Artificial grass for your garden

Artificial grass
A lawn created with Harvington Luxury Artificial Grass
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Many landscapers and gardeners will admit that once upon a time artificial grass was frowned upon within the industry. It was even referred to as ‘bad toupee’…

How times change eh? Artificial grass has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years and it is now a good and realistic option for many in their gardens, not just in sports stadiums, even schools are jumping on the bandwagon!

Nowadays we see much more realistic grass looking options compared to the once shiny look along with much skinnier blades and also a softer feel. While until fairly recent times artificial grass was associated solely with sports stadiums in the past decade or so it has sprung onto the residential market and rightly so in my opinion.

With such recent developments there is no surprise that there are a few big manufacturers in the market for UK and also US residents. According to a few different manufacturers sales are increasing year on year…

Artificial grass can be used for many different aspects of the garden; some people will use it for their full garden area while others for areas between pavements and driveways.

However one of my favourite uses is for around swimming pools as it is an ‘all-weather’ surface meaning it will not be affected by damp unlike grass.

Artificial grass
Ashdown Ellerston Premium Environment Safe Artificial Grass

If you are looking for an artificial glass that will give a drainage options then this can be done while still mimicking rail grass; this can be ideal for homeowners who have to think about their pets.

You can even get very specific types of synthetic grass these days with some which are suitable for things like putting greens in your garden made from tightly curbed fibres…

When it comes to the actual installation of artificial grass it isn’t actually as hard as you may have thought.

The installation of your artificial surface can take as little as two days; one day to prepare the surface for the laying of the grass and a day to actually fix the grass down. Ensure you rub durability sand into your artificial surface.

The reasons for doing so is to ensure that it is robust and meaning no maintenance will be needed, what more could you want? You can expect a good quality lawn to last as long as 20 years but no less than 15 really.

I may have said no maintenance but for those pet owners it may be a good idea to cleanse with a solution which will destroy odour and bacteria.

It is worth noting that the cost of this installation will be considerably higher than having a normal lawn re-laid; however when you think about the years of no-maintenance then it is a job well worth doing!

If you live in an area which generally doesn’t get much water then I would be careful because the artificial grass does usually get much hotter than the real stuff, however for us UK homeowners this shouldn’t be a problem

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