Grey ash wardrobes and drawers with grey finish fronts

ANYDAY Mix It Wardrobes

A range of budget-friendly wardrobes from the ANYDAY collection at John Lewis & Partners. Choose from 5 styles and multiple sizes from single doors to triple sizes… Read more

Dorchester Riser Recliner Chair

Riser Recliners

Proof that recliner chairs don’t have to become an eyesore in your home or living space, this collection of riser recliners is designed to match and mimic the aesthetic of a classic armchair… Read more

Gold coloured drinks trolley and pink velvet chair

Drinks Trolleys

The epitome of parties, hosting, and transforming your home into a place where guests can feel welcome and well looked after – this selection of drinks trolleys combines a simple but elegant approach to design… Read more

Set of 3 oak side tables

Nest of Tables

If you find that you often require different and varied surfaces for set periods of time, but don’t have the floorspace for lots of different tables and units all year round, then a nest of tables could be the perfect solution for you… Read more

Bed with nay patterened throw and grey headboard

How to Choose the Best Bed

We spend around one-third of our life lying on mattresses, and it is estimated that about half of all British people experience at least occasional sleep difficulties. So it is easy to see why choosing the right mattress is important. Read more

Green fabric sofa

How to Choose a New Sofa

You know it’s time for a new sofa when the pattern is made up of old stains; you have to keep heaving yourself out of the cushions when you get up and your guests would sooner sit on the floor. Finding a new one that suits you and your family, one that you want to last, may seem a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t have to be. Read more

Hardwood grain

Softwood Vs Hardwood

Every type of wood has its own charm and reflects a unique character, however, the aesthetic appeal is not the only difference between different types of wood… Read more

Low leather sofa

Floor Level Furniture

Beautiful floors deserve beautiful furniture – if you’ve opted for a new floor why not choose some floor level furniture that really makes the most of it? Read more