Halo Groucho Leather Sofas

3-seater lether sofa - riders nut

Leather sofas, whether authentic or made from a faux leather material, are often regarded as overtly masculine furnishings – adding an opulent and dominating flair to a living space and stealing focus while also drawing in and detracting from any source of natural light.

This collection of leather sofas, while utilising the deep and authentic colour of genuine leather, manages to break this trend by softening the structure and using more delicate features to present a comfortable but aesthetically pleasing compliment to a living space.

Leather sofa
Halo Groucho Medium 3 Seater Leather Sofa, Hand Tipped Graphite
Also available with Antique Whisky or Riders Nut finishes
W200 × D44 × H68 cm
Grey leather upholstered sofa
Halo Groucho Medium 2 Seater Leather Sofa, Hand Tipped Graphite
Also available in Antique Whisky, London Leather & Riders Nut
W182 × D84 × H68 cm
Small 2-seater leather upholstered sofa
Halo Groucho Small 2 Seater Leather Sofa, Riders Nut
A compact 2-seater, full of character and ideal for small spaces as a feature furniture piece. Also available in London Leather, Antique Whisky & Hand Tipped Graphite
W152 × D84 × H68 cm
Wide format leather upholstered armchair with wooden legs
Halo Groucho Leather Armchair
A generously proportioned frame upholstered in old saddle leather with a choice of Antique Whisky, Riders Nut & Hand Tipped Graphite finishes
W107 × D84 × H68 cm
Leather Upholstered Footstool
Halo Groucho Leather Footstool
A wide format stool with a plump cushion, upholstered with real leather and a solid hardwood frame.
W103 × D54 × H42 cm

Far from stealing focus, these sofas and complimentary armchairs and footstools – all of which are available in a range of core colours depending on your design scheme – elevate the way a room looks and manage to add an air of opulence and elegance amid more modern surroundings.

The main seat of each sofa and armchair is sat atop leather covered legs, which are thin and allow both the chairs and the footstool to let light floor under and around them.

By inviting the light to flow around each piece, the overall appearance is much lighter and more conducive to a welcoming and warm setting – with these leather statements adding a nod to more traditional design which can support a modern or more eclectic home.

The Halo Groucho Range is exclusive to John Lewis & Partners

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