What’s your home office style?

Today, many people work from home. Whether they work from home full-time or they just do the odd shift instead of being needed in work that day, most people don’t actually have a home office space. This causes a bit of difficulty, depending on how much you work at home, as having a dedicated space makes working much more efficient.

The makeshift office

You might be the type who just makes do with the things they already have. You don’t have an office or an office space, and you do the majority of your work in other areas of your home – such as your living room, kitchen, or you have a desk in your bedroom. This makeshift office is great for those who spend very little time working at home, but there are still ways to make the space that you do work in better for you.

To operate a makeshift office, the easiest thing to do is include office-like furniture in your home that blends into your style without taking up a whole room or looking out of place.

A space-saver desk is perfect if you need a compact option for a room that has little space left but is still used as your office.

Hide-away desk spaces

Perhaps you’re someone who works on delicate things or important documents, or maybe you want to be able to hide away the chaos of documents that your work produces.

Hide-away desks are a very traditional way of working from home and many people today will recognise the familiar shape of the rounded closing top of many of these desks, but others have a more cabinet-style opening that comes down into an open desk space or serves as storage.

Contemporary bureau-style desk

The Furniture Co showcases the Cube Bureau, which is designed with a set of three drawers and a drop-down desk. It’s extremely modern and takes up just over a metre of space. This beautiful desk is available from John Lewis.

These hide-away desks, or desk bureaus, can compliment the look of your living room while providing you with the space that you need to do your work and still easily put it away at the end of the day.

Full office spaces

Lastly, we look at the full office space. A home office is a wonderful place to have as long as you have the space. If you do have a home office, it might be filled with furniture that you’ve gathered together over time or it might be extremely bare and only have a desk.

If that’s the case, you might be looking for a full set of furniture that makes your home office look amazing. This is especially important if you happen to take video calls in your office and want your backdrop to look good and professional.

Light oak coloured office furniture

The Abacus Home Office range offers multiple sizes of different furniture pieces that are perfect for your home office. From space-saving corner desks to large bookcases and beautiful wooden filing cabinets, Abacus details the importance of natural, sturdy furniture pieces that you can work with to make your business more organised.

There are even storage cupboards, which is unusual for an office space at home, but perfect for storing more of your business documents without everything being put in boxes.

Oak desk with ridge pattern drawers

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