Contemporary Coffee Tables for Quirky Homes

Contemporary coffee tables offer an easy way to add quirkiness to your home. Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colours, you’re guaranteed to find an option that will stand out while suiting your requirements.

Here, we share some of our favourite contemporary coffee tables for quirky homes so you can find your perfect match!

A Mix of Materials

A coffee table made using more than one material can look wonderfully contemporary, and with so many materials available it’s easy to find something to perfectly suit your quirky home.

For example, a combination of marble and metal will look great in a luxurious living room whereas a glass and wood coffee table will give a contemporary twist to a modern space.

Round wood and metal coffee table
Washington Round Coffee Tabled

Crafted from metal and elm, the Washington Round Coffee Table boasts both a mix of materials and a unique design, making it a fantastic choice for those looking to create a quirky look. Featuring a curved metal frame which meets a round, mocha effect top, this coffee table is super stylish and guaranteed to stand out.

Make a Statement with Mirrors

When you choose a mirrored coffee table, you’re not only adding contemporary style to your room, but you’re creating an illusion of space too.

This is because mirrors can make smaller spaces appear larger due to their reflective surfaces and don’t look bulky and dominating, which can be the case with other items of furniture.

A coffee table with a mirrored top can suit traditional living rooms, but a completely mirrored option is certainly one for quirky homes.

Mirror finish coffee table with drawers
Plinth Mirrored Ready Assembled Storage Coffee Table

A great example is the Plinth Mirrored Ready Assembled Storage Coffee Table. Mirrored on all sides, this coffee table features an open shelf which can be used to ensure that the tabletop remains clear and uncluttered, plus two spacious drawers for anything you want to tidy away.

Embrace Retro Style

Any vintage or retro style piece is sure to look great in your contemporary space, as the different shapes and quirky design elements used make a statement without dominating a room.

Whether your quirky living room has a vintage theme or you just want to add touches of this style to your home, you’ll find a retro coffee table to suit your tastes.

Plus, you can be confident that retro pieces are undeniably timeless, so you’ll be able to enjoy your chosen item for years to come.

The Hairpin Coffee Table is a fantastic option for those searching for a contemporary coffee table. Combining a sleek dark oak top with metal hairpin legs, this piece will seamlessly sit along your other furniture and has a slimline open shelf and drawer for storing remote controls, magazines, and other small items too.

These contemporary coffee tables for quirky homes are sure to provide you with inspiration when it comes to finding your next coffee table, so shop for your favourite today!

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