Mood Lighting

pair of table lamps

Lighting solutions are important for creating the right mood to suit a particular room.

If the lights are too bright then your room will look stark and uninviting. Similarly if the lighting is too dim the room will become dreary and make you feel depressed.

For example, warm and cosy bedrooms can use dim romantic lights while you may like bright light in the bath to help you shave even more closely.

There are many options available for lighting in homes such as floor lamps, table lamps, canister lamps, recessed ceiling lamps and don’t forget to use natural sunlight, which can be enhanced and guided using mirrors.

Bulbs are of different types too such as harsh fluorescent bulbs that emit blue light, soft incandescent bulbs that emit red and yellow light and bright yet soft quartz-halogen bulbs.

Not only is the colour of lights emitted by these bulbs different, but they emit different amounts of light too. Bulbs of different watts can make a room look different while switching a set of the bulbs at a time and another set at another time may make the room look entirely different.

Here are some ideas for creating the right mood with lighting.

Down lights

One possibility often used in contemporary design is a pair of down lights in the ceiling, either over the bed or over a living room sofa.

While these can create unflattering directional light if they’re very bright, when toned down with dimmers they can cast gentle pools of light, accentuating the focus, providing spill-over light onto the wall paintings, and washing the whole room with a pleasant ambient light.

Spot lights

Don’t forget paintings and photographs. These should be lighted adequately to enhance their appeal and create a focal point by using museum lights placed above them, or with wall sconces on the sides.

Lamp lighting

Lamps can be used to create a wide range of individual moods and are great way to change the feel of a room from formal to more cosy and inviting. The colour of your lamp shade can make an enormous difference. If you are trying to add warmth and atmosphere to a room, a coloured or patterned shade can be perfect.

Shades come in a wide range of materials, choose one that complements the surface its resting on as well as the furnishings around it. You can also change the colour of your bulb for a unique effect.

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