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Whether you're moving into your new home, up-sizing or down-sizing, or just giving your home a make-over, we have plenty of helpful advice to set you on the right path to domestic bliss.

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan Homeware

Every so often a celebrity will try their hand at something new which turns out to be a great success, and this is why we are so delighted that the very stylish Michelle Keegan has recently brought out her second homeware range. Read more

Home office furniture

What’s your home office style?

Many of us are working from home these days but there are different ways of organising your home office-space that will fit in with your needs and style of living… Read more

Garden firepit

Outdoor Heating

The enjoyment of your outdoor living space can be easily extended with the benefit of some outdoor heating. Here we look at what the options are… Read more

Nigh time outside dining

Outdoor Dining

It’s time to start thinking about your outdoor space and what you want it to be this year. Turn your garden dining area into something truly beautiful with some of the ideas we’ve put together… Read more

Cat laying on carpet

How to Choose a Carpet

For many, carpet still represents the ultimate in luxury, style and comfort, despite its higher maintenance and lower durability. So how do you choose the right one for you? We take a look at the options. Read more

Brick patio

Terraces & Patios

Patios and terrace areas, including decking, the new fad of the century, are all excellent ways of making the garden space part of the home and therefore much more attractive and usable. Read more

Child laying on a brown deep-pile carpet, playing with a toy car

Should You Choose Carpet or Hard Surface?

Sometimes choosing between carpet and hard flooring can be a real struggle. They both have their distinct benefits and advantages and – with the exception of kitchens and bathroom – both can be equally suitable in a variety of situations. So which do you choose? Read more

Boy laid on wooden floor holding a big red heart

Underfloor Insulation

Underfloor insulation not only prevents heat from escaping but it also acts as a barrier against moisture entering your home from the damp ground outside. We take a look at the different types and how they work…. Read more

Herringbone pattern wooden floor, grey fabric armchair and wooden sideboard

Flooring Options: Solid Wood or Laminate?

Solid wood or laminate? While the two are superficially similar in appearance they do have distinctly different properties. The biggest difference is, of course, that of cost. We take a look at the benefits of each. Read more