Cassia Sofa Bed

Grey fabric sofa bed
Cassia Sofa Bed, Grey
Orange fabric sofa bed
Cassia Sofa Bed, Orange
Ocean green velvet sofa bed
Cassia Sofa Bed, Velvet Ocean
Sofa: W180 × D85 × H81 cm
Bed: W180 × D110 × H41 cm

It is a common misconception that sofa beds are clunky and oversized, and clearly showcase their dual function in a way that most homeowners don’t want as part of their interior design. But the Cassia sofa bed showcases something very different. Read more…

Angular in shape, with a bordered edge which outlines the sofa and delivers a really clean aesthetic, this collection of sofa beds has been designed with modern living in mind – transitioning from sofa to spare bed in one swift and entirely effortless movement.

The long sofa has a mechanism built into the backrest which allows this backrest to lie flat, extending the seat of the sofa so that it becomes one balanced mattress.

An extra set of legs hold the far side of the mattress in place and ensure optimum stability, while the button detailing creates a plump and incredibly comfortable surface on which to sleep.

In terms of aesthetic design, one of the great things about the Cassia collection is the diversity in colour schemes – with rich grey, burnt orange, and a deep blue all available to match your surrounding design.

Simply add your choice of bedding and soft touches to ensure that the sofa bed integrates seamlessly within your home.

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