Taking the concept of a wooden shed and blending it with a traditional conservatory, the modern summerhouse is typically a wooden structure with plenty of windows for natural light – creating a go-to for a garden, patio, or decking space which is aesthetically pleasing and inviting during the summer (or all year round).

The summerhouse collection is designed to make your garden your favourite part of your home, with five different options which boast differing sizes and configurations to help you find your outdoor space’s perfect match.

Pavillion-style summerhouse
Crane Garden Buildings 3 x 3m Round Pavilion Summerhouse
Features a cedar shingle roof, double-glazed windows and solid brass fittings.
Available in sage, cream, flint & willow.
W300 × D300 × H335 cm
£12,650 from
Summerhouse with overhanging roof
National Trust by Crane Garden Buildings Ickworth Summerhouse
Features an overhanging beach hut-style roof to provide additional shelter.
Available in 6 subtle colour shades.
W240 × D240 × H247 cm
£9,325 from
Green-painted summerhouse
Crane Garden Buildings 1.8 x 2.5m Summerhouse
Octagonal shaped house ideal for smaller gardens. A shingle roof, double glazing and choice of painted finishes making this the ideal refuge from the chaos of family living.
W250 × D180 × H243 cm
£10,495 from

As well as using wood and transparent panelling to optimise the natural light and setting, these summerhouses are all constructed for easy accessibility and can be decorated and furnished in any way which best suits your preferences and needs.

These summerhouses are all finished in wood, some of which are then painted while others are left completely natural for your own unique touches.

Additional features which you may want to consider include the hinges and handles on each option, the layout of the space inside and the way the roof impacts the amount of space inside the structure, and the ability to open the windows.

From workspaces to relaxation havens, a summerhouse can instantly add warmth and grandeur to your garden – but which design works best for you?

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