Suffolk Armchair

Traditional style armchair with bold damson leaf print
Suffolk Armchair, Damson Japonica Print
W82 × D92 × H92 cm
Traditional style armchair with natural fabric upholstery
Suffolk Armchair, Natural Easy Clean Linen Viscose Blend
W82 × D92 × H92 cm

Big armchairs are back in fashion – not just adding an extra layer of comfort to your living space but acting as a statement furnishing and primary focal point.
Whether integrated with matching sofas and furnishings in a living room, selected to standout in a home office, or chosen to fill a corner in a hallway or open plan space, oversized armchairs are timelessly stylish and add a level of elegance to any interior. Read more…

The Suffolk armchair collection combines its vast structure and various nods to traditional furnishings, with a series of modern features and design choices.

The range of fabrics available are distinctly 21st century interior options, leaning as much on texture as on aesthetic design and patterning – bridging the nature-inspired deep purple pattern of one fabric with a completely juxtaposing clean white linen for a very different finish.

Similarly, the backrest is much more angular than a traditional rounded shape, again nodding to the shapes and edges of modern living.

The legs of the chair are where you really get a sense of grandiose tradition and refined elegance, while the armrests boast the classic outwards turn which makes this chair feel a bit like your very own throne.

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