Outdoor Heating

Getting the most out of your garden furniture in the summer months may depend on the unpredictable climate to a certain extent but you can tip the scales in your favour by investing in some form of outdoor heating.

At the very basic level this may be simply achieved by setting aside a corner of your garden for a small bonfire. If this isn’t practical though a fire pit might be the next best option. Essentially, a firepit is a portable fireplace that can be cleaned out after use.

Fire Pits

Since a fire pit is something you’ll want to use every year, it’s worth paying a bit extra for durable materials and build quality but you don’t have to go over the top. Reasonably priced pits start at around £50 and can be good value for money…

Fire Basket
La Hacienda Brinkworth Steel Firepit Basket
W36 × D36 × H46 cm
From johnlewis.com
Circular fire pit with mesh lid
76 cm Garden Firepit
This classic design pit features a black sheen finish and comes with a mesh lid to prevent embers from escaping.
Diameter: 76 x Height: 55cm
From very.co.uk
Copper Fire Pit
La Hacienda Westonbirt Cast Iron Firepit, Copper
W87 × D87 × H57 cm
From johnlewis.com


Originally from Mexico, chimineas feature an enclosed design with a tall chimney to control the smoke fumes. Offering a more comfortable experience as well as a positive aesthetic.

You can pay over £1,000 for a designer chimenea but budget options are available that work just as well…

Chiminea with rust bronze finish
Fallen Fruits Square Steel Chiminea Firepit with Log Storage
Rustic-style with a bronze oxide finish.
W38 × D38 × H137 cm
From johnlewis.com
Cast iron chimnea
Fallen Fruits Traditional Cast Iron Chiminea Firepit
H110 × Dia. 39 cm
From johnlewis.com

Patio Heaters

Electric patio heaters are a convenient option, providing quiet, smoke-free heat at the flick of a switch. Obviously, not as decorative or characterful as their wood burning counterparts but they do the job. Modern versions come with infrared heating elements which are energy efficient too, providing tactical heat just where it’s needed…

Patio Heater
KETTLER Kalos Copper Lantern Electric Patio Heater
W22 × D29 × H84 cm
From johnlewis.com

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