Breaking Up Large Areas with Colour

Areas with a lot of space can look bland if you stick to using the same shade of colour throughout. But, of course, adding too much bright colour can be risky – which is why it’s all too tempting to play safe.

The examples below demonstrate, however, that you can use colours creatively and even neutral colour schemes can be brought to life without too much effort.

2-Tone Schemes

Tones of the same shade can be used to great effect in large rooms. Always use the lighter shade on top to add height. Selecting furniture of the same colour avoids disruption and will make a room appear larger than it actually is.

2 tone blue scheme
A two-tone scheme with shades of indigo |
Denim Drift colour chip
Denim Drift
Indigo shade colour chip
Indigo Shade

Zone Areas with Bold Patterns

You can also be creative with neutral colour schemes by using bold patterns and darker shades to zone different areas.

Neutral paint scheme with pattern
Use bold patterns to zone areas of the same room |
Vanilla White Paint Chip
Vanilla White
egyptian cotton paint chip
Egyptian Cotton
Warm Pewter Paint Chip
Warm Pewter Paint

Creative Use of Strong Colours

A fairly neutral grey scheme can be used to great effect in an opens space like a staircase and landing area. Selective use of black and bright red bring it all to life.

Staircase and landing decorating scheme
A grey scheme brought to life with clever use of black and bright red |
Natural Taupe Colour Chip
Natural Taupe
Mineral Haze Colour Scheme
Mineral Haze
Stallion Red Colour Chip
Stallion Red

Creating a colour scheme that works doesn’t have to be hit and miss since, nowadays, there are so many resources available to help you choose. Paint companies offer a lot of advice via their own websites and social sharing sites, such as Pinterest, can be great sources of inspiration too.

Dog and chair

Colour Inspiration

More colour ideas and inspiration from Dulux