Rattan Solar Powered Garden Lantern

If you’re looking for a way to add mood lighting to your outdoor space or garden but in a cost effective and sustainable way, then look no further than the rattan solar powered garden lantern. Read more…

Designed to sit on a surface, on the ground, or hang from a tree or stand, this oversized lantern directs the light downwards and reflects it out between the slats of the caged structure – instantly creating a visually spectacular flow of light around the outside of the lamp.

Finished in a brushed black metal with a thick rope handle, the solar panel on the top of the lantern naturally blends into its exterior structure, while the concealed bulb means that it is easy to protect even in adverse weather conditions.

The four stands which hold the lantern just above the ground protect it from damage and water soaking on a wet surface, while the casing on top of the solar panel is built to withstand any surrounding conditions.

Whether you choose one lamp for a small outdoor space or invest in a series of these rattan lamps to light your entire garden, the solar powered charge combined with the durable and heavy duty metal caging means that these lanterns are built to last and will continue to provide you with mood lighting for years to come – provided the sun shines enough to charge them!

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