Cuthbert Desk & Bookcase

Metal frame desk with oak finish top and drawer
Cuthbert Desk
Contemporary desk with a blue painted frame and oak finish top, complete with a full-width drawer
W90 × D48 × H77 cm
Ladder-style bookcase with blue painted frame
Cuthbert Bookcase, Bluestone
Ladder-style 4-tier bookcase with blue painted frame and oak finish shelves
W80 × D38 – 112 × H183 cm
With home offices, at-home working spaces, and living rooms all blended together in the modern home, finding furnishings which support all members of the family and which tie into your interior style while boasting optimum functionality can be difficult. Read more…

Until you find the Cuthbert desk and bookcase, that is. Designed to slot neatly into the design and presentation of any home, these items are constructed with the simplest of designs and frameworks in mind – with a combination of natural unpainted wood and a layer of blue paint juxtaposing each other in perfect harmonious balance.

With an oak-finish top on display, the desk is constructed in such a way that it can be used for storage and presentation as well as work, while the bookcase is built with a tier-style design which sees the largest and widest shelf at the bottom and the smallest and most shallow shelf at the very top.

The blue colour palette varies across the different items, with the choice of blue a particularly prominent one for those designing home offices and living spaces where they want to exude an air of calm and tranquillity.

Even if you choose to change the colours yourself, the versatile and adaptable design makes these items perfect for a modern home – simple, functional, and built to last.

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