Outdoor Festoon Lighting

Outdoor string lights with saucer-style shades
NOMA 6 Saucer Festoon Outdoor String Lights
L350 × D13 × H16 cm
Outdoor string lights
NOMA 20 Bulb Festoon Lights
L7600 × D6 × H13 cm
Large bulb string lights
NOMA 20 Large Hanging Edison Festoon Lights
L760 × D7 × H16 cm
Outdoor string lights
NOMA 20 Remote Control Festoon Outdoor Lights
L760 × D6 × H13 cm

Planning an event? Perhaps you want to transform your garden in time for a party, or simply elevate your outside environment for the spring and summer months?
Whatever your end goal, outdoor festoon lighting is designed to illuminate your outside space in a way which is soft and decorative – hanging a string of oversized bulbs fixed simply to a wire, with subtle shades over the top, or dangling from extra lengths of wire. Read more…

This collection of festoon lighting uses a soft yellow bulb to create an atmospheric finish across your outside space, with lighting sets able to be joined up to cover the expanses of your garden or venue with ease.

These lights are not designed to blend into the background like fairy lights – rather, they are a decorative statement on their own and can effortlessly make your garden or patio feel more homely.

A few extra things to note about this collection of outdoor festoon lights is the weather-proof design which ensures that they are suitable for use outside come rain or shine, and the fact that these lights are powered by batteries to ensure maximum practicality in any outside space.

A worthy investment for anyone who wants to host or spent their evenings outside!

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