Fenetic Cullingworth Riser Recliner

Beige fabric armchair
Cullingworth Riser Recliner Chair
Overall: W89 × D95 × H112 cm
Seat Height: 51 cm
Fully Reclined: 180 cm
Available in a range of fabric upholstered finishes from amazon.co.uk
Beige fabric chair with leg rets raised
Dual electric motors enable the leg rest and back rest to be adjusted independently for maximum comfort
Beige fabric chair with leg rest raised
The chair can also be tilted forward for ease of access/egress
Accessing a range of functions via a small remote control which slots into an exterior pocket on the side of this recliner chair, the Fenetic Cullingworth chair can be adjusted in terms of the backrest and footrest, as well as tipped backwards and forward from its centre axel at the base of the frame. Read more…

Designed to maximise accessibility by supporting the user as they sit down or stand up, before allowing them to relax into a position they find most comfortable, this chair is set upon wheel castors for ease of movement – with all its functions and adjustable mechanisms contained within the upholstered frame and design of a chair which is built to last, and which has been constructed with design flair as well as functionality in mind.

This is the kind of chair which provides support as well as aesthetic design, with different elements added to its frame to give it the appearance of a standard chair.

The backrest and armrests in particular have been plumped to offer support as well as comfort, with the two integrated cushions at either side of the base of the seat helping to offer spinal support to the user.

A chair which offers a wide range of functional support capabilities, all contained within the aesthetic of something simple and stylish.

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