Farrow & Ball Dead Flat

Dead Flat is a new water-based paint finish with low light reflection, making it ideal for large areas or for walls & ceilings with a less than ideal surface finish.

The problem with some standard finishes is that the paint film dries with a level of sheen that can highlight imperfections. This effect is particularly noticeable on large expanses of walls and ceilings where every tiny imperfection stands out as a feature.

Pale pink painted children's room
Dining room: walls, ceiling and trims painted in Beverly Dead Flat

Dead Flat paint eliminates these issues, leaving a painted surface that is almost suede like in appearance with a depth of colour that is unmatched by any other kind of finish.

There are already Flat or Anti-Reflex paints already on the market (Tikkurila Anti Reflex & Johnstone’s Perfect Matt, for example) which are tried and tested when used on walls and ceilings.

Farrow & Ball’s version, however, is a multi-surface coating so you can can also use it on woodwork and metalwork, thereby enabling a uniform finish throughout, in other words, the ideal choice for colour-drenching.

Pale blue painted Hallway
Hallway: walls, ceiling, coving, panelling and trims painted in Selvedge Dead Flat

Painting the walls, woodwork and radiators has become a popular trend but necessitates buying separate finishes. And, despite accurate colour matching, the difference in sheen levels can hamper the attempt at a uniform finish.

Green painted dining room
Dining room: walls, ceiling and trims painted in Beverly Dead Flat

Because Dead Flat can be used on all surfaces it ensures that you’ll get the same finish regardless of where you use it.

Dead Flat has a low VOC content and is certified Child Safe, so is also the perfect choice for nurseries and children’s rooms.

Farrow & Ball are already renowned for the quality of finish, Dead Flat goes one stage further.

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