Mito Futon

Duck egg fabric single futon
Duck egg fabric single futon laid flat
Mito Cotton Single Futon
W76 × D85 × H75 cm
Lilac fabric double futon
Lilac fabric double futon laid flat
Mito Cotton Double Futon
W137 × D85 × H75 cm

Inspired by traditional Japanese bedding, the Mito Futon is the perfect go-to for a bohemian space where you want to bridge space-saving benefits with a comfortable and relaxing bed. A traditional form of sofa bed, the futon folds up into a cosy and well-cushioned chair during the day and can be unfolded to become a bed within just seconds. Read more…

Built atop a folding wooden frame structure, the benefits of a futon include the self-contained nature of the design and the fact that the mechanics of the furnishings are so simple to use.

When folded into a sofa shape, the slight elevation at one end of the frame creates a tilt which is balanced by the padding which elevates the sofa and holds it in place.

When extended as a mattress, this same elevated end of the frame becomes the pillow, so that your body benefits from full support while sleeping.

Fitted with the cushioned layer which transitions from sleeping mattress to sofa cushions, all you need to do is add your choice of extra cushions and throws and find somewhere to store your duvet and pillows.

The perfect additional furnishing for a spare room, home office, or compact apartment.

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