Floor Level Furniture

Low leather sofa

You’ve had a beautiful new floor laid – now you want to make the most of your space by furnishing it to its best effect.

One way of doing so is by opting for floor or low level furniture. By choosing materials, colours, textures and styles that complement or contrast with your chosen flooring, you could create a room that is both comfortable and attractive.

By bringing the level of your furniture down a little, you will maximise any feeling of height in the room and give the space a brighter, more airy feel.

Low Level Sofas

Oriental-style low level sofas and chairs could look fabulous set against the backdrop of your new floor, whether you have gone for Carpet or Something Harder.

The traditional futon, for example, can be a sturdy yet stylish piece of furniture, ideal for a room where you are striving for a relaxed, laid-back ambience. Futons come in a variety of styles and sizes. Consider going for one of the lower level designs. These have a more Japanese feel and tend to be lower.

Choose a style that does give you good back support, however – then add a generous quantity of scatter cushions in a complementary shade.

Remember most futons can easily be transformed into beds as well. These will also be of a low level and can be ideal if your living area has to double as guest room.

Loungers and Rockers

Once you have chosen your low level sofa you are likely to want to continue to dress your room in a fairly contemporary, minimalist style.

Why not, therefore, choose one or two other eye-catching items of furniture that would sit well against your floor. Surf the internet and scan catalogues for unusual, modern loungers and rockers.

There are some wonderful examples out there, in a fabulous array of shapes, colours and textures that are surprisingly comfortable to sit on. One or two of these will really set your room off.

Cushions and Bean Bags

Cushions, bean bags and bean bag chairs are the ultimate options in floor level furniture – and come in all sorts of styles and at a wide range of prices.

Choose colours and patterns that will contrast or really set off the colour scheme you are working towards in your room. If you have a large space, look out for big designs in all sorts of fabrics.

A few of these will not only look great against your new floor but will also be wonderful for relaxing on. Those who want to really go for the bean bag look could even opt for a bean bag couch to work into the new style of their room.

Coffee Tables

Finally, set off your new space with some low level tables. Search for a large, low level coffee table perhaps to set up in the middle of your room. If you go for one that is sizeable enough, you could even host dinner parties around it, with your guests sitting on your wonderful new floor, Japanese style!

Look in high street stores and on the internet for smaller coffee and occasional tables as well. These can be set up in corners and next to your sofas and then accessorised with table lamps to bring your lighting closer to floor level as well.

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