Riser Recliners

Proof that recliner chairs don’t have to become an eyesore in your home or living space, this collection of riser recliners is designed to match and mimic the aesthetic of a classic armchair but with added functions which enhance the accessibility of the chair for users from all walks of life…

Beige fabric chair with leg rets raised
Fenetic Cullingworth Riser Recliner
The Best-Rated Riser-Recliner by Which, the Cullingworth Armchair features the best of traditional design with dual-motor adjustability for the maximum in comfort and accessibility…
Dorchester Riser Recliner Chair
Pride Mobility’s Dorchester Riser/Recliner Armchair
With a four-motor mechanism, complete with back-up battery, and 3 size options it’s no surprise that Which rate this a joint top-scoring chair
Grey leather reclining armchair
Atlas Leather Rise Recliner
Leather upholstered riser/recliner chair with dual motor control and a choice of 3 finishes…A close second to the Fenetic Cullingworth but, if you appreciate the looks and comfort of real leather upholstery, a sure winner!
Buttoned back fabric recliner chair
Celebrity Woburn Riser Recliner
Traditional styling, a good selection sizes and a matching sofa. Highly rated for comfort and ease of use
Fabric upholstered riser recliner
Royams Donna Duo
Available with scroll arms or wooden, dual motor operation and 4 battery back-up system. This chair has been around for a while now but still outclasses many of its peers

Covered with a selection of modern, textured, and comfortable fabric, all of the mechanisms that give this chair its automated and mechanical movements are concealed within the main frame and underneath the fabric covering – something which is evident across all the different designs of riser recliner, with something for every user and home. Read more…

From the classic cushioned design to the more streamlined structures, those with fabric covers and those finished with leather detailing, the versatility of these chairs is such that they can be adjusted according to the user with ease – using the remote control which slips into the pocket on the outer edge of the frame.

The benefit of a riser recliner is that the reclining backrest is paired with an elevating footrest which serves to keep the whole body supported during use.

From helping back pain to facilitating comfort among users of all ages, these chairs can be adjusted according to mobility issues or preferences, with everything from the fabric to the size and frame of the chair impacting the user experience.

Things to bear in mind when buying a recliner chair

Do you have enough space – you’ll need to allow extra room for when the chair is fully reclined and extended. And, because recliner chairs tend to be a fair bit larger than heavier than a conventional armchair, you’ll also need to ensure the chair will fit through the door when it is delivered.

Chairs can be adjusted manually or electrically powered. Electrically powered chairs are also available with a single motor that will adjust the leg rest and the back rest at the same time or with a double motor where you can adjust the leg rest and back rest independently.

Some chairs also come fitted with a back-up battery just in case there is power cut, and you don’t find yourself stuck and unable to get out of the chair.

Financial Support when Buying Recliner Chair

Those with certain medical conditions may qualify for VAT exemption which will result in a considerable saving.

To claim this relief, you just need to confirm to the retailer that you are disabled or suffer from a long-term illness. In most cases this will be a simple box tick during the check out process, you don’t need to submit any documentation or personal details.


The Best Recliner Chairs

A lot will depend on your own needs and preferences, and it is worth doing a bit of research before deciding on what chair to buy. Consumer organisation WHICH publish a list each year based on independent testing, the list for this year includes:
The Fenetic Cullingworth
Pride Mobility’s Dorchester
Fenetic Atlas
Celebrity Woburn
Royams Donna Duo

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