Unique Beds for Children’s Bedrooms

Adding character and personality to a child’s bedroom can be achieved through both the decor and the furniture that you choose. Here, we share some unique beds for children’s bedrooms to help you to find the perfect option for your little one.

Fun Beds for Children’s Bedrooms

Choosing a bed that has been designed to look like something else provides a way to add some fun to your child’s bedroom, and might even help to convince them to go to sleep! Bright colours and characterful designs are sure to be a hit, and there are plenty of options available.

From beds that look like cars and campervans to those that resemble a princess castle, you’re guaranteed to find an option that your child loves.

London Bus themed children's bed
London Bus Bunk Bed

This fun London Bus Bunk Bed is a fantastic choice, especially for little ones who love riding aboard the bus! Bright red in colour with lots of lovely details, this bed sleeps two and has a sturdy ladder leading up to the top bunk, plus a movable steering wheel for extra fun!

Gaming Beds for Children

If your child loves gaming, there are beds available which will ensure that they can bring their hobby into their bedroom. This could be a bed with a desk and additional room for gaming gear, or a design that incorporates elements of their favourite games or consoles.

Not only will a gaming bed impress young gamers, but those with desk space can be great for compact bedrooms and help them to keep their games and accessories neat and tidy.

Gaming Bed
X Rocker Battlestation High Sleeper Bed and Desk

The X Rocker Battlestation High Sleeper Bed and Desk is a great option thanks to its high sleeper bed, gaming desk, and handy shelving. Black in colour with space for multiple monitor set-ups, this child’s bed will effortlessly complement any room and has been built with longevity and durability in mind.

Children’s Storage Beds

There may not be anything unique about having drawers under a bed, but when these are combined with shelving and additional storage options it can really make a difference to any child’s bedroom. With space to display toys and books, and places designed for hiding items away, children’s storage beds come in a range of colours and themes, so you can find one that suits your little one’s tastes.

Pink and white storage bed
Kimbo Pink Cabin Bed

When it comes to children’s storage beds, the Kimbo Pink Cabin Bed has it all! Combining pink and white paintwork to provide plenty of character, this bed has a pull-out desk with a drawer and shelves, a three drawer chest, and a six shelf unit.

Designed for children age 6 and above, this bed provides space to complete homework, store clothes, and display decorative items, allowing them to add their own personality while staying organised.

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