Floor Lamps to Show Off a Floor

Bedroom floor lamp

Floor lamps, also known as standard lamps, can serve several purposes within the home. Their main purpose, of course, is to create just the right sort of lighting for your space.

By choosing your floor lamp and its bulb carefully, it can become an integral part of your whole lighting design for the space.

You can use it to create mood and atmosphere as well as to brighten dark corners that might benefit from a lighting boost.

As individual pieces, floor lamps can make statements of their own. Scan internet sites and visit specialist showrooms and design outlets to find examples that really are eye-catching and exciting.

An ultra modern floor lamp within a minimalist room, for example, will really draw the eye and even become the focal point of the space.

A classic, perhaps even antique, floor lamp could contribute to achieving just the right look within a period home and, if particularly decorative, could also become a major talking point.

But floor lamps can work on another level as well. They serve to highlight, contrast with and often really show off the floor on which they are standing.

If you have recently invested in new flooring or have moved into a property where you find the flooring particularly attractive, consider carefully which floor lamp to buy before splashing out.

Create Contrast

Creating contrast using the physical lamp itself will always help to show off your floor – day or night. If you have a light-coloured floor, consider a floor lamp made from a darker material – and think about contrasting the textures as well.

Try, for example, a black metal floor lamp on a light, solid wood floor or a dark leather model on pale, natural stone.

Where you have a smooth, hard floor, you could go for a dramatic floor lamp – perhaps one with heavy beading, rattan or other detailing. On a deep pile try a lamp that is smooth, not overly fussy and has clear lines.

Using Light to Maximum Effect

Consider the light that will come from your floor lamp and how this might show off your floor to its best effect. Look at the direction the light itself will move in, as well as its depth and clarity.

If you have a dark, shiny, floor for example, you won’t want a harsh down lighter that will simply create a ring of reflection.

Try something softer, with an all-encompassing shade, perhaps. Equally, if you have a floor that is very pale in colour, you might find an up-lighter works well, helping to disperse the light in the room.

Where a down lighter will work well is if your flooring is matt or soft in texture, perhaps a deep pile or even a natural carpet, and you want to create a warm and cosy mood within the room.

Adjustable Solutions

Don’t forget that many floor lamps are, in fact, adjustable. Choose one that can project its light up, down – against a wall or into a corner.

This will enable you to change the ambience within the space and to really show off your floor at any time of day or night.

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