Storage Solutions for Kids

Children may be small, but when you add up all the things that go along with them you may find yourself with an overflowing room. Creating storage is the first step to getting a room under control; here are some ideas for inexpensive solutions.

Bath toy storage and scoop
Munchkin Super Scoop Bath Toy Organiser
Scoop-up all their bath time toys with this nifty storage bag that sticks to the wall when not in use.
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Organize Bath Time

If you have very young children at home, the bathroom can run the risk of becoming overcrowded with bath time toys. There are several simple storage solutions to alleviate this problem. One of them is a bath tub bag. These are made of heavy duty plastic with a mesh bottom and back, for easy drainage.

They can be stuck to the wall with the attached suction cups so that toys don’t spill everywhere. Bathroom caddies in the bottom of cabinets can help kids keep shampoo, bubble bath and toothpaste in order. They are plastic and easy to clean and also great at catching unsuspected leaks.

Clear stacking storage units
iDesign Storage Drawers
These clear stacking units make light work of kid’s small toy storage and, with all the contents visible, make it easy to find just what you want when you need it.

Keeping the Toys Tidy

A plastic drawer tower is a great bedroom storage solution for kids. Great for storing art supplies, CDs, trinkets and small toys. The drawers are transparent so it’s easy to see what’s where. Toy chests come in all sizes and different materials from pine to tough plastic. These are a simple solution for larger toys and board games.

Rolling toy boxes are ideal for smaller children who like to be on the move with their toys, and they make clearing up after a lot easier. Bookshelves are a must for any children’s room. Remember to make them height accessible and take advantage of their storage space by choosing bookshelves with more shelves that are closer together rather than fewer, taller shelves.

White wall shelf
This Way That Way Shelf
Can be fixed with the brackets facing up or down. Makes an ideal bookshelf or display shelf for kids.

Up in the Air Storage

A crown moulding shelf or a shelf over the doorway can be a great storage idea for items that are often looked at but seldom handled. This is a great place for photographs, trophies, models and/or artwork.

Hanging basket storage
Matogle 3pcs Linen Hanging Storage Bags
Set of 3 hanging storage baskets with flamingo and polar bear print finish.

In the Closet

Utilize closet space to the max by filling shelving or racks to keep clothes neat and tidy. Add a chest of drawers to walk-in closets. Make the most of the back of closet doors for a row of hooks for hanging hats, coats and scarves. Don’t forget to position them at a child-friendly height.

Clear under bed storage container
Under Bed Storage Box
Ideal for storing and hiding away awkward shaped toys.

Under the Bed

Keep the dust monsters at bay and take advantage of space under the bed by using plastic crates and functional baskets. These can be used to store toys, games and even your child’s bedding. Disguise them with a detachable Velcro valance for easy access.

Remember that bunk and loft style beds also create extra storage opportunities and free up floor space.

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