Harmony LED Colour Changing Outdoor Lantern

Garden lanterens
Add colour, playful design, and an ever-changing atmosphere and mood to your outdoor space with the Harmony LED colour changing outdoor lanterns – powered by USB charge, with seven different light settings for every mood, event, or preference.
Green garden lantern
Grey garden lantern
Mustard yellow garden lantern
Available in three exterior colours, with the frame of the lantern bowing out in a bulb shape at the centre before coming together again at the base, this lantern is simple in its design and perfectly compliments a modern inside-outside style of home. Read more…

The handle across the top of the lantern makes it ideal for hanging in a tree or from a stand, or you can place it on the ground thanks to the waterproof design of the lamps.

Heralded by buyers as easy to use and highly aesthetically pleasing, the easy colour-changing bulb is controlled with a small remote – with users able to set the light to remain on one colour setting or gradually transition through the full collection of colours to continually uplift and change the mood.

Thanks to the simple and lightweight design of this lamp, it can be used equally as effectively inside during the winter months – making it a year round accessory for modern living.

H25 × Dia. 25 cm

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