Neil, yes the Albany range is still current and will be re-stocked in the near future. If you complete the ‘Email me when back in stock’ section on the product page they will notify you as soon as the bedside table becomes available. If you don’t do this then the likelihood is that may sell out again before you get the chance to buy normally.

Appreciate the frustration and thanks for your patience. Kind regards

Kevin – Hi I would like to purchase a pair of Burford Garden Woven Lounging Chairs FSC-Certified (Acacia Wood), Natural I can only find them online at John Lewis but out of stock. Can you tell me please if I can source them from somewhere else? READ MORE…

Hi Kevin, the Burford Garden Range is exclusive to John Lewis & Partners and most pieces do sell out from time. You will find this is the case with most popular ranges and I appreciate the frustration.

Denise – Hi, Purchased a very large amount of your Abacus home office furniture to find I’m one cd/dvd unit short , it is not available now online at John Lewis, is it just out of stock for now or permanently stopped being stocked? Desperate !the other half will go nuts when he sees what I’ve spent and it’s not going to look finished! Praying and thank you! READ MORE…

Hi Denise, the Abacus range is very popular and consequently some pieces do sell out quite often. Rather than praying, you should add your email address on the product page at and they’ll email you as soon as the piece you’re after arrives back in stock. It’s not unusual that there are so many people already on the list that items go out of stock again the same day so this really is your best option.

Kind regards 🙂

Victoria – Hi, I would like to purchase the Estate 8-12 seater Extending Dining Table, but it is no longer available through John Lewis. How can I purchase this please? READ MORE…

Good morning Victoria, the Estate Dining Range is exclusive to John Lewis so you can only purchase through them. As you are aware, the extending dining tables are currently out of stock and we do not know when this will be rectified.

I appreciate the frustration and I am sorry I could not be of more help.

Alan – Good afternoon, I have a few queries regarding the Molina range of sofa’s. Thanking you for your kind assistance. READ MORE…

What can we do for you Alan?

Helen – Please could you tell me where I can buy the 3 seater Hoxton sofa. READ MORE…

Hi Helen, the Hoxton range has been out of stock for some time now and is unlikely to be restocked in the near future. Sorry I could not of been more help.

Helen – I would like to purchase one of your garden sofas(3 seater) to add to my existing set I bought from John Lewis a couple of years ago. They don’t sell this any more. Please can you advise me where I can purchase this. READ MORE…

With so little information I can’t answer with any certainty other than to say that most John Lewis garden furniture ranges are exclusive to them and if it is no longer available on site then it is has either been discontinued or they do not expect any stock for the foreseeable future.

Sarah – I am interested in buying the Grayson storage unit in oak (W 86.4 on John Lewis website), but it is out of stock at John Lewis. I need it within the next 4-6 weeks – do you know whether I can source it elsewhere? Or when, whether and where it might be available? READ MORE..

Hi Sarah, it is unlikely the unit will be stocked within this timescale. As a general rule of thumb, John Lewis will allow you to pre-order products when they are certain of getting stock within a few weeks. If stock was readily available from elsewhere then they would have it.

On the product page at you will see the message ‘Email me when back in stock’. This is absolutely the fastest way you will get hold of the unit. There is such a demand for some products that they sell out as soon as they are back in stock and if you are not on the list to be notified then you may well miss out.

Humphrey – I am considering buying the Marlow 300cm hinged door wardrobe. The space available has a protrusion which would require a cut out to one of the sections . I would be grateful if you could tell me the dimension of the thickness of the wardrobe top which from pictures appears to be double thickness. I am trying to ascertain the height of the underneath of the wardrobe top to the floor, and am assuming the top is flat with an overall height of 220cms. READ MORE…

Hi Humphrey, I am sorry but we do not have the dimensions of individual sections. To answer your question I would need to extrapolate the dimensions from a photograph and this would have such a wide margin of error that it would not be useful to you.

The Marlow wardrobes are supplied to John Lewis by a German company and the information you require is just not publicly available. Alas, this a limitation with such products being only available online and I appreciate the obvious frustration this may cause when what appears to be a very simple question can not be answered properly.

I can confirm, however, that the top is indeed flat and the overall height is 220 cm.

Sue – Hi, I bought a Rye 3 seater sofa, two chairs and coffee table last year from John Lewis. I have decided that I would like a rise and fall table as it is more versatile for outdoor dining. Do you have anything in your range that would suit and if so where could I buy it from please? READ MORE…

Hi Sue, there is a height-adjustable table available as part of the the Rye 7-Seater Dining Set but, alas, this isn’t available to buy separately at the moment.

Elsewhere, I think you are going to face the same problem with the added complication that you won’t find a perfect match to your existing set. The Valencia range, for example, does have a rising table but I don’t think the finish would be suitable? Details here…

You will not find many rising tables being sold individually, I could find just one on amazon and, again, it isn’t a good match. Details here…

Sorry I couldn’t have been more help. There is a dire shortage of garden furniture at the moment and I appreciate the frustration.

Best wishes

Lisa – Looking for this item, where can we buy from thanks Oasis 4 Seater Garden Lounging Table and Chairs Set. READ MORE…

The Oasis range is currently out of stock Lisa. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Nick – Good morning we purchased a tetbury storage bench off you recently and unfortunately one of the leather handles has pulled away from the storage wicker. Is it possible to get it fixed / replaced please? READ MORE…

Hi Nick, the Tetbury benches are sold by Amazon and if the purchase was recent then you are entitled to request a return/refund from them. Hope this helps?

Amazon returns

Lizzie – For several weeks now I have been patiently waiting to order a the Duhrer 4-6 Extending Dining Table. Unfortunately John Lewis are not able to tell me when this table will be back in stock. I am prepared to wait but I would like to check with you that you are still making this table? READ MORE…

Hi, we don’t make the Duhrer Tables but can assure you the range has not been discontinued. If you add your email address at the John Lewis product page where it says ‘Email me when back in stock‘ you will be notified as soon as soon as the table becomes available.

Best wishes

Natalie – I was wandering is there a smaller two seater in the labyrinth range or can it be ordered to size at all. READ MORE…

Hi Natalie – afraid not. The Labrinth sofas have quite a bulky form that wouldn’t suit the 2-seater being any smaller. A cuddle-chair would, maybe, be a good compromise but, alas, this option isn’t available either.

Sorry I couldn’t have been more helpful and best wishes.

Justina – Good afternoon, I am looking for Etienne 2 drawer bed side table. They discontinued at John Lewis so I am not longer to buy if from JL but I have one that broke so I need a replacement to keep it as a set. Would it be a way to order from the supplier? READ MORE…

Hi Justina, the Etienne range has been out of stock for some time now and we’re not sure whether it will be restocked or not. The sleigh bed has recently been re-listed, for example, and the on-site messages are not always 100% reliable.

Now here’s the interesting thing, the same bedside table has been restocked as part of the Louis Bedroom Range and is available to order here…

I should warn you though that the natural oak finish is not the same and will not match your existing pieces. However, since so much time has passed, it would be near impossible to guarantee that any finish would still match exactly so this is a problem you are going to face no matter what.

I appreciate this isn’t the answer you wanted and you may be better getting in touch with John Lewis directly about this?

Best wishes

Elizabeth – Many thanks for your suggestions on the wax finish for the Hemingway Round Lamp Table – that’s very helpful. Just to let you know that JL seem to think that we haven’t received our table as yet. They sent us an email stating that our order was in progress. Hope this is helpful and many thanks again. We love the Hemingway range and are so pleased with the items we have. READ MORE…

Hi Lizzie, thanks for getting back in touch. The lamp table has now sold out again so it’s unlikely they will be able to send another anyway. 🙂 Glad to hear how pleased you are.

Best wishes

Lisa – Hello, I absolutely love the mix it panelled wardrobes and I’ve been waiting for nearly 7 months for John Lewis to get them in stock, do you know how I get hold of them please? READ MORE…

Hi Lisa, the Mix It Panelled Wardrobes are exclusive to John Lewis & Partners and the best way to get hold of them is to go to the relevant page at and enter your email address where it says ’email me when back in stock’. This may seem like a flippant response but I don’t want you to miss out and this really is your best option.

I don’t know what the situation is currently with the Mix It range but I do know that some other ranges have sold out again as soon as they come back into stock from the email list alone.

Best wishes

Elizabeth – Many thanks for your advice on contacting JL regarding the Hemingway round table lamp. We ordered as soon as an email came through saying this item was back in stock! We have several items in the Hemingway range and we are so pleased with them. The finish on this table seems a little different to the others that we have – should we use a light wax to give the table a more polished finish please? READ MORE…

Hi Elizabeth, pleased to hear from you! Regrettably, wood furniture which is made at different times is always going to have a slightly different finish. You can use a wax polish if you feel this help and, over time, the finish will enhance and the colour change may be not so noticeable.

When using a wax polish always make sure the surface is dust free since even very tiny specks of dust can act as abrasive and cause very fine scratches. And also always use a soft clean, lint-free natural cotton cloth.

Best wishes and thanks again for getting in touch.

Mike – I am interested in the Tropez coffee table in black, but when I click on the link to John Lewis it only shows the steel finish stocked. Can you let me know where I could purchase a black version? READ MORE…

Good morning Mike, the black tropez tables are currently out of stock I am afraid. The link did actually go to the polished steel version and this has now been amended. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Out of stock items

Georgia – Hi, Is the Siena Maintenance-Free Rattan 7 Seater Garden Corner Lounge Set with Cushions and Dining Table going to come back into stock? If it is how much does it cost? Thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Georgia, we don’t expect the 7-seater set to be restocked. Sorry.

Flora – Where can I find a retailer on Bow upholstered grey fabric headboard bed frame because john Lewis does not allow order. Please advise ASAP. Thanks. READ MORE…

Barry – Do the pavilion power electric reclining sofa come apart so you can bring in the house through my front door? READ MORE…

Hi Barry, no the sofas arrive in one piece so you need to ensure there is sufficient access space.

Rachel – Hello. Am looking for JL Hemingway small bookcase and square lamp table. Neither have been in stock for about 18 months and are not on the website. Do you know who the manufacturer is so I can contact then direct? Thank you. READ MORE…

Suzannah – I would like to purchase 2 Burford Garden lounging chairs (only really need one but seems they only come as a pair). John Lewis have the sofa and small side table in stock but I want a chair to match and they have none available – can you confirm if these will be coming back into stock. Many thanks. READ MORE…

Good afternoon Suzannah. The chairs are expected back in stock within the next few weeks. Unfortunately, they are only available in pairs though.

Best wishes 🙂

Mary – Does the Caprera 4 seater come in two parts or a large sofa? READ MORE…

Hi Mary, this sofa does come in two parts.

Lizzie – Could you please tell me when the Hemingway Round Lamp Table will be back in stock. We enquired in December and you replied that you thought it would be back in stock in January this year but we still haven’t seen it? READ MORE…

Hi Lizzie, yes we did think that the range would be restocked by now but there is still no sign of any progress on this front. You can submit your email address on the product page here and John Lewis will let you know when the table is back in stock. I would strongly advise you do this because it is almost certain that the range will sell out in no time at all and I don’t want you to miss out.

Kind regards

Donna – On searching the internet I found a ready assembled parquet unit 2 door oak. I can’t find this on the link to your page. Do you have anything to this description please? READ MORE…

Hi Donna, the nearest to your description would be the Haegan Storage Cabinet

Eric – I was referring to the dark and light grey – do you know if a 4 drawer chest of drawers is available? I can see 2 drawer 3 drawer and 5 drawer in grey and grey but no 4 drawer – and it’s the 4 drawer we have and would love another. READ MORE…

I would advise that you purchase one of the options that is currently in stock because this is the end of the line and it is unlikely that a 4 drawer unit will become available.

Eric – We purchased a package from Very including a wardrobe a 2 drawer bedside unit and a 4 drawer chest of drawers. We love the 4 drawer chest of drawers and would love to buy another but can’t find it with any alderley supplier – please help? READ MORE..

Hi Eric, it is often the case that these packages are put together with end of line stock and individual pieces won’t be available to buy after this point. As you are aware there are other drawer chests in the Alderley range still available although I am guessing you are referring to the previous cream/oak option which has now been completely discontinued?

Sorry I couldn’t have been more help.

Christina – Hi is the Lucia left hand corner chaise 133cm with the chaise end as well? READ MORE…

Hi Christina, thanks for getting in touch. The dimensions for the chaise sofa were incorrect.

The width of the Lucia chaise-end sofa is the same as the standard 3 seater (205 cm) and the depth is 133 cm including the chaise and 91 cm without.

Sorry for the inconvenience and hope this helps?

Julia – I am looking for samples of the hand tipped pewter and hand tipped graphite and the taupe leather, we went into John Lewis in MK yesterday and they were abs dreadful, I cannot understand why they gave us two conflicting information about what leathers this chair came in, we love this chair and we went all the way over to MK only to received awful service, where else can I purchase this chair from. In this day and age I cannot understand why it is so difficult to purchase an item of furniture. READ MORE…

Hi Julia, firstly I have edited your message slightly because you have included personal details but I understand it is the Halo Little Professor Range that you are referring to.

The colour ranges you are interested in are currently not available and, at present, the armchair is only available in Biker Tan, Antique Whisky, Hand Tipped Chocolate and Riders Nut. You are able to select a free fabric sample direct from the landing page at here…

I think the confusion may arise from the fact that there are two different landing pages on the John Lewis site for this product and this maybe why you were given conflicting information since in-store staff often refer to the site for product details?

The wider choice of options has not been available for some time now due to global distribution issues that are still a long way from being entirely resolved. I can not, therefore, give you any firm idea as to when these options will be available.

I am sorry you had such a poor experience on this occasion and appreciate the frustration.

Ann – Is John Lewis the only company to supply the Alora 4 seat modular garden set? READ MORE…


Sue – Hi I am trying to source a new supplier for the Etienne range of bedroom furniture as John Lewis are no longer stocking this. Can you help? Many thanks Sue. READ MORE…

Hi Sue. The Etienne range is exclusive to John Lewis and is not being discontinued. There have been ongoing supply issues and we can not say at this time when these will be resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hazel – We’ve just bought a duhrer table and are very pleased with it. Do you have any advice about looking after it? READ MORE…

Hi Hazel, the Duhrer tables don’t require any special care other than a regular clean and occasional polish (regular aerosol-type polish is fine).

As with all natural wood finishes it’s always advisable to avoid contact with direct sunlight as this can lead to shading problems over time. Also avoid placing items on the surface for long periods such as plant pots as this can also result in staining and, in extreme cases, delamination of the veneer finish.

The Duhrer range has been incredibly popular and the only complaints we ever receive are that the most popular pieces are often sold out.

Alison – Good afternoon. Are you the stockist for Very? I am really interested when the Aruba 6 seater rattan corner dining set will be back in stock again. If you are the stockist due you supply anywhere else in the UK? Littlewoods are also out of stock. READ MORE…

Hi Aliso, the Aruba range is only stocked by Very Group which includes Littlewoods. Some of the range is still in stock, the pieces that are currently sold out will be restocked within the next few weeks. Alas, this is all we know and apologise if this isn’t the exact answer you were hoping for.

Alison – Hi Can you please Email me the FULL specification and dimensions for the glide corner desk so I can see the distance from the room corner – the listed dimensions do not help! READ MORE…

Hi Alison, I am sorry but we don’t have an exact specification for the desk other than those that are already published. We can, however, give you an approximate extrapolation:

Width (overall): 153cm
Depth (overall): 88cm
Front and back edge: 80cm
Angled sides (each): 56cm
Height (overall): 74cm
Height (space underneath the desktop to the floor): 61cm

The Glide desk is currently on display at John Lewis stores in: Bluewater, Cardiff, Cribbs Causeway, High Wycombe, Liverpool, Trafford & Welwyn

Charlie – Please can you provide an update on the St Ives furniture range with John Lewis. I have been tracking this over over 7 months and previous correspondence from your suggested this might be back in supply around Easter time 2022. Please can you advise? READ MORE…

Good Morning Charlie, individual pieces from the St Ives range are already back in stock and the complete sets will be available soon. I can’t guarantee these will be ready for Easter time exactly but will be around this time. We do expect that, as usual, the range will sell out quickly though and this is beyond our control unfortunately.

Dilys – I want to buy the Padma Parquet king-size bed. Are JL only stockist? READ MORE…

Hi Dilys, the Padma range is exclusive to John Lewis & Partners. This is usually mentioned on the product page but was omitted in this case. I have now updated the page and apologise for this.

The range will be restocked in due course and I thank you for your patience. The wait will be worth it, I can assure you.

Best wishes

Jocelyn – I purchased lamp table in oak, a small area has bubbled & peeled off. Can I get this repaired, I bought from very, the area is approx size of a five pence piece. READ MORE…

Hi Jocelyn, you don’t say if this is accidental damage or a fault with the table? If the table is faulty then you should file a return with very who will arrange a refund or replacement.

Alternatively, if the table has been damaged by accident, you can arrange a repair form a ‘hard surface’ repair specialist

Gina – I know you don’t sell them to the public. Just wondering if there would be chance to buy the Calia desk (dark oak colour) near the future. We found it at John Lewis but the colour we want is out of stock… We really love the desk. Could you please let us know if there’s any chance to get it again? We’re really looking forward to your reply. Sincerely Gina. READ MORE…

Hi Gina, you can only buy the Calia Desk from John Lewis & Partners. The Calia range is incredibly popular and most items do sell out quite often. Much as we would like John Lewis to always have warehouses packed to the rafters with these popular items the unfortunate fact is that they choose not to and, as a consequence, we receive daily requests such as yours which we can simply not satisfy.

The desk you want will be back in stock in soon and we thank you for your patience. The frustration is appreciated but we are certain it will be soon forgotten once you are in possession of the desk which really is a great piece of furniture.

Shirley – I have seen the Hanover sideboard which I would like to purchase but how do I know what colour to order? Is there anyway I can get a wood sample ? Very and Littlewoods have no idea. READ MORE…

Hi Shirley, the Hanover range is sold online only and there are no wood samples available I am afraid. Buying furniture online without seeing it first hand is something some people are comfortable with and not others. All I can say is that if you are not happy with a purchase you are free to return it within 7 days for any reason and at no cost to yourself. I appreciate this isn’t a perfect solution for bulky furniture items but it does at least offer a bit of assurance should the finish not be as you expected.

Claire – Do you know when the Dante Deluxe Outdoor Dining Chairs and the Dante Modular Corner Sofa will be coming available at John Lewis, please? Thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Claire, no is the short answer but some pieces in the Dante range have begun to come through over the past week or so it shouldn’t be too long now. Thanks for your patience and best wishes.

Lindsay – Will you be supplying John Lewis this year with the Ala Mesh 4 or 6 seater table & chairs for the garden I have looked on their site many times over the past month or so as I wish to purchase this item Any help where to enquire would assist me greatly. READ MORE…

Hi Lindsay, we don’t supply the Ala Mesh range to John Lewis so, technically, the answer is no. 🙂 However, we are hoping that the range will be restocked soon but, unfortunately, there are supply problems with all garden furniture at present so it is difficult to predict what will be available and when. Most of the other popular garden furniture collections at John Lewis are becoming available just now though so, hopefully, the Ala pieces you want will show up soon?

Sorry I could not have been of more help but I think you can gather that we are just as frustrated as you are at the moment and appreciate how you feel.

Best wishes.

Warren – Do you include wall fixings / brackets to secure your freestanding wardrobes, so don’t risk falling over? Thanks. READ MORE…

Hi Warren, fixing brackets are not normally supplied unless specified otherwise. Brackets are readily available to order from amazon though, for example:

Clare – I recently purchased the Madison cuddle chair from, which I actually love!! It’s made me now want the 3 seater sofa to match. Unfortunately it’s not listed on the very website. Is there another way to purchase? Is there another stockist I could try? Or maybe but direct? Thank you very much for your help. READ MORE…

Hi Clare, the Madison range is currently being discontinued I am afraid, and only the only option still in stock is the cuddle chair.

Very do sometimes re-stock popular sofa ranges at a later date but, to be totally honest with you, there is no knowing when or why such decisions are made internally and they certainly never respond to any requests for such details.

So, as far as we are aware, the sofa you want will not be available and I am sorry I can not not give you a definitive answer on this.

Warren – If I were to buy a wardrobe through John Lewis does this include delivery and assembly of the wardrobe at no extra cost? Thanks. READ MORE…

Hi Warren. All orders over the value of £50 at John Lewis come with free delivery. Some ranges are self-assembly, others come already assembled and some, such as the Marlow and Elstra Range are assembled on in situ with all packaging taken away afterwards at no extra cost.

It will say on the product page at what the assembly options are but if you need any further specific information please let us know.

Pauline – We are interested in buying two Cromwell sofas, however we ordered fabric samples in Mystic Ocean and Mystic Steel a week or so ago and now neither fabrics appear to exist. Please advise. Thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Pauline, as you have found, these options are no longer available and, although I appreciate the inconvenience, this does happen from time to time. I hope you are able to find suitable alternatives.

Bob – I am desperate to get one or two burford garden woven dining chairs acacia wood. I bought them from John Lewis and they said further stock would be available in February. 2022. Any idea where we can get these items? READ MORE…

Hi Bob, the Burford Garden Furniture Range will be back in stock in the next few weeks. I appreciate the frustration. Best wishes.

Sue – Thank you for telling me what the feet on Marlow Garden Furniture are covered with. Have had furniture in summer in garden about 6 weeks & the covering on feet is peeling. How can I rectify this please? READ MORE…

Hi Sue, unfortunately, if the covering is already coming away from the surface than a repair may not be possible and you may need to replace the feet. Unless the surface is relatively undamaged, then you may be able to repair with a strong adhesive.

To prevent the problem re-occurring you could elevate the feet slightly with rubber or plastic pads to ensure they are never in direct contact with a wet surface (search amazon for ‘furniture risers‘). The coating can also be further protected by applying two or three coats of clear exterior varnish.

John – We wish to purchase the bed below from John Lewis. However we have not had a date when they will be available. It would be helpful as we do not want to source and purchase another bed. John Lewis & Partners Montreal Storage Bed, Double, Oak £999.00 READ MORE..

Hi John, the Montreal range is manufactured overseas and is subject to severe delays due to the global distribution problems which are a result of the Covid pandemic. I am not able to give any specific timeline at the moment since previous estimates have proven to be optimistic at best.

I do appreciate that you may not want to wait indefinitely but I would rather be honest with you and suggest that if you need the furniture within the next few weeks the you would be advised to look for alternatives.

Sorry I could not be of more help. Best wishes.

Sue – Hi Can you tell me on Marlow Garden Armchairs & Sofa are the feet covered in Plastic or are they painted please. READ MORE…

Hi Sue, the feet are wooden with a woodgrain effect finish which is a synthetic, weatherproof material.

Maureen – Hi, I have previously purchased an Alderley bedroom package from Very, and now wish to buy the 2 door wardrobe to match. Although still in their product description , Very are saying it’s not available in cream/rustic oak . Is there any way I can obtain this item ,either from yourselves or another company ? Thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Maureen. The Alderley range has been updated a couple of times and, alas, the cream/oak option was discontinued some time ago. Sorry I am not able to help further other than to say you are certainly not the only person to ask the very same question.

Best wishes and I hope you find a suitable alternative.

Regis – Bonjour je recherche une adresse pour commander je suis en France cordialement régis hannon. Table de salle à manger pliante papillon et quatre chaises En ce qui concerne les idées d’économie d’espace, cette conception escamotable prend du temps. READ MORE…

Salut Regis, la table à manger pliante Butterfly et les quatre chaises sont vendues par John Lewis & Partners et ne livrent pas en France. Je suis désolé. Meilleurs voeux.

[Hi Regis, the Butterfly Folding Dining Table and Four Chairs is sold by John Lewis & Partners and they do not deliver to France. I am sorry. Best wishes.]

Alan – Hi I saw the below statement in your advertising however I have seen this range advertised on the web site and shops locally to me are selling the Aruba range as I am interested in buying this range. I wonder if you could explain this to me. This seems very misleading. I await hearing from you . Thanks Alan ‘The Aruba range is exclusive to’ – READ MORE

Hi Alan, the only other retailer selling the Aruba garden furniture range are Littlewoods because they are the same company as Very. However, Aruba is not a trademarked term and there is nothing to stop any other company using the name for their own line of furniture, this is a common occurence unfortunately and does cause some confusion. Often the furniture will be different in design but can sometimes also be a cheap copy.

A quick search throws up a few random results but none that I can see offer the actual same product.

Fiona – Halo Groucho furniture We saw this in John Lewis. It is lovely Sadly since then my super slim, fit Husband died suddenly and I have moved house and area and am looking for new furniture Several items are out of stock. Is this furniture still being made, I.e will they receive more stock? I am interested in the 3 seater sofa, footstool in Riders Nut and possibly the chair I look fwd to hearing from you, Fiona – READ MORE

Hello Fiona, I so sorry to hear your sad news and hope you are well. Regarding the Groucho sofas, yes the range will be restocked eventually. This particular sofa has been incredibly popular and sold out often, even before the current supply problems due to Covid.

Regrettably, I’m not able to give a you a reliable timeline. We get asked this question a lot and, thus far, estimates have proven to be wildly optimistic. We do hope that things will start to return to normal soon and you won’t have to wait too long.

Kind regards and best wishes for the future Fiona.

Alan – Hi Do you know when the glass/oak Xavi Dining Table will be available again? READ MORE

Short answer Alan – no. Global supply issues have not been helped by recent events and it could be a while before stock is replenished. It’s a lovely table though and will be worth the wait. Sorry I could not have been more helpful but thanks for your patience and best wishes.

Paul – I’m trying to buy a Duhrer small sideboard but John Lewis don’t have any in stock and unlikely to restock. Do you know another retailer where I can buy one from please? READ MORE

Hi Paul, I am not sure what the situation is with the small sideboard but the Duhrer range is due to be restocked in the near future. The onsite messages on are not always entirely reliable, I should add.

If you are set on this furniture piece then I would advise waiting a while until the rest of the range is back in stock. Thanks for your patience.

Sue – Hi – like Carol, we’ve also had a pot left on our brand new Mira table and it’s left a dark mark. However, the surface in the area has also become raised. Would you recommend leaving to dry out before attempting to remedy and, if so, for how long? Thanks READ MORE…

Hi Sue. It sounds like the veneer surface has swollen and/or delaminated and is not likely to recover although it certainly is worth waiting a while for any embedded moisture to dry out before making a final assessment.

The good news is that almost any hard surface can be invisibly repaired these days but, in this case, I fear you may need professional expertise since the risk of further damage is quite high. To find a local specialist search for ‘hard surface repairs’. Most will be able to give you an estimate of the cost without obligation.

Best wishes.

Brenig – Do you know when the Medan range will be available again with John Lewis? We really love the range and are waiting to buy a number of pieces in the range. READ MORE…

Hi Brenig, alas no. We are hoping the stock situation will begin to be resolved in the coming next 3 months though.

The Medan range is incredibly popular and we appreciate the frustration and, also, thank you for your patience.

Kate – I am looking to purchase the lumiere rang but want a dressing table to match. Is the verve the same range but with light? READ MORE…

Hi Kate, the Lumiere and Verve ranges are similar in style but, alas, not the same colour. We wouldn’t, therefore, recommend interchanging the two.

Kind regards

Linda – We have been waiting 6 months for your furniture to go back in stock via JL PLEASE could you let me know when to expect items to go in stock Thank you! READ MORE…

Sorry Linda but it isn’t OUR furniture and we have no control over John Lewis’s stock situation. We do share your frustration though and hope things will be resolved soon. Best wishes.

Sophia – I have been looking at the single chevron metal garden chair for over a year and dismayed when it was no longer available to John Lewis online. I’d like to know where I might be able to purchase it for this year 2022 (stockists) and get in quick for the Spring/Summer season. READ MORE…

Hi Sophia, the good news is that you can buy the Chevron Garden Furniture range from John Lewis & Partners when it is restocked in March/April. You are not able to purchase the range elsewhere I am afraid because it is exclusive to John Lewis & Partners.

You can sign-up for an email alert for when the chair is back in stock by entering your contact details on the product page at as below:

email alert

Thank you for your patience and I hope you are rewarded with some splendid Summer weather!

Mary – I am interested in the Booth sofa seen in John Lewis. My query is that on the specifications it is stated that the cover is fixed and not removable but in the stores I saw that the cushions had zips and therefore could be removed. Before committing to the purchase, I would like clarification on this matter. My second query is that I am considering the colour ‘opal dark teal’ and it does not state what fabric this is although it looks like some kind of velvet. Could you please let me know what fabric it is and if you need to remove a stain, how or what would you use to keep it looking nice Thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Mary, the Booth sofa seat cushions have zips, yes, but the sofa covers are fixed. The dark teal option is a 7-day delivery option and is not made to order. The fabric is man made with a textured cotton appearance and can be cleaned with a fairly dry sponge and a weak solution of soapy water. Any stains would need to be professionally removed though.

You can order a free sample of the fabric from the product page at Just tick the box as seen below:

Order a fabric sample

Hayley – I am interested to find out the seat height for the Vantage Italian leather sofa please, due to mobility I need it to be higher than most Thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Hayley, the seat height is 45 cm. If you need a higher seat height you can buy ‘sofa risers’ from amazon as you may find your choice limited otherwise.

Eileen – I have seen the double Samira headboard on Dunelm website but it is out of stock. Can you tell me please if this product will become available again ? Thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Eileen, the Samira range will be restocked as far as we are aware. Thanks for getting in touch and best wishes for the new year.

Gaynor – Hi there – we are waiting for the small Grayson side table in light oak to come back in at John Lewis. However on your website it’s listed at £219 and when it directs you to JL website they list it at £250? Why is there a difference with this one but none of the other pieces? Also, do you have any idea when it might come back into stock? We love it. Many thanks. READ MORE…

Hi Gaynor and thanks for getting in touch. The side table was originally listed on at £219 and has since been updated. Apologies for this and the price has now been corrected.

The cost of transporting furniture, particularly from overseas, has risen multiple times over the past 18 months due to Covid and John Lewis have amended the price of this item to reflect this. It is unfornate but they have at least held the price for the rest of the range at the current time.

We expect the Grayson range to be restocked in the next couple of months. It’s a very popular collection with many people feeling the same way as you do and your patience is appreciated.

Best wishes for the new year.

Carol – Hi my son recently purchased a table the Mira extending table from John Lewis. Sadly they left a plant pot on the table and it has left a mark. Are you able to recommend something that might remove the mark, I believe it is soil from the plant pot? READ MORE…

Minor marks and discolouration can be sometimes removed with a combination of 0000 Grade Wire Wool and Bees Wax Polish. However, sine the Mira Dining Tables are finished with an oak veneer which is fairly light in colour, you may have limited success, especially since you suggest the staining is dark in colour.

Over time, however, if the table is treated with an oil finish as recommended, you may find that the colour of the table overall becomes richer and any minor stains will become much less obvious. Sometimes to the point of being indistinguishable.

A professional French Polisher will almost certainly be able to remove the mark with complete success if you are not confident in trying the above. I would strongly advise against trying any other methods that involve using chemicals, vinegar or bicarbonate of soda (as random examples of alternative solutions you’ll find on the internet).

Best wishes.

Meg – Please can you share the dimensions of the Vankka Bedside Chest and tall version. Thanks. READ MORE…

Hi Meg, I am embarrassed to say that we don’t have the dimensions for this range despite requesting these some time ago. Sorry I could not have more help but best wishes and kind regards anyway.

Jesus – Hi John Lewis is out of stock on the Swoon Urella Glass Coffee Table, Clear/Gold rectangular Is there any other retailer available to buy from or do you know when you will be restocking at John Lewis kind regards. READ MORE…

Hi Jesus, the Urella range is a John Lewis exclusive and is not available elsewhere I am afraid. Expect more stock early February. Sorry I could not have been of more help. Best wishes.

Gill – Hi, I’ve been trying to buy the Bow double platform bed without headboard, from JLp for since early October without success. they advised stock was coming in at the end of November and the middle of December. But this does not seemed to have happened. Now they have no information on stock deliveries, just promises of future stock being available. Can you confirm when their orders will be fulfilled as I understand from their customer service that they will direct from supplier, which I assume is you? READ MORE…

Hi Gill and thanks for getting in touch. The Bow Bedroom Range is manufactured in Malaysia and, as everywhere, both production and shipping have been severely affected by the Covid epidemic. It is likely that John Lewis have been promised delivery on numerous occasions only to be let down and are as frustrated with the situation as you are.

Afraid I’m not able to offer you more in the way of a timescale but I do appreciate your patience in this matter. Hopefully things will start to return to normal in the early new year.

Best wishes.

Denise – Hello If I purchase the Marlow wardrobe, 6 door, do you attach it to the wall for safety? READ MORE…

Hi Denise – the the team that delivers and assembles the Marlow Wardrobes will do that for you.

Angela – Hi, can you tell me if the white Reid bedroom furniture collection has easy glide drawers the same as the Swift Winchester collection. Can you also tell me the Reid collection is flat Matt pure white and not off white or with a wood grain finish. I’m finding it difficult to make out as most of this range is in the taupe colour online. Many thanks. READ MORE…

Hi Angela, yes the drawers have metal, smooth glide runners and the colour is flat white. However, as you have noticed, only the taupe units are currently available.

Loretta – Hello, John Lewis are making it nigh on impossible for me to order Marlow sliding door wardrobes with internal accessories. They have the wardrobes to order online (1 x 200cm pebble grey with one mirror door and 1 x 200cm pebble grey with 2 painted doors). However, they list accessories on the webpage, but I can’t seem to be able to order them. I have tried calling their sales line and they are hopeless. I would like both wardrobes with 2 sets of internal drawers. READ MORE…

Hi Loretta, the Marlow range has only recently come back online after being unavailable for a long time due to supply issues during the Covid crisis. Alas, this means that the product pages and ordering process have yet to be fully updated since the wardrobes are currently only available for pre-order.

The added complication is that, previously, the accessories were only available to buy in store and this may explain why the online staff are not as familiar with the range as you might have expected.

We expect the process to be updated in the new year when the wardrobes are fully available again and hope you are able to wait until this time before ordering. Just to reiterate, if you order now the expected delivery date will be between 10 – 15 weeks from now – so you are not losing out by waiting.

So sorry for the frustration and thanks for your patience. Best wishes.

Susan – I have ordered twice through Very for your regent range it states order placed with supplier then order processing nothing else happens I am so disappointed I so needed these for Xmas as have got rid of my old. Can you advise why nothing is happening I had ordered in white the dressing table 5 drawer chest and 2 bedside cabinet. READ MORE…

Hi Susan, the normal process for ready-assembled furniture is that you are given an estimated delivery date before you have to complete the order. You will then be contacted a day before to arrange a suitable time.

Checkout message

I just completed a trial purchase and this was the message I saw before entering any payment details. If this didn’t happen in your case then you should contact Very with a view to cancelling your order without further delay.

Deirdre – I’m interested in the Teal coloured Evelyn Aquaclean dining chairs from John Lewis. They only have one chair in stock and no indication of whether they will be getting more. Are you going to be making more? It is possible to order the Duck egg colour for future delivery, hence I’m wondering if the Teal are no longer available. Thanks. READ MORE…

Hi Deidre, the Evelyn chairs are a new range and, as often happens, the first batch sold out fairly quickly. The range will be restocked in the new year and I hope you can wait until then? Best wishes.

Ross – Hi, sorry to bother you but we already have several of Metro Tall Half Width Bookcase in oak and we just need one more! Were these exclusive to Very? READ MORE…

Hi Ross, yes the Metro range is exclusive to Very & Littlewoods. The range has been around for a while now and it isn’t unusual for them to sell out, especially at the moment with shipping issues causing no end of delays. We can not guarantee they will be back in stock soon but expect things to return to normal in the early new year. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Angela – Looking for the Calia dining table that seats 8 people John Lewis is showing out of stock. READ MORE…

Hi Angela, the Calia range has been incredibly popular and it will be the new year before the table you want is available I am afraid. Sorry for the inconvenience and best wishes.

Lizzie – I would like to purchase the Hemingway round lamp table from John Lewis but they are stating that the item is out of stock. Will this item be for sale again soon – we have several items in this range and would like to purchase this item to match please. Look forward to hearing from you Many thanks. READ MORE…

Hi Lizzie, the Hemingway range absolutely will be re-stocked in the New Year. Sorry I can not give you a firm date but would like to thank you for your patience.

Cheryl – Hi I bought 2 x 2 seater kayla beige sofas from argos earlier this year, I would like to buy another one but it keeps saying out of stock. Can you tell me if they are coming back into stock or if I can buy anywhere else please? READ MORE…

Hi Cheryl, the Kayla range is likely to be restocked in the New Year. Best wishes.

Lisa – Hi, Please can you help. I purchased in August a Fern Ink Blue cabinet from John Lewis, at the same time I ordered a Fern Ink Blue sideboard, which they said was in stock. However after waiting 3 months they have now said it is out of stock. Will more of these be made as obviously I bought it to match the smaller cabinet and I am keen to purchase one.

Hi Lisa, yes the Fern cabinets will be restocked but because they are made overseas there are severe delays and it is likely to be early in the new year. If your order is still being processed by John Lewis then I expect they will be in touch when the cabinet is available.

I appreciate the frustration and hope this is resolved for you before too long.

Shaz – I really wanted to purchase the Camberley 2 door wardrobe in Oak from Very so that it matches the 4 door that I have in the same range but unfortunately it’s unavailable. Do you know if it will ever be back in stock or has it been discontinued? READ MORE…

Hi Shaz, we expect the range to be restocked early in the new year. Sorry for any inconvenience and best wishes.

Mykola – I want to buy this table – west elm Frame Marble 4 Seater Dining Table. Its listed as £1399 but when you click to proceed the price goes up and its £1599. Can I buy it for £1399 please? READ MORE…

The price listed was incorrect, sorry for the confusion. The original table featured was the 4-seater, as you can see in the url. The page has been updated so it is clear that this is the 6-seater.

The 6-seater was never available at this price. Sorry for the confusion.

Sarah – I was looking to purchase the Ashwell 4 chairs and extendable table from Argos, but it now says its out of stock. Please can you advise if this is available through any other retailer or when it is likely to be back in stock at Argos? Thank you. READ MORE…

Hi Sarah, it’s a popular range and does sell out often. The set you’re after is likely to be back in stock in the New Year.

Qumar – Hi I bought a wardrobe from your range via matalan and have arranged for a return. However, it has not been collected yet? I have a received a text message off a number which isn’t recognised saying someone will collect it today? I was wondering if someone could shed some light on when it will be picked up? READ MORE…

Hi Qumar – I’m afraid we have no dealings with Matalan so you will have to get in touch with them directly. Sorry for the confusion and hope you get it sorted out. Best wishes.

Linda – I’m interested in buying a 250cms marlow wardrobe . How long does it take to be made and delivered. READ MORE…

Hi Linda, the Marlow Wardrobes currently have a 20 week lead time. The wardrobes are assembled upon delivery which requires a specialist fitting team. Wardrobes ordered before Christmas will be delivered and fitted by the end of March.

Margaret – Hi, I have been trying to purchase the Hemingway round side table, lamp table and nest of tables for 18 months but John Lewis have had no stock. Could you please advise if this line has been discontinued and if not, when stock will be available again. Many thanks! READ MORE…

Hi Margaret, I can assure you that the Hemingway range has not been discontinued and will be restocked. I am not able to give an exact date when this will be but it is likely to be early in the New Year. So sorry for the frustration but your patience is appreciated. Best wishes.

Christine – Hi do you have dimension for the Vankka range I am specifically looking at the bedside tables and 3 x 3 drawers – I have been on the Very website and they don’t have them either. Thanks! READ MORE…

Hi Christine – I am sorry, and embarrassed, to say we are still awaiting details to come through on this range. Will update as soon as we have them. Best wishes.

Patricia – I am trying to buy the large oak balance shelving for delivery to Northern Ireland Can you assist? READ MORE…

Hi Patricia, delivery of large ready-assembled furniture is currently not available to NI since it requires a 2-man team and the costs involved are prohibitive.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Warren – Hi I’m looking at the Madison sofas I was looking at the 3 seater and cuddle chair but the measurements don’t look correct as the cuddle chair states 153cm in width which is the same as the 2 seater sofa and the 3 seater is 223cm can you clarify these measurements please? READ MORE…

Hi Warren, thanks for getting in touch. You are correct, there is an error with the dimensions of the Madison Sofas which has now been corrected. The dimensions on the Very landing page also seems to have mixed up the sizing.

To clarify: The Cuddle Chair is 153 cm; The 2 Seater is 183 cm; The 3- seater is 223 cm.

Hope that helps and sorry for the confusion.

David – My Daughter has a scratch on her Hemingway Table and I would like to find out the stain and lacquer that is used on this furniture and where I could purchase these Items please. This will allow me to rectify the problem which she has and make the product look like new. Thank you in anticipation of your help. READ MORE…

Hi David, minor scratches can be removed with 0000 grade wire wool and beeswax polish. A coarser grain wire wool may be necessary in some cases but I would advise starting with the very finest grade first in order to eliminate the risk of damage.

See a similar comment here: