Different Types of Wood – Which One to Choose


Wood is extremely durable, strong and comfortable but it also has a unique character and a special sense of warmth which makes it the preferred material for furniture such as sideboards and wooden coat stands.

But with so many types of wood available, the choice is everything but easy. To make your decision easier, consider the following factors when choosing between the many types of wood:

Beauty. As much as aesthetic appeal is concerned, the choice is of course a matter of personal preferences. Every type of wood is beautiful in its own way, while the ability to choose between a variety of colours and styles makes most types of wood easy to incorporate in both contemporary and traditionally decorated homes.

However, if you would like the wooden furniture in the colour of the wood, you are recommended to pay attention to the existing furniture. Also, keep in mind that some types of wood such as pine for instance have a sort of rustic feel, while walnut, mahogany and teak reflect a sense of luxury and prestige.

Strength. Carefully chosen wooden furniture has a very decorative effect, however, keep in mind that it is not only intended to be admired for its beauty. If you want it to be both beautiful and functional, be sure to choose a strong wood which can withstand heavy use.

However, you are also highly recommended to pay attention to quality of workmanship which plays an important role in strength and sturdiness of the furniture as well.

Durability. All types of wood are very durable but some retain their beauty a lot longer than the others.

Durability will also depend on the quality of workmanship and some other factors such as maintenance and location at which the furniture is kept. However, wood which is obtained from hardwood tree species generally lasts longer than that sourced from softwood plantations.

Where you want to keep it. Although most types of wood can easily last a lifetime, the vast majority of them is vulnerable to moisture, wood-eating insects and UV light.

As a result, it is highly important to consider the conditions to which the furniture will be exposed. For example, if you would like to incorporate wooden furniture into your bathroom, you should look for a type of wood that can withstand the exposure to the harsh bathroom conditions such as teak which is naturally resistant to water and high moisture levels.

Cost. The price, of course, is highly important. But when shopping around to get the best value for your money, keep in mind that quality always has its price.

You are recommended to stay away from suspiciously inexpensive pieces of furniture which are supposed to be made from high quality wood. The thing is that many types of wood come in different quality grades.

Let’s take teak for example. While grade A teak will not rot or get mouldy if exposed to high moisture levels, the inexpensive furniture made from grade B and C teak will not last longer than a year or two if you put it in your bathroom for instance.

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