Bring Bohemian Summer to your Garden

If you enjoy lounging outside with friends and family during hot days and balmy evenings, you will love bringing this season’s bohemian summer trend into your garden. This laid-back and relaxed trend is perfect for decked spaces, patches of lawn, and paved areas, so no matter what your garden looks like you’ll be able to embrace it and make it your own.

Bohemian summer tableware collection

The best thing about a bohemian trend if that there are no rules, so you can mix and match items that you may not usually think about putting together. Our top tip for getting this right is to choose your colour palette before you start purchasing different pieces. If you stick to the same tones, you can have fun layering different materials with confidence that the whole look will pull together and look great.

The bohemian summer trend gives you the freedom to experiment with different patterns and textures, combine old and new pieces, and add pops of colour throughout to create a vibrant and welcoming outdoor space.

Multi-colour table runner
Bohemian Summer Rainbow Woven Table Runner, White/Multi

Keep an eye out for anything with pompoms, fringing, or tassels, as these will really help to bring the boho vibes, and choose quirky lighting options, such as fairy lights, lanterns, and votives which will create a chilled atmosphere.

Tufted pattern pouffe
Sol Pouffe, Multi

When it comes to choosing seating for your bohemian summer garden, opt for low level designs, like coffee tables, stools, and pouffes, which will bring your family and friends close together and remove any formality from fun and relaxed gatherings.

Bright coloured scatter cushion
Totem Cushion, Multi

Brightly coloured scatter cushions will help to add a different colour to your palette, and can help the area to feel extra cosy and inviting too, and placing ceramic pots filled with plants and flowers around the space will ensure that your garden feels wonderfully natural.

Outdoor planters
Fusion Jute Storage Basket with Fringe

The Bohemian Summer range at John Lewis includes a range of furnishings, tableware and accessories to help you bring some colour to your outdoor living spaces this Summer. Available in stores or online at

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