Life-Affirming Landscaping – 5 great tips

A well-cared for garden

Garden landscaping is becoming one of the most popular ways of improving the home and its curb appeal for home owners all over the UK and the world.

Many home owners are calling in the garden expects but also plenty are opting to get their hands dirty and take on some DIY in the garden this summer. Rightly so we are all diving in right at the deep end and noticing that the garden is the place to be this year.

This is in my opinion great news as summer hits the United Kingdom; what more can we want than well prepared and taken care of glorious gardens?

The main problem being for home owners they simply do not know where to start and along with this those who do will at some point get caught up and lost in the project at some stage.

With all this in mind today I will give you life-affirming landscaping tips worth your time.

Creating the perfect plan

Whatever the project; however big or small planning is the key to it running as smoothly as it possibly can do.  

You shouldn’t worry about the planning stage taking longer than first imagined; in fact this could become a blessing in disguise. You should remember the more stages that you plan beforehand the less likely you are to hit stumbling blocks in the future.

Although there is nothing wrong with a bit of improvisation too much of it can be very problematic, this is why you should be planning what you want out of your garden. For example are you planning on having a focal point? Where are you going to sit? What types of plants to you want etc.

Preparation for all these things and more will ensure you are organised and you know exactly what you want before you begin your project.

Creating a garden document is something that I would definitely advise, I say this because it allows you to put all of your drawings, plans and ideas into one easy to read guide.

Within this document it is a good idea to include a list of potential business’ you may need to contact about jobs you may need completing, some things such as having a water fountain included in your garden maybe too much of a task for the average DIYer.

Your planting space

If you are a keen gardener or maybe you want to become one then you need to remember your plants will need plenty of space.

It is actually very easy to remember exactly how much they will need; along with this it would be very frustrating if you carved out a nice planting bed for your plants to overgrow it in the first few months.

You need to do plenty of research to work out how much space different plants require; Google is the perfect resource for this sort of thing offering plenty of answers.

The shrubs you choose

You need to think about the blooming times and the types of plants and shrubbery you select for your garden. These can ultimately have a huge effect on how your garden looks, for example something that looks gorgeous throughout the summer months may not seem so nice in winter.

There are definitely ways to overcome this problem for landscapers though; you should be planting strategically in accordance to their blooming times.

Think about whether or not you are going to set certain plants for different times of the year or you are more likely to plant bushes and shrubs that have good qualities at all times of the year.


You should look at your landscaping project as a chance to express yourself and splash your personality across your gardens design, after all landscaping is a form of art.

You don’t have to transform yourself into the horticultural Picasso overnight but you should look to create a dynamic element to your design, something that is different and eye-catching.

This is why I think it is vital that you create some focal points that are unique and give off your personality and preferences. Your home and gardens are essentially an insight into who you are.

The use of curves in your garden

One of the most basic design techniques landscapers have adopted is the use of curves wherever possible within gardens.

Curves instantly change the visual appeal of a garden transforming those once rigid right angles and straight lines into flowing and fluent aesthetical beauty.

Many landscapers and estate agents alike have admitted that curves alone can increase the value of a property due to the fact that they ensure gardens stand out and give a property some added style from the first time eyes are set on it.

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