Abacus Home Office Furniture

Home office furniture
The Abacus range of home office furniture unites timeless style with designs which maximise storage space while making the best possible use of floor space, combining the natural wood-look finish with basic shapes and a selection of pieces which can fit against flat walls, into corners, and in various nooks and crannies…
Home office desk, bookcase and chair
With so many different furnishings contained within this collection, it really is up to you how you choose to fill and utilise the selection of furniture in and throughout your space…

The addition of wooden filing cabinets and storage containers of different sizes means that home offices can benefit from the kind of cohesive style not usually found in the office – moving away from metal cabinets and unsightly union of different finishes to ensure your space feels productive and relaxing.

The Abacus collection replaces traditional three-dimensional handles with cut-in and indented handles for ease of accessibility and to retain the smooth lines of each piece, while the sturdy finish of each item means that this is a collection that will withstand the test of time and the wear and tear that comes with regular use.

There are 4 sizes of freestanding bookcases to choose from…
3 shelf oak veneer bookcase
Abacus 3 Shelf Bookcase
Features a central fixed shelf and 2 height-adjustable shelves.
W77 × D33 × H116 cm
5 shelf oak veneer bookcase
Abacus 5 Shelf Bookcase
This option has one fixed shelf and four height-adjustable shelves.
W77 × D33 × H166 cm
Tall oak veneer bookcase
Abacus 7 Shelf Bookcase
A tall unit with one fixed and 6 height-adjustable shelves.
W77 × D33 × H210 cm
Tall oak veneer bookcase with cupboard
Abacus 5 Shelf Bookcase with Doors
An open bookcase and 2 door cupboard with an internal shelf.
W80 × D34 × H207 cm
A small desk, a corner desk and a regular pedestal style desk…
Oak veneer laptop desk
Abacus Small Desk
Ideal for small spaces as a laptop desk or study desk. An optional keyboard tray is also available so this desk could also accommodate a traditional desktop setup if need be.
W80 × D42 × H74 cm
Oak veneer corner desk
Abacus Corner Desk
A corner unit is an ideal space-saver if you don’t want to compromise on desk space. This desk also has shelving built-in and the optional keyboard tray can also be utilised.
W137 × D42 × H74 cm
Oak veneer desk with 3 drawer pedestal
Abacus Filing Desk
A standard form desk with pedestal drawers that can be set on the left or the right. 2 standard depth drawers are complemented with a deep drawer for suspension files.
W120 × D65 × H74 cm
A wooden filing cabinets to suit all needs…
Slimline 2 drawer filing cabinet
Abacus Narrow Filing Cabinet
A compact 2 drawer unit, ideal for under a desk or as a combined cabinet and printer stand. W43 × D42 × H74 cm
And, 4 different sizes of storage cupboard…
Small single door cupboard unit
Abacus Narrow Cupboard
A freestanding unit with a single shelf. The door can be positioned to open from the left or the right.
W43 × D42 × H74 cm
2 door cupboard unit
Abacus Wide Storage Cupboard
A 2-door cupboard with a single shelf. There is also a cut-out in the back to run cables through if needed.
W80 × D42 × H74 cm
3 drawer unit
Abacus 3-Drawer Wide Filing Chest
A trio of wide drawers; the lower of which has runners for storing suspension files.
W80 × D42 × H74 cm

The Abacus Home Office Range is available exclusively from John Lewis & Partners


Graham – Regarding the Abacus 3 Drawer Narrow Filing Cabinet, will the largest draw at the bottom take standard suspension files? Overall width top 407mm, body 370mm, drop 245mm needing suspension rods between 385 and 397mm apart? READ MORE…

Hi Graham, the drawer will accommodate standard A4 size suspension files which are typically 350mm wide. The dimensions you give are Foolscap size and would not fit. Although the unit is 43cm wide, the drawer body is inset at each side internally so would not be wide enough.

Hope that helps.

Cheryl – We have purchased From John Lewis two pieces of Abacus office furniture. The narrow 2 drawer filing cabinet and the large 3 drawer filing cabinet with one deep drawer. Can you tell us what size hanging folders do we need to purchase and where to get them from. READ MORE…

Hi Cheryl.

The folders you need are standard A4 Suspension Files. You can buy them from most online stationers or amazon; just make sure you buy ‘A4‘ size and not ‘Foolscap’ which are standard office size and will be too big.

Cheska – I recently purchased a large Abacus Filing Cabinet to match the Abacus Filing Desk. The height on both states it is 74cm. However the Filing Cabinet is shorter. Can you please explain – are the measurements specified wrong on this product, and how can this be rectified as I do want to order the Cabinet again. READ MORE…

Hi Cheska, the cabinet can be used with or without the feet so it can be used beside the desk or underneath. The height given is with the feet attached.

Appreciate this isn’t made clear and apologies for the inconvenience.

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