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Colorful Garden Furniture Options

Sunny weather can never be guaranteed but, with such a wide choice of brightly coloured garden furniture available, there is no reason why your outdoor space can’t be the centre of attention this year!

When it comes to outdoor living, old fashioned wicker and painted metal furniture have had its day. Bright colours and synthetic rattan weaves are now all the rage. Maintenance-free, weatherproof, cheery and good looking – what’s not to like?

Lois Garden Furniture
The Lois Garden Furniture Range
Features chairs and tables based on a contemporary conical form, with woven synthetic rattan bodies and powder-coated metal frames. Available in natural, grey, teal, aqua and coral.
Modern garden furniture in vibrant colours
Salsa Outdoor Furniture
Similar in style but even more colourful, the Salsa range features bright, vivid shades of red and orange as well as pastel ombre, saffron and palm.
Pink circle-front chairs and table
Noodle Bistro Sets
Bright pink chairs and a small round table make up this great value set for casual outdoor dining and relaxing. If you find the colour a bit too much the same set is also available in subtle natural shades and grey
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