Buying a garden shed? 3 Key things to consider

A garden shed is a must for most nowadays in the garden whether its purpose is to store the things you don’t want inside such as your DIY tools, or for some it may be a place to keep your gardening tools, or even your 80’s memorabilia.

Garden shed

However there are a few things you must take into consideration when it comes buying the right garden shed for your garden, in this article I intend to give you three key things to consider before buying yours.

Don’t spend too much

When buying a garden shed do not rush into making any rash decisions because you find one you love, in fact more often than not you will probably find one that is better for your garden for a lot cheaper.

In Britain we are under this illusion that the higher the price the better the product, this is not always the case. For example you may see a gorgeous shed, with what seems to be a decent price at your local DIY store, but is it practical?

Do you want to spend all that money? 9 times out of 10 you will probably find a smaller, cheaper version of it online or even at your local garden centre so be sure to shop around before buying. You may just save yourself a few valuable quid!

Workshop-style shed

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The size of your shed in relation to your garden

When you visit a shop a shed may not seem to big at all, but in relation to your garden it may be huge! Measure up before you go, and be realistic about what is going to fit while allowing you enough space for other things you may want in the future.

The size also fits hugely into the first topic I spoke about ‘price’. Do you really need that extra metre of space? Or can you in fact be sensible and spend less and downsize to something more appropriate?

The material of your shed

Wood is the usual material chosen for the shed however other common materials include metal or even plastic. Wood is a good option on the whole however it does also take more upkeep; things such as weathering will take its toll.

Without being looked after a wooden shed will suffer in the cold and will in fact shrink year on year, while a metal shed may not be as stylish to many, it will be less hassle from day 1. Along with this, wooden sheds sometimes suffer as the wood may not be strong enough to hold shelves you wish to put up inside it, think theoretically before buying any.

These three factors will ensure you choose the right shed for your garden whatever its purpose, from storing your tools to a little hide out for you, from the stressful everyday household.

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