Fenetic Atlas Rise Leather Recliner Chair

Grey leather upholstered armchair
Atlas Leather Rise Recliner Chair
Available with grey, brown or mushroom coloured real leather upholstery
Overall: W100 × D104 × H108 cm
Seat Height: 50 cm
Grey leather reclining armchair
The foot rest and back rest can be adjusted independently with dual-motor remote control
Grey leather tilted armchair
The chair can also be mechanically tilted for ease of access/egress

The Fenetic Atlas leather recliner chair is the living room accessory you didn’t know you needed, combining its grand aesthetic and show stopping presence with the kind of practical functions and features that make this the ideal chair for those with mobility issues, accessibility challenges, or who simply struggle to find a chair which is both comfortable and supportive. Read more…

The main design of this recliner chair enables it to both recline in terms of the backrest and offer a foot rest via the rising front panel.

In addition, the entire chair can swivel and rock on its axis thanks to the main frame and support underneath – which tips in all directions and can help the user to stand up or sit down safely and comfortably.

The fact that this chair is made from real leather, available in a deep grey, brown, or softer neutral mushroom shade, means that it has very much been designed with the modern home and interior style in mind – allowing it to compliment the aesthetic of its surroundings, with users able to add their choice of cushions or throws to soften the shiny leather fabric where preferred.

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