Bedrooms for Older Children and Teens

Kid's cabin bed

When it comes to decorating a bedroom for older children and teens there is much to consider. It’s important to remember that teens love privacy, and they will spend large amounts of time alone their room.

So, it’s important to make sure that they have a room that will provide comfort. Secondly they crave independence, so allow them a measure of freedom in choosing their décor and in helping with the actual decorating process.

Teens are much more self conscious than younger children about how their rooms look, so they will usually be only too happy to take part in revamping their room.

Choosing Colours

When you are helping your older child choose colours for his/her bedroom, bear in mind that many teenagers today are sleep deprived. For this reason it is wise not to choose colours that are over-stimulating.

Soft and gentle green and blue colours are great for a bedroom as they represent peace and are soothing to the eyes. They are good colours for a peaceful night sleep.

If your teenager wants bold colours on the walls, compromise with bold floor pillows and bed pillows. Have outrageous colours that bring the specific colour energies to life. Orange is a great colour to have around as it promotes concentration.

Of course teens love to cover their rooms with posters and other souvenirs so remember to give them plenty of Blu-tack. Cork pin boards area also another good idea.

Sleeping Spaces

Your older child will spend more time in his/her room doing activities other than sleeping. While the bed is still a very important item, it is no longer the focal point of the room.

For teen bedrooms, bunk beds or loft beds are ideal. Not only are they space savers, they do not detract attention form the rest of the room. Futons are also a good idea; a bed by night and a sofa by day, so that friends can hang out.

A Space to Study

Another thing you’ll want to take into account when considering teen decorating is that studying will play a much bigger role in their lives.

This being the case, if your teen does not have a computer in his or her room, you may want to seriously consider purchasing them one, because the vast majority of teens prefer studying and doing homework in their room compared to anywhere else.

A good desk and chair is also essential, kitted out with a reading lamp and all the necessary implements.

Teen Storage

Most teens seem to be hoarders by nature, so make sure you give them plenty of storage space. Bookshelves are almost essential in any older child’s bedroom, but they will also need space for magazines, paperwork and smaller items.

Stackable boxes and shelf racks area great space saving ideas and are available in bright coloured plastics that are inexpensive and easy to keep clean. It’s also a good idea to put up hooks on the wall so coats, scarves and hats don’t immediately end up on the floor or the bed.

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