Top Tips for Organising your Garden

Keeping your garden free from clutter is just as important as keeping your house neat and tidy, especially in the warmer months when you’ll be using it more. Here, we share our top tips for organising your garden to ensure that it always looks its best.

Introduce Some Storage Boxes

Simple yet effective, storage boxes make a great addition to any garden, especially if you find that your outside space often gets cluttered and disorganised. Available in a whole range of different sizes and tones, you’re sure to find a storage box that suits your garden, and can opt for just one or a selection depending on your needs.

Outdoor storage chest
Suntime Indoor Outdoor Storage Box
A sturdy storage chest for storing furniture cushions, garden toys, etc

If a regular storage box won’t cut it, there are a range of larger units available which are designed to be placed against a wall… offering the storage capacity of a small shed without need for a great deal of floor space.

Outdoor storage container
Store It Out Pro
A versatile outdoor storage solution with a lift-up lid and doors, making it an ideal place for keeping large bulky items such as lawnmowers and heavy garden tools… available from

Purchase a Storage Bench

Essentially a storage box that doubles up as a seating option, a storage bench is ideal when it comes to organising smaller gardens thanks to its dual purpose.

Outdoor storage bench
Keter Eden Storage Bench
A combined bench and storage box, the Eden bench is available in a light of dark brown finish and has lots of space for storing random garden clutter, gardening tools and children’s toys, etc… Available from

With plenty of space for storing items, including seat cushions when it rains, a storage bench typically seats two or three people and there are options available in a range of styles and colours.

Outdoor storage bench
Hudson 2 Seater Storage Bench

The Hudson 2-Seater Storage Bench is perfect for outdoor spaces of all sizes and has a classic style that will complement any garden. Boasting a grey colourway that’s guaranteed to keep it on trend, this item is ideal for lawns, patios, and decking – plus it’s very easy to clean which makes it a great addition to low maintenance households.

Add a Mini Garden Shed

If you don’t have space for a full-sized shed, a mini garden shed could be the ideal storage option for your garden. With space for your garden tools, wellies, and other gardening accessories, a mini shed will help you to keep your garden organised without dominating the space you have available.

Grey painted single door shed
Airwave Outdoor Bideford Wooden Garden Tool Cabinet
A compact outdoor storage solution available in a range of finishes… available from

This mini shed is a great example, as it boasts a streamlined and compact design with a focus on strength and durability. With a choice of natural and painted finishes this piece will effortlessly complement your garden and is given extra stability through its solid sheet board roof and floor.

Traditional sheds remain a popular option and come in all shapes and sizes… the cheapest options share a relatively simple construction and do the job week enough. For a more permanent and aesthetically pleasing option the sky really is the limit with lots of luxury options to choose from.

Traditional painted garden shed
National Trust by Crane Garden Buildings Blickling Garden Shed
Traditional sheds available in a range of sizes and painted finishes from the Crane Garden Buildings range at johnlewis.ocm

Now that you’ve read our top tips for organising your garden, you can choose your favourite option and ensure that your outdoor space is always neat, tidy, and clutter-free.

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