Green painted summerhouse


The summerhouse collection is designed to make your garden your favourite part of your home, with five different options which boast differing sizes and configurations to help you find your outdoor space’s perfect match. Read more

Corner garden studio

Garden Studios

When it comes to finding the perfect workspace away from the distractions of your house and family, what better investment than a garden studio. Read more

Maintaining window boxes

Window Boxes

Growing a window garden not only brightens up the outside of your home but can also help cheer up the inside, particularly if your window box is positioned correctly. Not only can window gardens be colourful and smell nice, they can also attract pretty and beneficial insects and birds to your garden. Read more

leafy pot plants

Decorating a Conservatory

A conservatory is not like every other room in your house. There are some special decorating rules that you should keep in mind so play it safe, and read on. Read more


Conservatories and Sunrooms

The concept of the sunroom began decades ago with the earliest homemade attempts using wood posts and stapled screens to enclose front or back porches to keep out insects. Contemporary conservatories and sunrooms utilise advance thermal window and roof systems to help you bring the outdoors inside with elegance. Read more

wicker garden furniture

Furnishing Your Garden

In order to make the most of your garden retreat you need to select the right furnishings. Here’s a run down on what you might need to make your outdoor space the perfect place to unwind. Read more

Watering a herb garden

Creating a Herb Garden

Herbs do best in a hot, sunny spot. In these conditions they’ll make the highest level of the aromatic oils that give them their smell and taste. They also prefer well-drained soil, and are perfect for growing in pots near the kitchen door. Read more


Choosing a Greenhouse

If you have never bought a greenhouse before, you may find the process of looking for the right one a little bewildering. This is one item that is worth taking the time and spending money on. Read more

Thatched cottage with large green lawn

Lawn Care

Keeping a fresh, healthy looking lawn that you can enjoy year round doesn’t have to be back breaking. Here are some tips to keep your grass in shape. Read more

Pile of stones

Creating a Zen Garden

The type of garden known today as a Zen Garden is called in Japanese kare san-sui, or dry landscape. They are found in temple and palace gardens in Japan. These minimalist arrangements of gravel, sand and stones were used as the focus of meditation. Read more

Bird house and bird table

Make your garden right for wildlife

There are many things you can do from building a bird house to installing a bee hotel and if done right you can make more of an impact on the nation’s wildlife then you probably think Read more

Artificial grass

Artificial grass for your garden

Artificial grass has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years and it is now a good and realistic option for many in their gardens, not just in sports stadiums… Read more

No pooing dog sign

Creating your dog friendly garden

Anyone who has a dog will agree when I say there is one massive problem; keeping the garden in good condition. We need to ensure we are doing all we can to keep the dog as a man’s best friend… Read more


Composting – Why you can and should be doing it

I find it crazy that so many homeowners either don’t know how to compost or simply cannot be bothered to do it. A lot of our fruit and vegetables come from the soil; so surely it makes sense to nourish it and help produce the best food we possibly can? Read more

A well-cared for garden

Life-Affirming Landscaping – 5 great tips

Garden landscaping is becoming one of the most popular ways of improving the home and many owners are calling in the garden expects but also plenty are opting to get their hands dirty and take on some DIY in the garden this summer. Read more