Halo Strata Leather Sofa

Leather 3 seater sofa
3-seater leather sofa
W200 × D107 × H83 cm

When dressing a large living room, open plan living space, or even an expansive working space or home office, you need a sofa which combines a sleek structure and design with an impressive presence – both in terms of size and aesthetic. Read more…

This selection of leather sofas from the Halo Strata collection are designed to stand out in a room – with the main shape and structure of the sofas covered in a leather fabric, with padding on the inside of the armrests and along the base and backrest.

Extra cushions have been added at all the main points of the sofa to bolster comfort, but in a way which fits with the structural shape and design, and which ensures that the aesthetic of the sofa remains clean cut and straight edged.

Pin-shaped legs hold the structure of the sofa in place, with all the cushions mimicking the same fabric covered design as the main body of the sofa – inviting homeowners to add their own pops of colour with additional cushions or throws.

Regardless of how you dress this sofa, the classic brown leather finish means that it can be integrated into a modern or more traditional home – with a couple of different sizes available to match your home.

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