Flooring for a Summerhouse

A summerhouse can be a wonderful addition to a home, giving the owner a different space to enjoy when the weather is warm and somewhere to escape to away from the main house.

When decorating your summerhouse you can really go in any direction you choose and when it comes to flooring there are all sorts of options.

Using Your Summerhouse

Before flooring your summerhouse one major consideration must be how you plan to use it. If the idea is to make use of it every now and again when the weather is warm but perhaps wet, then you may choose to go for a cheap but cheerful option.

You may decide to lay some plywood and then to go for a basic plank floor that can be painted and water proofed. If you anticipate using the summerhouse regularly when the weather is wet, you may decide that a laminate or Vinyl Flooring option is best.

Muddy footprints and pools of water from wellies can then easily be wiped away. In this situation, you can choose a floor design and shade that ties in with the colour of the wood in the building itself and so still looks good.

A Comfortable Space

You may decide you want to bring a little more comfort to your summerhouse, however. There is, in fact, nothing stopping you from laying carpet in here – just be aware of potential water damage from leaks and stains from wet feet.

Another option is to retain a Hard Floor but then to lay rugs down when the summerhouse is in use. These may be rolled up and stored in the main house when the building is out of action.

A Stylish Space

Some people choose to make a real feature of their summerhouse. As well as buildings created in wood – there are also those that have been built in brick, stone or even old fashioned methods such as wattle and daub. Some are in a very cutting-edge modern design, with lots of glass and metal.

Special windows – perhaps stained glass or reclaimed frames from period homes – may be fitted. Features such as mosaic designs may be incorporated. In these cases there is nothing stopping you having some fun with your floor as well.

The very brave could attempt something eye-catching in tiles, or even create an inlaid design using wood that ties in with your theme.

If your summerhouse is in a sleek contemporary style then why not go for a beautiful floor in slate or porcelain?

Hobbies and Pastimes

You may also have set aside a special use for your summerhouse. This space may be somewhere that doubles as a studio – perhaps you plan to paint or do pottery in there, in which case, once again, you may opt for a floor that can be Easily Cleaned.

If you want a stylish look, there is nothing stopping you from laying some kind of tile on top of your plywood as long as you follow manufacturers’ instructions carefully. For something more practical, look for laminate or linoleum.

Others may choose to use their summerhouse for meditation, yoga or as a gym. In this instance, a softer flooring, perhaps some kind of matting, might be the solution. Or perhaps you plan to use the summerhouse as an exterior home office.

If this is the case, especially if you are bringing electrics in, you are likely to have ensured the building is well-insulated.

Carpet tiles or wood could, therefore, work well and take the daily foot traffic and movement you may well see in and out of the summerhouse.

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