Classic Lighting Essentials for the Home

Lighting is often something we think about when it comes to our home. When we move into a new home, whether bought or rented, the last thing on our minds is what kind of lighting each room should have.

Usually, we leave it down to chance, and lamps are brought much later on than they should be. A few classic lighting solutions can make a world of difference to our home – not only by cutting our electricity costs, but also by making our homes look more cosy and unique.

If there are any two lighting solutions you should consider, it’s floor lamps and table lamps.

Floor Lamps

Most rooms suffer from bare and unused corners. Though these can make the space look cleaner, there’s really no need to have each corner of a room completely empty.

If you’re looking to fill the space, but don’t want to crowd it with a piece of large furniture, then a floor lamp could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Tripod floor lamp and matching table lamp
Classic tripod base floor lamps are currently all the rage and this option has a matching table lamp too.

Floor lamps aren’t often used in homes, but they can really change a space and make it look classier and more homely. Rooms that would benefit better from a floor lamp would be a dining room or a living room.

Bedrooms are a little too intimate for a large lamp like this, and they can get in the way or take away from a space meant for sleep. A floor lamp is more powerful than a table lamp and is sure to bring light to the room without you needing to put the main light on and wasting electricity.

Imagine a winter’s night by the fire, with just a floor lamp keeping the room lit while you watch a movie with your family or read a book while curled up with a blanket.

Today’s floor lamps come in traditional and modern styles, with a look that can complement any room.

Table Lamps

Table lamps have slightly different uses to floor lamps. They are smaller, take up much less room, and are typically placed on a bedside table or desk for a warm glow that won’t disturb the rest of the room.

While a floor lamp is best in a larger space, table lamps are better placed in bedrooms and studies.

Pink decorative table lamp
Table lamps are a useful source of tactical lighting but can be decorative also.

The small amount of light a table lamp gives off can be very calming, and they have been used as children’s nightlights for many years. Like floor lamps, table lamps use less electricity, and they are more convenient than using a ceiling light at night in a bedroom.

They are also easier to control than a main light, as the range of standard lamp bulbs has grown over the years and now offers a variation of cool to warm white bulbs.

For a traditional bedroom set-up, two lamps of the same make and size should be placed either side of a bed in a couple’s room. For rooms of single occupancy, a table lamp looks great resting on a small bookshelf, a desk, or on a bedside table.

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