Haze 2-Seater Pull-Out Sofa Bed

Grey fabric upholstered sofa bed
A woven fabric upholstered 2-seater sofa bed with a pocket-sprung sleeping area mounted on a solid steel base
Pull-out mechanism
The pull-out mechanism consists of locking metal brackets fixed to a solid metal base with fitted casters, which makes transforming this sofa into a double bed and absolute cinch
Pulled-out sofa bed
Haze 2-Seater Pull-Out Sofa Bed
Available in Grey, Green, Natural & Navy
W180 × D109 × H41 cm

The gold standard in sofa beds, if you’re looking for a furnishing which seamlessly changes from sofa to bed, then you’re in the right place. The Haze 2-seater pull out sofa bed boasts a different design and mechanism to others, with the main body of the seat concealing an extra section of mattress which pulls out in one swift movement. Read more…

A convenient pulley on the front of this section makes it easy to turn your sofa into a bed, while the fact that the armrest and backrest remain in situ creates a very comfortable and cosy finish for all of your overnight guests.

Add your chosen sheets to the textured fabric for a plump but soft finish – and use the armrests as a substitute bedside table!

Available in neutral greys and beige colours, or a bolder blue, this furnishing is a style statement both in sofa mode and when being used as a spare bed. The beauty of this piece is that it can effortlessly work as your main sofa for the home, or indeed be integrated into a spare room to deliver a blend of function and style in a lesser used interior space.

Whatever you opt for, inviting guests over to stay has never been easier!

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