Blue fabric sofa bed

Show Wood Sofa Bed

Simple but effective sofa beds, constructed from a mix of exposed wood and fabric covered components. Simply lie the backrest flat and tuck yourself into a comfortable and supportive bed. Read more

Lilac fabric futon bed

Mito Futon

A versatile futon inspired by Japanese bedding, which unfurls from comfortable sofa into a simple but functional bed in seconds. Read more

Leather sofa bed

Heal’s 40 Winks Sofa Bed

A timeless sofa bed which combines button detailing with a multi-functional design, flattening the backrest of the sofa to become a bed mattress with ease. Read more

Blue fabric sofa bed laid flat

Multy Premier Sofa Bed

A sofa bed, which is stylish and easy to use, boasting velvet touch fabric and a colourful finish – folding into the layered sofa shape or out into a flat mattress. Read more

Folding velvet sofa bed

ANYDAY Chair Bed

A versatile chair which transitions into a spare bed in just two moves. Fold the chair out and watch as it quickly becomes your family and friends’ favourite place to sleep. Read more

Green fabric upholstered sofa bed

ANYDAY Quilted Sofa Bed

A comfortable and convenient sofa bed with a flexible mechanism which grants you control over the two ends of the backrest with ease. Read more

Grey fabric sofa bed opened out

Jay-Be Retro Sofa Bed

A comfortable sofa bed which converts from sofa to full-scale bed in minutes. Available in a multitude of sizes and colours, ticking the boxes of modern aesthetic design. Read more

Foldable sofa bed mattress

Kix II Sofa Bed

A versatile stacked mattress which folds out into a spare bed with ease and convenience, and packs into a comfortable stool unit during the day. Read more

Paprika single sofa bed laid flat

Swyft Model 08 Sofa Bed

Turn the living space of your home into a guest room with ease, thanks to the Swyft Model 08 sofa bed. Easy to use, effortlessly stylish, and highly comfortable. Read more

Light-grey fabric upholstered sofa bed in a living room setting

Duet 2-in-1 Sofa Bed

A sofa bed which is built on simplicity – the perfect addition to your spare room or living space, which offers extra bed space when it is needed. Read more

Green fabric sofa bed with hairpin legs

Eleanor Sofa Bed

A classy and modern example of a hybrid sofa bed, which will be right at home in your living space or spare bedroom. Easy to use with a refined, stylish structure. Read more

Green fabric sofa bed

Caitlin Sofa Bed

Add soft touch textures to your home with this simple and modern sofa bed. Available in soft grey or green, with a user friendly mechanism for swift sofa-to-bed motion. Read more