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Jennifer – Hi , I went to John Lewis in Cardiff and decided I would like to buy the extending dining table seating 6 to 10, oak. I saw the bench and wanted to buy that too. I went online today to J L and they no longer have the bench and the table has increased from 699 to 799 price. I would still like to buy the table, but can I get a bench to go with it ? Thanks for your help.

Reply – Hi Jennifer, there are a few tables which could match this description so I am speaking generally here. The easiest way to do this is to go online to and it will show if any stock is available, is being discontinued or you may be alerted when stock comes in.

Regarding the price increase, there have been severe delays in worldwide shipping and the costs of containers has, in some cases, increased 10 fold over the past 12 – 16 months. Inevitably, all retailers will have increased prices to cove this or, simply held off until shipping prices return to normal. This does mean that many items are out of stock at the moment, as you have found, and, hopefully, it will not be too long before the situation improves.

Apologies for the inconvenience and best wishes.

Lydia – Parisian Ready Assembled Mirrored Wide 3 Drawer Chest Hi, I have this set of drawers and have managed to knock one of the handles off with my hoover!! Can you let me know where I can buy replacement please? I can’t fix it back on because I tried using superglue and I have ruined the receiving end on the handle so the screw won’t screw in any longer.
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Reply – Sorry to hear Lydia. The Parisian range is supplied ready-assembled and there are no spare parts held in stock anywhere. You can, however, buy crystal-style handles from amazon and you should have no trouble fining a similar style. You will, however, need to replace the full set in order for a perfect match but they are not expensive.

Lorraine – Hi We have purchased the Wilton ANYDAY dressing table, stool, headboard and bedside tables from John Lewis, but are struggling to find a dressing table mirror to match – do you happen to do one by any chance?
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Reply – Hi Lorraine, the Wilton Bedroom Furniture range does not include a matching mirror I am afraid.

Kaye – Recently purchased the rattan Marlow Garden chair and coffee table. Please can you advise when/if the Marlow corner modular sofa and matching table and 6 chairs will be available ? Thank you
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The Marlow range is likely to be restocked around March/April 2022.

Mike – Hello I would like to purchase 6 Dante dining chairs. Can I do this with you, if not please could you direct me to a supplier, not John Lewis, as they are out of stock. Thanks
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Hi Mike, since the Dante range is exclusive to John Lewis & Partners, and they are out of stock, there is not much more I can say other than I appreciate the frustration.

Rick – Is this item available from anywhere? Chevron Round Garden Side Table W40 × D40 × H53 cm?
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Hi Rick, the Chevron Garden Furniture range is exclusive to John Lewis & Partners, so no. For more information regarding supply problems with garden furniture please see here…

Lee – I have recently purchased the Athens 4 piece corner set with table and chaise but we are missing 1 cushion, would it be possible to purchase a cushion from yourselves?
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Hi and thanks for getting in touch. If parts are missing than you will need contact the retailer in the first instance. The Athens Garden Furniture range is sold by and the easiest way of resolving the issue is to request a return since they will not have any spares in stock.

Returns and collections are free of charge within 28 days.

Charlie – I’m very keen to purchase the St Ives Garden furniture set and I have been on the ‘notify me when in stock’ at John Lewis. Do you have any visibility on when you/ John Lewis might be in a position to sell this stock again?
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Hi Charlie, I am afraid supply chains are still severely disrupted and it is going to be a considerable time before things return to normal. As a consequence I am not able to offer any further advice other than to say that, since we are now at the end of summer, priority will be given to other types of furniture which are also in short supply and it is unlikely that St Ives range will be restocked before next Easter.

So sorry you have been inconvenienced. Best wishes.

Nita – I ordered the Neptune sideboard from the very catalogue where you have a video stating “DELIVERED TO ANY ROOM” and yet this morning I have had to cancel this order due to me receiving a text stating delivery only to Hall or Doorstep ?
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I cancelled due to being elderly and could not possibly manage to receive such a heavy item expecting one to get it to my Lounge. The video on Very is false advertising this is why I ordered this particular item due to your statement on video. I would appreciate a prompt reply.

Hi Nita, you are correct that the video does say delivery is to any room but this dates to pre-covid when it was a normal feature. Alas, this affects all deliveries and it will be sometime before things return to normal.

Very do have a notice on their site regarding changes to normal delivery services although, I have to admit, the link to this page is not as prominent as it could be.

There is always a chance that the delivery drivers will agree to help you on the day but it is at their discretion and I would not recommend ordering at this time since you would be taking a gamble that may not pay off.

I am sorry this has caused you such inconvenience and hope things change in the near future. At present I am not able to say when this will be though.

Best wishes.

Bernard – Can you possibly tell me who sells the chairs to the radar dining table please?
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Hi Bernard, both the table and chairs are a limited edition range and the chairs have already sold out I am afraid. Sorry for the disappointment.

Paul – Looking at Dante corner garden furniture on your website at £999 but the same one at John Lewis is £1500 can you tell me we’re there is other stockists please?
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Reply – The Dante Corner Sofa @ £999 is out of stock. The Dante Corner Dining Set with dining table and 2 stools @ £1,599 is in stock but there are currently only 4 left.

Anna – I wonder if you can help me, I have a Prague wardrobe and have broken the mirror door, do you have any contacts where I can get a replacement as searching the Internet is impossible, any information you have would be great, thank you.
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Sorry Anna no, it is unfortunate that sometimes glass and mirrors do get broken and it is simply not economically viable for suppliers to keep spares in stock since, although no comfort to you, such instances are incredibly rare.

With similar cases we have advised contacting a local glass merchant who may be able to supply a replacement mirror with the necessary holes drilled out. This is often not as expensive as you might think?

So sorry that I could not have been more help, I appreciate how frustrating this can. Best wishes.

Sue – I bought the 6 part Porto set in white from Marks and Spencer. Unfortunately the back is missing from one of the chairs. Marks and Spencer can’t help replace the chair or the back. Do you know whether it’s possible to buy a single replacement chair?
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Afraid not Sue since the line is currently out of stock. I sincerely hope that M&S offered you a full refund?

anon – Hi, I am wanting to buy the kayla 2 seater sofa from argos however it is out of stock. can you give an indication when it will be back in stock as i will hang on for it to come in. Please let me know if it will not be available for a while and ican look elsewhere.
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furnitureco uk – Sorry but we can not guarantee when items will be restocked but the Kayla range has not been discontinued so, unless it is urgent, you should be OK to wait a while.

Nick – In 2019 we purchased from John Lewis a range of Tokyo units. The units were finished with the 84126003 Drayton, Silver, Light, Band A fabric with contrasting cushions in 8412001 Drayton Charcoal.
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We wish to order an additional matching LHF 120cm large One Arm Unit from John Lewis, but don’t see the Drayton Fabrics on see their website. Can you please advise if the unit can be supplied with the two Drayton fabrics mentioned above. Thank you

Hi Nick and thanks for getting in touch. I believe the Drayton fabric option was a 7-day ‘from stock’ option and not part of the ‘design your own’ selection which explains why this is not currently available.

The 7 day sofas do tend to be a one off design and are not always available later down the line which, as you have found, can lead to disappointment for some customers.

Christine – I want to purchase the Sahara sofa set. The price stated is £799 plus delivery and I understand it is only available from Very, however on the Very site the price is £949. Surely this is not right and if it is ten it is “sharp practice!” Your comments please.
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Hi Christine – The Sahara range has been out of stock for some time and the price listed on here was actually from last year. The cost of sourcing and shipping furniture from overseas has increased a lot in this time and, inevitably, this is going to be reflected in today’s pricing.

The set you want is currently only available to pre-order and you are not obliged to buy it at any price so your claims of ‘sharp practice’ are somewhat off the mark. It isn’t unusual for prices to fluctuate significantly and, ironically, there are never any complaints when reductions are made for comparable amounts.

I am sure you can accept that the difference in pricing is simply a failure, on our part, to update the current price. And, for this, I apologise.