Three Ways to Create a Feature Wall

Feature walls offer the perfect way to introduce character and personality into a room without necessarily having to reach for wallpaper or a paintbrush. Here, we share three ways to create a feature wall which we hope will inspire you to add one to your home.

Introduce Some Shelving

Shelving is great for creating a feature wall as it allows you to display anything and everything you like! This could be photos, books, decorative items, or collectibles, and it will make the space very unique and personal to you.

2-tier rattan wall shelf
John Lewis Rattan Wall Shelving Unit

You can also find shelves that suit the style of your home, which could be slimline, chunky, or even in a variety of colours, giving you plenty of creative freedom.

If you’re in a rental property and can’t put up shelves, or simply don’t want to take on this task, a shelving unit can work just as well. The Aero Large Shelving Unit is a great option for this thanks to its range of shelving sizes, and it will sit neatly against your wall without being overly dominating.

Each Aero Large Shelving Unit is handcrafted individually, so you can be confident that yours is one of a kind – just another benefit of purchasing this attractive piece.

Display Framed Photos

A feature wall created using framed photos is sure to bring joy into any home as it provides the opportunity to display wonderful memories and happy times. The best way to make a wall of this type is to choose which photos you’d like to use and to have these printed in various sizes.

We suggest using an assortment of portrait and landscape options in order to create a great looking wall.

These can then be framed in either the same style of frame or a number of different frames depending on the type of look you’d like to create. You can then start playing around with displaying them until you find the perfect layout for your wall.

Black framed prints
Pack of 5 Essentials Gallery Wall Frames

To get you started, opt for this Pack of 5 Essentials Gallery Wall Frames. Available in your choice of six colours – white, black, grey, natural, gold, and silver – you’re sure to find an option that will effortlessly complement your home decor.

Hang Mirrors

Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and even colours, hanging a selection of mirrors is a great way to create a feature wall, especially in smaller rooms.

This is because introducing mirrors to a room instantly creates an illusion of space, making the room appear larger. Plus, they reflect light which will make the space brighter too.

Geometric pattern wall mirror
Där Ephesus Geometric Rectangular Wall Mirror

One way to create your mirror feature wall is to start with one statement mirror in the centre and work around this. The Där Ephesus Geometric Rectangular Wall Mirror is ideal for this purpose for a number of reasons.

Large in size and made up of on-trend geometric shapes, this mirror combines rose gold and smoke grey aspects to form a striking piece that’s sure to make a statement in your home.

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