Outdoor Dining

Summer is a great time of year, and as the months become warmer, it’s time to start thinking about your outdoor space and what you want it to be this year.

The garden can be a wonderful area for outdoor dining, and it can even boast some of the most comfortable seating around; rather than the standard outdoor chairs made of metal or wood.

Turn your garden dining area into something truly beautiful with some of the ideas we’ve put together below.

Timeless and natural

When we think of timeless garden furniture that can be used for outdoor dining, we cast our minds towards natural wood, made comfortable with large cushions that accent the theme.

Burford garden furniture
By combining a wooden dining set of a table and four or so chairs with a flower-laden garden, we can create something special.
For a twist on a classic theme, opt for something with a bit of contemporary styling like the Burford range

Add a few candle-lit lanterns hung from nearby trees or set on the table for a bit of atmosphere. Alternatively, some solar lights lining your garden would not go amiss with this theme.

Remember to invest in some plush cushions to make dining in wood a tad less painful; though wood creates beautiful dining sets, it won’t be comfortable for long if you’re outside for a few hours.


The mystical garden is something that many try to create. A touch of magic can wow a crowd or excite children enough for them to want to sit at the table and eat.

Thankfully, it is much safer, and much more possible, to create this theme for your outdoor dining area.

Modular garden furniture set
First, decide on your furnishings. Something natural, but comfortable; like the St Ives range that includes foam-filled cushions covered in cream fabric. Bright in the summer and beckoning at night.
A Scandinavian style may add more charm to your garden, while leaning into the fantasy theme.
Festoon lighting
From there, purchase festoon lights – either leaf lights, warm gold fairy lights, or both – and ensure that they are able to stay outdoors without any electrical means.
Lace these lights through your trees and add a few mushroom ornaments to the surrounding area


Our cosy theme focuses on the idea of comfort while outdoors. A garden area that you can stay in for longer periods of time without the risk of backache or gaining a chill.

Wicker-style furniture ranges often allow for more seating options while also featuring a main table for dinner or snacks to be served on.

Wicker dining set
Wicker furniture looks great in low-light situations, and some (like the Dante Outdoor Dining range), even have tables with glass tops for extra sophistication and easier cleaning.

Choose from a sharper rectangular look or a softer curve for your furnishings, and once everything is out and ready to use, we know you’ll appreciate the cosy and inviting look of wicker dining furniture.

You’ll be happily surprised to know that many wicker ranges are weatherproof, too.

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