Classic Style Velvet Sofa Beds

Classic style furniture is always a fantastic option as timeless design will last for years and won’t need replacing as trends and fashions change. When searching for a classic velvet sofa bed, look for subtle details that give the piece character without making it look too contemporary, and opt for colours that will suit your living space as you update it over time.

Green velvet sofa bed
Beatrice Matte Velvet 3 Seater Sofa Bed, Peacock
Boasts attractive features and comes in four beautiful yet timeless colours: navy, taupe, bottle green, and peacock from

The Beatrice Velvet 3 Seater Sofa Bed is a lovely option as it

Mustard velvet sofa bed
Isobella Sofa Bed – Mustard
A luxury velvet 2 or 3 seater soaf bed complete with an open coil mattress, available in 4 colours from

Mid-century style velvet sofa beds

If you love retro and vintage design, a mid-century style velvet sofa bed could be the perfect option for your home. Typically designed to make a statement, pieces influenced by this era will instantly add character to a room and usually have a few key features, such as metallic elements, geometric shapes, and sleek profiles.

Green fabric sofa bed
Caitlin Sofa Bed
A retro-inspired design available with Slate Grey or Forest Green upholstery. Mounted on mid-century style metal legs the sofa features a simple click mechanism that transoms this stylish 3-seater into a double-size bed…from Bensons for Beds

Traditional style velvet sofa beds

Traditional style sofa beds are ideal for those looking for a bold piece that will dominate a space and look fantastic. Typically available in neutral or rich, jewel tones, traditional sofa beds may also incorporate dark wood, piped detailing, and button-tufting, and will have a profile that creates a centrepiece in your living or guest room.

Green velvet 3-seater sofa bed
Swyft Model 04 Sofa Bed

The Swyft Model 04 Large 3 Seater Double Sofa Bed is ideal for those searching for a traditional option, as it incorporates all of the design features you’d expect and has been designed to look like a normal sofa. Available in your choice of light grey, brick, teal, and vine, you’re sure to find a stunning option that perfectly suits your home.

Now you know all about some of the best velvet sofa beds for luxurious homes, pick your favourite and give your guests an amazing place to sleep!

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