The trend for ready-assembled furniture

Many people do not have the time or the ability to assemble furniture. It’s an arduous task that even those who often do things around their home themselves struggle with flat-packed furniture.

If you fit into this category you will be happy to know that many furniture ranges now come readily assembled for them. Instead of spending your weekend off from work trying to piece together a bed or a desk from instructions that are difficult to read, your furniture can now be assembled for you through various means…


Ready-assembled furniture is perfect if you’re looking for the quickest way to get a new piece of furniture into your home with as little effort as possible. Your furniture will be delivered to your home completely assembled and ready to be put in the location that you’ve cleared out for it.

Oak effect mirrored wardrobe, drawer chest and dressing table
Swift Winchester Range

Swift is one the most popular ready-assembled ranges at furnitureco, and it is a truly stunning and contemporary range that includes several pieces of bedroom and living room furniture.

If you’re looking for a trendy look in your bedroom or lounge space, but don’t want to try putting together your own furniture, pieces in this range can be delivered directly to your door, already constructed.

The only downside to ready-assembled furniture is getting it through narrow doorways. If you don’t believe a piece will fit into your home, then one of the other trending options may be better for you.

Assembled on Delivery

For the narrow doorway issue, buying furniture that can be assembled by your delivery person is a great solution. Furniture that is assembled on delivery solves any access problems.

Of course, you’ll need to be home for a few hours while your furniture is being assembled, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get on with your day while your furniture is assembled.

The Hasting collection, on the other hand, offers modern colours alongside the natural pine and ivory of the range. You can order any of these pieces to be delivered, unpacked, and then assembled in whichever room of your home they need to be.

Independent Handyman

The final furniture assembly trend is hiring an independent handyman to put your furniture together for you. These handymen are more flexible than companies who need to deliver and assemble on certain days, but they won’t necessarily be cheaper than the company you buy your furniture from.


The other downside to hiring a handyman who is independent and separate from the place you buy your furniture is that they might not be familiar with the furniture you’ve purchased and could struggle to put it together without damaging it.

When choosing ready-assembled furniture solutions, you really have to look at the pros and cons of each and decide what works best for you.

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