Sleepover Solutions for Small Spaces

Few of us these days are blessed with the luxury of having a spare room. So when it comes to accommodating the occasional overnight guest some kind of makeshift solution is often needed.

With this in mind, here are a few affordable ideas that won’t take up a lot of space either…

Folding bed

The good old Jaybe Folding Bed is a tried and trusted solution that does the job perfectly. There are a few options too – ranging from a basic folding frame and thin mattress from £55, up to a double-sized option with a luxury mattress at £289.

The beds are comfortable enough for a short stay and also fold-away easily in the morning to be stored away discreetly. I would suggest investing a proper cover though if your ‘store-away’ space happens to be in full view.

Another benefit of owning a Jaybe is that if you have any problems they will replace parts free of charge, provided you ask nicely, so you don’t have to worry if your clumsy, overweight guest happens to break one of the slats (as once happened to me!).

An obvious option is a sofa bed and there are plenty to choose from with styles ranging from traditional to ultra-modern. The only downside to this option is that some sofa beds can be quite expensive and may not match the seating you already have?

If you are buying a new sofa and matching seating anyway though, most ranges have a sofa bed as an option and it may pay you to opt for such on the off chance you’ll some use out of it?

This said, however, you can find some stand-alone options that will go with your existing set-up and be reasonably priced too.

Grey fabric day bed as a sofa
Duplet Bed

An uber-trendy option is a daybed, like the Duplet shown here. Essentially, it’s a pair of upholstered single beds with detachable cushions and a wooden frame at each end so they can be stacked together to make a kind of a sofa.

It’s a clever idea and, in the right setting, can look pretty cool. More traditional-style alternatives are available too.

Grey fabric sofa bed laid flat with cushions

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